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Friday, March 4, 2011

The Secret Love Life Of Boney Skin Tight

We all love Boney Skintight, trust me.  Everyone runs to see his latest flick, or his latest guest spot on an obscure television show.  I swear he is the meaning behind the line " I'm a get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans...."

And while Boney has worked very hard to become the object of our attention and spend most of his time in the limelight, we all know that it's what happens behind close doors that gets our attention.  Boney isn't your regular in the closest Joe Schmoe.  Uh-uh.

While Boney does have a significant other that is also in the biz, his heart doesn't always lie with the va jay jay.  But Boney's girl does know this fact, and she has no problem with it.  She likes to go both ways as well and loves the attention that she gets from dating Boney.  Her previous attempt at being part of a power couple failed miserably and left her the odd girl out. 

Boney loves to have a good time in the bedroom.  They actually have a routine that they follow, and it has landed them many a one night stand.  Boney's girl will flirt with the guy to see if there is actually a prospect that he likes boys.  If he does, or she thinks he can be persuaded, she will accompany the unsuspecting fellow to their VIP room and introduce them to Boney.  After a lot of flirting and drunken foreplay, they lead the stranger to their place for some more partying.  Boney's girl loves to watch her man get it on with another guy, and vice versa.

But one night they may have gone too far.  Boney and his girl brought a guy home, but the guy refused to play for the other team.  Boney took it personally and went to sulk privately while Boney's girl didn't want to let a hot man slip through her fingers.  The next morning, said drunken hot boy wakes up next to a naked Boney and looses his mind.  Hotel room was trashed as Boney was called every name in the book.  Cost Boney a lot of cash, not only to repair the room, but to keep drunk boy's mouth shut.

What Boney doesn't know is that drunk boy and Boney's girl have struck up a friendship.  She wants to be the star of her latest flick, and nothing says star like scandal.  She has already destroyed previous co-star's reputation, what makes Boney think he will be any different?

It's Not:
Russell Brand
Nick Jonas
Daniel Craig

Where To Begin

In the months that I have been away, so much has happened that we are not even going to try and catch up.  Besides, who wants to come and read about old news?

So consider this a welcome back present to all of my loyal readers that have stuck around for my return.  I am sorry that I am unable to devote all my free time to GB, trust me I would love to.  But if I did that, how would I get all the juicy dirt?  So welcome back to the world of Gossip Boy and I hope you are all ready for some secrets, gossip and the age old question: Who The Effe Is Gossip Boy?