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Monday, August 30, 2010

Topless Tuesday

So, I know that this does not constitute as a Topless Tuesday picture, however we have all seemed to have fallen in love with Jim Parrack and this picture cemented it for us.  Can you imagine waking up next to this every morning and see that sexy smile?

As Hoyt on True Blood he is probably the sweetest character on the show, and in many ways the sexiest.  Though Jim is happily married, Hoyt is not and we get a chance to see his recently buffer body have hot sex scenes with vampire Jessica.

Flailing With The "Stars"

The new line-up for the upcoming Dancing With The Stars were revealed recently and didn't really do one damn thing for me.  Nothing like the excitement that Shannen Doherty created for me last season.   This year the only thing that caught my interest was Margaret Freakin Cho, who I love on
Drop Dead Diva.