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Saturday, May 1, 2010

True Blood Season 3

Something to tide you over until the season 3 premier

Pete Photo Bombs Ashlee

Rob Spotted In Vancouver, But Where Is Kristen?

Robert Pattinson may have had to go back to Vancouver to do re-shoots for the upcoming installment in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse, but he doesn't seem to upset about it.  On April 30th, Rob was seen in an unusually smiley mood on his way to have lunch with musician friend, Sam Bradley.  He even stopped to give one lucky fan an autograph.

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were also summoned to Vancouver to complete the re-shoots, however neither of them have been photographed.  With photographers everywhere, Stewart and Lautner have apparently dodged them all, while Rob has been elected as the one to distract the photographers.

Twilight fans everywhere are waiting for some kind of sign that Rob and Kristen are taking this time to be together, something that doesn't seem to be happening. 

Friday, April 30, 2010

Sex And The..Who The Fuck Are These People??

Someone got a little carried away with trying to make Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall look younger.  SJP looks like some alien with her eyes almost touching in the middle while Kim looks like one hell of a hot mess.  Seriously who are these people? If it wasn't for the gorgeous Kristen Davis and Cynthia Nixon being able to look amazing without touch up work, I would think this was some freak show re-make! Seriously??!

List Of Howard Bragman's Clients

There has been buzz all week about the big celebrity who is going to come out on May 5th in People magazine. The only concrete lead on this story is that the star is represented by Howard Bragman. Here is a list of his known clients:

Laila Ali
Meredith Baxter
Chaz Bono
Leeza Gibbons
Peter Guber
Ricki Lake
Carlos Mencia
Harold Perrineau
Jeanne Philips
Cathy Schulman
Steve Tisch
Isaiah Washington

May 5th Candidate # 4: Anderson Cooper

As the silver fox on CNN, Anderson Cooper has taken the title of sexiest news anchor from what once belonged to Matt Lauer.  Anderson is a member of the Vanderbilt family and someone that in many eyes would not be able to come out as gay, if that were the case.

Like all of the other candidates, Anderson has had the gay rumors on his back for awhile.  Anderson Cooper has always been hushed up about his private life, especially when it comes to his relationships, to “protect his neutrality” as a journalist. Nonetheless, he has been see with a few men who have been rumored to be his lover, the most recent of which is Jonathan Chase.

However, I do not think that people have put enough thought into this.  If Anderson is the one to come out, not thinking about all of the rumors that it will be a female, it would help his ailing network CNN and his ratings would take a huge spike.  A lot of people already like Anderson simply due to the gay rumors, his dashing good looks, and his ability to tell us some boring ass news, but still keep our interests piqued.  Would he lose viewers, yes.  Who wouldn't lose fans by coming out of the closet?  Some people are just small minded and have yet to adapt to the revolution that is taking place.  But the amount of fans that Anderson would gain by admitting his homosexuality would by far surpass anything negative that would transpire.

Contrary to what everyone believes, I think that Anderson is actually a major contender for the May 5th reveal.  He might have only gotten 11% of the readers votes so far, but I believe that he could come out and not suffer any loss from the fact.

Out Magazine has tried numerous times to push Anderson out of the closet, though I didn't agree with it at the time.  Not only did they mockingly place in on a cover with the caption, "Why the stars won't come out and play," they also made him #4 on the ranking of 50 Most Powerful Gays And Lesbians.  Jodie Foster, who was also mockingly featured on the same cover, has revealed that she is in fact gay.

May 5th Candidate #3: Queen Latifah

Rumors of the celebrity that is due to come out of the closet being a woman have been all over the net.  With clues being dropped everywhere you look, it has become a find a needle in a haystack situation for impatient people who cannot wait until May 5th.

In our poll so far, Queen Latifah has taken off, with 31% of the votes.  Reasoning is that Queen Latifah has a movie coming out and going on a press tour and drawing attention would suit her needs.  However, Latifah has never been one to let Hollywood in on her personal life.  Rumors have followed the singer/rapper/actress for most of her career.  She was even said to be engaged in 2007 to a woman that she had been with for 4 years.  Nothing ever came of the story, but if Latifah is in fact a lesbian, I doubt that she would choose now to come out of the closet.  Nothing in her life has changed to the point where she feels as if she needs to come out and I'm sure that if the rumors are true, she is the kind of woman who already is out to her friends and family.  Why come out to the world? 

