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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy: Are You Jake Gyllenhaal?

Dear GB:
No hold barred, I'm giddy with the possibilities. I really want to ask if McHottie, who you have already said is one and same as Ted C. bv Crescent Kumquat is Chase Crawford since that seems to be the popular guess, but you wont tell us will you? 
If not that then you have written about Jensen Ackles having dirty laundry (as it seems almost everyone in Hollywood does) will you/can you be more,  specific?

Dear Robin,
So you want to know if McHottie is Chace? Well, if McHottie was infact one Chace Crawford, then me telling you would out Chace as gay, bisexual, or whatever he was calling himself today.  I have said it before, I will not label someone as gay.  If they want to come out, it's their prerogative.  I will say that the path McHottie is on, he will be outed sooner than later.

Hey GB,
Sorry to lose Miss GiGi send her my love.  hope one of those Robsten/SPNL folks didn't stalk her. So what can I ask Dear Gossip Boy??? I don't think you are the one with the big outing on the 5th, but maybe you can give us a hint. Did you see McHottie on Kimmel this week?  What did you think?  (I know, I know :-P) How  about another clue for Rainbow Dark?

Dear Hokey Poker,
I don't know if we lost her for good, but the girl has a lot going on.  I must take some responsibility for that, she is my right hand gal.  I'm sure she may pop back up after all of this commotion dies down.  It is a busy time for GB and crew.  Not sure if McHottie was on Kimmel or not really.  Can't say I heard that he was, but as for RD....let's just say that he has kind of vanished. As for the outing on the 5th, you never really know do ya?

Dear GB,
What's really going on with the Gossip Girl cast? Does Ed Westwick have some naughty little secrets floating around New York too like his ex Jessica? Or is the break-up 100% her fault? It's going to be interesting to see them going back to set together in July.


Dear Kel,
Gossip Girl has as much, if not more, drama backstage as it does on-screen.  With Taylor Momsen leaving a fiery hell in her wake to Penn Badgley and his ice queen girlfriend Blake Lively, no one is safe from the drama on that set.  Ed isn't really as bad as people think he is.  Jessica on the other hand, well she just wants people to know who she is.  If you read some blinds, I'm sure you might realize that she is popular on this site.

So now that you have pretty much outed who McHottie is what attracted you to him in the first place? And why does every gay guy in Hollywood ( I too live in LA and have dated one or two) behave worse than a closeted Republican senator about their sexuality.
Seriously we are growing up in a generation where everyone knows that drama clubs are like 90% gay in school. Is it the overseas market or tween girl crowd that Hollywood is worried about?


Some guys are insecure and the ones that own their sexuality are the role models of the youth.  I cannot say that I am one of them.  As much as I do live my life to the truth, I haven't spoken of my sexuality.  That could change as I believe that a revolution is in order.  And it's the whole world, not just one certain demographic.

@The_Gossip_Boy Whats up with Dianna Argon's character taking backseat in this volume of 'Glee'? Something tells me Lea might be behind it.
@ BThree via Twitter

For once, it has nothing to do with anything like that.  It's actually because producers feel as if the first half of the season was too baby-centric and centered too much around babies.  Trust me, Quinn and the baby will be front and center by the end of the season.  I hear the finale is going to be the little puckers birthday.

@The_Gossip_Boy What is the real with Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth is for real or just fling or publicity for both?
@Jackyoth26 via twitter

It's a little of both.  They both like the attention they are getting, as well as the hot hook-ups.  But trust, it was fizzle soon.

Dear GB,
First of all, your readers are people who have regular jobs and are used to daily gossip updates. So, of course we miss your insights when you don't update very often. Please update more often! Where's Gigi? Secondly, have you ever been in a Broadway musical? And, did you check out American Idiot? Was it really that boring?
Suddenly Seymour,
I also have a regular job that takes up a lot of time.  I love all of my readers and I love the blog concept.  This is like a personal journal where I can be myself, the person I am on the inside and not be judged.  Yes, it is my safety blanket, but whatever.  I loved American Idiot.  But then again, I hate Bush and love Green Day.

With all the blind vices floating around, and quite a few of them in somewhat public places... What is your take on how no one snaps a picture with their phone or camera?
How do you know they don't?  Trust me, before anyone runs pictures, stars get a chance to buy them up.
Dear Gossip Boy,
No holds barred?  Well then I have to ask the multimillion dollar question.Are you in fact Jake Gyllenhaal? All of the clues add up and there is a whole community dedicated to the fact that you are.  So?
Do you think I haven't heard that before?  Or been asked that before?  If I was Jake, do you think I would tell you?  And if I wasn't, why would I tell you either?  Who doesn't love Jakey?
You tweeted happy 30th to Austin Nichols?  Why would you do that unless you are Jake?
So the only person who would say that is Jake Gyllenhaal?  Really, dude?
@The_Gossip_Boy okay, have you banged nastys with JA or JP? Would you?
@Dragonladylewis via twitter

I actually used to be roomates with a JP.  Since you didn't specify who you are talking about I cannot answer you.

Dear Gossip Boy,
What do you think about A-Rod?

I think I need 3 days in a locked room with him to show him how much I like him.  Maybe 4 days....yeah definitely 5 days.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Just Because

My attempt to make it up to all of you for missing Topless Tuesday and The Hump Day Humper. Enjoy!!

Who Will Declare Their Gayness On May 5th?

On May 5, with the handholding of uber-gay publicist Howard Bragman, a celebrity is expected to follow Ricky Martin out of the closet. This person is already booked for a People exclusive, says Zap2It's report, with a string of talk show appearances afterward, including The View (and then probably Joy Behar's show, 'cause that seems fitting). Which begs the question: Who's it gonna be?

That there's such a concrete timeline and strategy in place is evidence this is a well-planned, long-thought-about unveiling. But while the mind swirls about who the soon-to-be out star is going to be it must be noted that this celeb isn't just coming out, he or she is going on a Coming Out Tour.

Which has us thinking all three of those possibilities are DOA; we can't imagine any of them taking their sexuality on the talk show circuit. When and if a star of their caliber comes out, we imagine it'll come in an unrelated interview — Queen Latifah will just casually mention she lives with her partner.
So will this person be young or old? Male or female? A-list or — gasp — C-list?
Meanwhile, Bragman is the maestro behind Sheryl Swoops, Meredith Baxter, and John Amaechi coming out as gay, and Chaz Bono's transitioning announcement. He's also the guy representing Prop 8 supporter and hotelier Doug Manchester, trying to get the gays to love his hotels again. He's a pro at easing gay celebs into this new territory, and he's handsomely rewarded for it. And he is the one pushing the story, revealing at the GLAAD Media Awards that he's got a new candidate that's just two weeks away from swishing it up.

I would love to hear your guesses as to who it is.  I know who it is and I wasn't shocked at their identity, just thankful that they are finally being honest.  Leave your guesses in the comments. 

Bret Michael's Brain Hemmorhage

Bret Michaels's health has taken a turn for the worse, PEOPLE.COM has reported : Just before midnight Thursday, the star was rushed to an undisclosed hospital after an excruciating headache where doctors discovered he suffered a massive subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding at the base of his brain stem), according to a source close to the situation.

Michaels, 47, is currently in critical condition. "After several CAT scans, MRIs and a angiogram, [doctors] decided to keep Michaels in the ICU and are running several tests to determine the cause. [It] will be touch and go for the next few days while he is under intense observation," the source says.

The rocker's latest hospital visit follows his emergency appendectomy in San Antonio, Texas, on April 12. There is no word yet whether this new development is related to the rocker's recent appendectomy or to his diabetes.

After his appendectomy, Michaels remained in the hospital under his doctors' care – then transferred to a rehab facility specializing in diabetic patients.

As he was recovering, Michaels – who was still in the running to win this season of NBC's Celebrity Apprentice – seemed to be in good spirits and updated fans on his progress.

"They told me that if I had gone on stage like I wanted to, [my appendix] likely would have ruptured and I could have died," he wrote in a note to his fans. "There is just no way around the fact that getting your appendix out HURTS. I have a pretty good threshold for pain, but this one hurts."


Dannel Harris Gives New Face

Jensen Ackles supported his fiance Danneel Harris on the red carpet at the premiere of The Back-Up Plan.  Of course, Danneel is only in the flick for a couple of minutes, but it gave us a chance to see the couple that doesn't really get seen together.

As Jensen spread his sexiness and posed for some awkward pictures with Danneel, whispers of Danneel's new face spread like wildfire.  To take on look at the girl, it is clear to see that the face we are all used to hating has went and changed on us.  Her eyebrows no longer move and her face seemed to be pulled tight.  However, one look at her neck reveals her age.

I am never one to judge people on their looks, but no matter how much I dislike someone, when they appear with a new face it is hard to stay quiet.

The couple is set to wed in a little under a month and we all are hoping that Jensen will see the light and not marry this plastic bitch.  Sadly, Jared went through with his wedding, though that made more sense than this one.  Jensen and Danneel are so obviously wrong for each other that it makes me wish for Jensen's dirty laundry to come out.  But like I have said before, I'm sure Danneel knows all about it.  She never had so much publicity until she hooked up with Jen.  It will be interesting to see how this all transpires.  Wonder if I can score an invite?

New Eclipse Trailer

It's a little late in the day and I am sure that the most devoted Twi-hards have seen the new trailer that Oprah premiered on her talk show today.