I don't think Queen Latifah is the May 5th reveal, but you think she is.  That makes her candidate #3.

Lunch Time Beef Cake

Jake Gyllenhaal is providing us with our Nooner today.  Who would like a side of this served up for lunch?  We all know Jake has gone back to his pre-PoP body, but damn!  Can we start filming the sequel right now?

Meet Delusional Dorothy

When Delusional Dorothy lived in her ho-hum life, she always dreamed of what life would be like when she escaped and got to live in the technicolor world.  She already had some fame, but nothing like the needy girl really wanted.  She seemed like a sweet girl, but we all know things are not as they seem.

One sunny day, Hurricane Hollywood swept the girl away and landed her in the magical land where she felt that she belonged.  Poor Delusional Dorothy had no idea that nothing is as it seems, especially in the land of HW.  She fell for a sweet boy that she had known forever and she had a role that brought her so much fame and notoriety that she was on an all time high.  The night she planned to lose her big V, she found out her equally pretty boyfriend was gay.  When she put the moves on him, he laughed and asked her what the hell was wrong with her.  He thought she was in on the bearding, which poor Dorothy so was not.  She soon found out that the people she considered friends were actually the ones leaking information behind her back.

As Dorothy's entire world became that of a fiction novel, she went on a mission to lose the big V.  Boy did she lose it, and in a big way.  Not only is she no longer a nun, she began sleeping her way around town.  Poor girl, she just wants to be loved and find something real in HW.  And let's face it, sex is pretty much the only real thing in this town. Dotty has her eyes currently set on one guy that has been in a relationship longer than she has been in the business.

One night Dotty was at an event, lushing it up and promoting herself.  She was at the bar and met this fine looking actor.  It's no secret that he is far from single and he isn't the kind of guy to cheat.  He simply had admired the young Starlett and struck up a conversation.  Poor Delusional Dorothy mistook his admiration for flirtation and thought the stud had a thang for her.  Since that night, she has been on the path of destruction.  Not only has she taken up a friendship with someone that is just trying to jump on her wave, she has been plotting a ways to run into Stud anytime she can.  She actually has her people on full alert and stops at nothing short of rushing to a Starbucks he is sitting at.

Dotty is now singing to the tune of a twisted love song and has spent her days coming up with ways to get him out of his relationship.  Girl has even gone as far as to try and "leak" their new "relationship" to certain mags and gossip columns to see it they will start up the rumor mill.  Hopefully, Stud and his woman will see this storm coming from a mile away because if not, it could rip their storybook romance to shreds.

It's Not:
Anna Torv
Genevive Cortese
Selena Gomez

Week In Review

Channing Tatum took his wife Jenna Dewan and his new 70's porn mustache out for a shopping trip in Soho, but poor Jenna couldn't keep Channing's attention.  He spent the entire excursion on his cell phone.

Justin Timberlake went on a shopping spree in Starbucks and his eyes about popped out of his head.
Angelina Jolie took baby Knox out on the balcony to appease all of the photographers that she summoned to the hotel.  She felt the need to remind us that she is a mom to some innocent kids that will soon be corrupted by her Hollywood ways.
Maddox Jolie Pitt found the keys to the boat and tried to escape before shit got to deep with the Jolie family.  Sadly he was caught before he got away.  Maybe next time, buddy.
Sandra Bullock reminded everyone that you do not have to go out of the country to adopt a child.  She also showed that she could give two shits less about Jesse and his pussy overload problem.  She has a new man in her life and he already has more sense than his almost Papa.
Somehow, we got a glimpse into the imagination of Sam Ronson and most of Hollywood.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hump Day Stumpers

1- Which ex-boy band member has began hooking up with fans, male or female, that he meets via Twitter?  He Direct Messages them then proceeds to have Skype Sex with them.  And he really likes it when he finds fans and they put on his music.  Extra points for having one of their posters on your wall.  NOT Donnie Wahlberg

2- What 90's sitcom star secretly has rendezvous with male hookers while his girlfriend is off being a dumb-ass?  NOT Matthew Fox

3- What male star is trying to find another gig so that he has two jobs?  Turns out, before his last show was canceled, he used to say he had to work late at one set and rush to the other, not leaving him time to come home.  When in reality, he was off giving it to his boyfriend.  Not Chris Noth

If Sandra Bullock Can Hide A Baby....

Sandra Bullock has been a name on everyone's lips for the good part of this year.  And though all eyes have been on here since she was nominated for, and won, the Oscar for lead Actress, she was able to pull off one of the biggest secrets in Hollywood.  As her marriage to Jesse James fell apart, she kept secret that she had adopted a baby boy.

It would have been one thing if she had just adopted the baby.  But Sandy has had the baby since January, adopting him from New Orleans.  She and Jesse brought the baby home in January and had been keeping him a secret, planning on dropping the news after the Oscars.  However, we all know what Bombshell really dropped, so Sandy kept Louis out of the public eye.  No one but close family knew of the baby, something that I find shocking.  Shocking in the fact that it did not leak out that she kept a baby a complete secret.  And then I started to wonder.

Sandra was able to hide a baby during a time where everyone single eye in America was on her.  She couldn't even go to the grocery store without someone reporting it, so the fact that she pulled this off is amazing.  So amazing in fact, you start to wonder just how possible this would be to accomplish.  Toothy Tile, anyone?

The reason I bring him up is for the simple fact that he is often a topic among readers.  I have said numerous times that the story of him being able to hide a baby that he shares with his boyfriend, Grey Goose, is so far fetched that I couldn't imagine it being able to be real.  But with Sandra showing us that it is in fact do-able, maybe Ted Casablanca isn't so far off his rocker.  Do you think that it is possible to keep a child hidden for years, not months?

Regardless, I am glad that some sunlight has emerged into Sandy's world and she and Louis are said to be taking up residence in New Orleans.  She has filed for divorce and finalizing the adoption as a single parent.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Topless Tuesday

Cristiano Ronaldo just cannot seem to keep his eyes off of his junk.  As least he looks good doing it though...can we get a peak?
Jesse Metcalf is sexy looking and with the nice little bulge going across the his shorts, I say How You Doin?
Giles Marini...'Nuff said.
For the boobie lovers! Sophie Howard
Tyler Batchel....mmmmm
And Nathan Fillion

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ready For Scream 4, 5, And Maybe 6?

'Scream 4' is on its way -- and perhaps 'Scream 5' and 'Scream 6' as well.

In an exclusive interview with FEARNet, screenwriter Kevin Williamson discussed his upcoming return to Woodsboro and the triumphant returns of Sidney (Neve Campbell), Gale (Courteney Cox Arquette) and Dewey (David Arquette).

Unfortunately, fan favorite Randy (Jamie Kennedy) won't be returning.

"No. We're not that movie," says Williamson. "We're not that universe where you can bring people back from the dead. That would be just a cheat. It's such a disservice."

Williamson goes on to say that 'Scream 4' might indeed be the first chapter of a new trilogy.

"I am contracted for '4' and '5,' but the deal for '6' is not done," he says. "I mean, I pitched three films. The story is about returning to Woodsboro, and 'Scream 5' -- knock on wood, if we actually get to it, because '4' has to be good in order for us to make a '5' -- '5' will be a continuation of '4,' but '4' is its own movie."

Williamson also says the new trilogy might not embrace the "post-modern horror" approach of the original trilogy.

"I just think the most important thing is 'Scream' needs to be scary. If we make it scary, then I think we'll have done our jobs, and it won't matter whether it's a post-post-modern revision/deconstruction."

'Scream 4' opens in theaters on Apr. 15, 2011.


Austin Nichols Parades Sophia Bush In West Hollywood

Austin Nichols and his lady love Sophia Bush decided to enjoy the beautiful day and take on West Hollywood for lunch today.  Love how Sophia looks surprised to see the paps following her.

Sophia is The Brooke Davis on One Tree Hill, that has yet to be renewed for another season.  As much as I loved this show since day one, I gave it up after they dumped Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray.  I have said it many times, so I am sure you are tired of hearing about it. 

Sophia went out and picked herself up a new pilot though.  She has been cast in an ABC Family comedy titled Southern Comfort.  Love the title!!!  But I love how happy the two lovebirds look.

There are some other couples who need to take a lesson from these two.

Justin Case And His FWB

Poor Justin Case and his tortured heart. After being used and abused by Rainbow Dark and trying to keep up the charade for his girlfriend, he has been running ragged.  He has been itching to find a new hook-up and found one in one of his friends.  Rock Jock who also has a girlfriend, actually she is the one who was dropped off at the clinic and told what to do by Rock Jock. 

Justin has always told close friends of his sexual attractions, and by close I mean one or three people.  Rock Jock had no clue, until Justin smoked too much and let his intense withdrawal get the better of him.  Rock didn't even fight it, the boy dove and delivered a hot kiss that ended with Justin getting exactly what he needed. 

As Justin brags of his feat to me, I didn't have the heart to tell him that he had just landed himself back in the same situation.  Rock and his girl, Black Sheep, may have some arguments that end up with a drop off at abortion clinics, but Black Sheep is not letting her man go.  She knows he swings both ways, and so does she.  They are both very eager to break out of the mold that they are in.

But while Rock is pretty much using Justin as his new swing set, Justin is falling for this guy.  Justin is willing to go head to head with Black Sheep, but Rock could never come out.  This is one guy who was born and bred for stardom and there is no way in hell that would ever happen.  Plus, let's be honest.  He is a honest to goodness bisexual who is just experimenting.  Trust me, with a boring girl like Black Sheep, you would need some fun on the side too.

Rock Jock and Black Sheep Are Not:
Hunter Parrish and Amanda Michalka 
Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus
Ashley Tisdale and Scott Speer

Justin Case Is Not:
Zac Efron
Jensen Ackles
Zachary Quinto

Kirsten Dunst Returns

Kirsten Dunst attends the screening of Kirsten's directoral debut, "Between The Lines," during the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival at Village East Cinema.  The film is a 6 minute short mystery narrative and is composed by Mike Einziger of Incubus.  

Chad Michael Murray: Writer?

Well Chad Michael Murray played Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill, and Lucas was a writer so maybe some of it rubbed of onto the actor.  Seems that CMM has been working on a graphic novel for the past 6 years titled "Everlasting" that is due to be released this summer.

Seems that since he cannot get any acting work, Chad is releasing this novel and planning on going on a book tour to promote it.  I do miss Lucas and Peyton on One Tree Hill, as in I no longer watch it.  But I don't know if I am going to be interested in Chad's graphic novel. 

Before you say anything, I posted him shirtless because it's really the only thing about him you can appreciate.

May 5th Candidate #2 : Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal is being now called Candidate #2 for the May 5th rainbow explosion.  Readers have said that Jake has long been rumored to be known as one Toothy Tile from Ted Casablanca's Blind Vice's, with Austin Nichols as his Grey Goose.  With People Magazine having a hand in this coming out party, people are saying that it fits in with them believing in Toothy Gyllenhaal.

If you have not read the Blind Vice's that people are saying are JG, then you can do so here. Before doing so, I recommend you take a good couple of hours to read it and take it all in.  It is a mindfuck and will leave you needing a drink or so to help cope.  With all of the evidence and people just plain hoping, it has led Jake up to one of the most popular votes.  However, in the BV's Toothy has a secret child hidden away somewhere.  Could you imagine Jake being that kind of guy?

Whether he is Toothy Tile, gay, or straight, it seems that the majority of people have already concluded that he is gay and they still love you Jake.  If that doesn't prove that you can come out and not lose and momentum, then what does?  IF IF IF Jake Gyllenhaal is gay, then maybe he should direct his people to this website where the love for a possible gay Jake has obviously poured over.

Besides, gay or not, it's called acting for a reason. I don't know if I can picture Jakey going on a publicity tour to promote his sexuality.  With Prince Of Persia opening shortly after, I can't see him taking attention away from the movie.  Plus, not everyone would be happy with the confession and PoP might not fare so well after.  So I don't think that Jake is going to be coming out on May 5th.

Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris Voted Most Planned Couple

New Eclipse Pictures

Let the air brushing die already!