Some friends are not really excited for Eclipse, considering that Summit really has dropped the ball with the movies.  They will never live up to the books, though I think they are good movies.  However, seeing the new promo has peaked some interest.  The fight scene alone gave me goosebumps and I have to admit that Kristen Stewart as Bella looks beautiful in the trailer.  Now here is to hoping that Breaking Dawn holds up its end of the deal.  I want to see Edward break that headboard and do Bella like the porn star vamp we all know he is.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sandra Bullock Spotted Without Wedding Ring

Sandra Bullock emerged from hiding yet again and her wedding ring was not along for the trip.
During its Monday night broadcast, Entertainment Tonight showed a photograph of Sandra hiking in Northern California. In the picture taken last Friday, a depressed looking Sandy was wearing a hat, scarf and no makeup. Missing from her left hand was the vintage platinum band that she has worn since marrying Jesse James nearly five years ago.

As sad as this whole mess is for her, I really hope that this is a sign that she has decided to end her marriage.  Nothing can be done to repair the damage done by Jesse and his list of skanks.  I side with Sandy in this whole fiasco and say that she is too good for him and all of this drama.

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian Make It Public

We all knew that LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian were a couple.  After the whole explosion that followed their affair that began while they were both married to other people, we knew that they were bumping uglies.  But they made their first appearance as a couple last night at the Academy Of Country Music Awards  I mean Eddie is smoking hot so I see the attraction.  However, I feel bad for the two people who were thrown aside for their taboo romance.
About a week ago, LeAnn created an unofficial Twitter account under the name Wewenlove.  She then tweeted:
Watching my man do ADR. I'm hanging with him today cause it's our 1 year anniversary!!!!! Love him!
@wewenlove you should feel proud of that…. Considering you were still married this time last year….

Once Dean began ragging on her for that statement and other Tweeps gave her hell, she deleted the account.

Country Music Blind

1- Which award winning country singer celebrated a little too hard last night and drunk dialed her ex-boyfriend.  She ended up hooking up with him and spent the night in a hotel room while her boyfriend frantically searched for her. 

2- Which veteran singer was vocally dissing the up an coming country singing generation?  The entire time she was backstage she was trash talking Taylor Swift's attempt to sell her showmances.  Ironically, she herself is selling her own faux romance, or is does she really believe that she has pulled the blindfold over our eyes?

3- This married couple put on quite a show to on lookers at the awards.  Smiling on cue, posing so perfectly.  But as soon as they were out of sight, the wife headed to the hotel to sleep while the husband went out with some fellow male cowboys and did some "bull riding."  Beer, coke, and cock.  I'm sure that what he was doing is not how America thinks of him spending his Sunday evenings.

Coachella Festival Brings On The Star Power

It was a beautiful weekend in Indio, California and a perfect setting for the Coachella Valley Music And Art Festival.  Tons of celebs enjoyed the music filled weekend, which kicked off with a performance from Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce. 

Gossip Boy Penn Badgley and Desperate Housewives star Shawn Pyfrom.  Penn also came without his lady love Blake Lively.  Hope that everything is still peachy in their game called love.  If not, Shawn is one hell of a sexy rebound.
Alexander Skarsgard looks lovingly into girlfriend Kate Bosworth's eyes as she tucks her hand in his back pocket.  How cute.  A.Skars had a little run in with security at the even after he had some issues with the paps.
Kristen Stewart without love Robert Pattinson
Kellan Lutz decided to bring his sexiness to the festival and even revealed how big Taylor Lautner's penis is.  How is knows is beyond me.
Lindsay Lohan even managed to pull herself out of the gutter and make an appearance.
 Zac Efron shows his lady Vanessa Hudgens how to blow

Chace Crawford Needs A Shower

Our once pretty boy Chace Crawford used to give off a radiant glow.  The once fresh faced star is now sporting a much grungier look, also forgetting to shower and shave.  Not only has he let his looks go, he also has been said to be more reserved.  Gone are the late nights at clubs and his social ways.  Friends have said that Chace is obviously depressed about something, but no one is fessing up to what it is.

It's obvious that his career is not exactly panning out the way Chace thought it would.  His role in Twelve was bashed seven ways to Sunday and his breakout role as Ren in the Footloose remake is now a thing of the past.  His role on Gossip Girl will not last forever as the show is already starting to wear out it's welcome.  With all of this evidence piling up Chace, it's pretty self explanatory. 

Not to take any personal shots, but I hear his love life isn't exactly keeping him warm at night.  Chace has been linked to many big name celebs, but none of his relationships seem to last.  From what I hear though, his relationships dying are not exactly the fault of the other parties.  Allegedly, Chace isn't ready to be monogamous.  I'm sure with his "I'm the next big thing" attitude, the rules do not apply to him.  But I'm hearing that he regrets his past indiscretions.

Either way, hopefully Chace cheers up and gets a shower and shaves.  I like my men a little scruffy sometimes, but Chace looked hot before he slipped into his mini-depression.  Maybe he is tired of being called a pretty boy.

Every actor hits bottom from time to time, not everything is always sunshine and rainbows.  He had better build up a better armor and maybe learn to think with his pretty little head and not that equally pretty head between his legs.

Hot For The Teacher

Mr. Schuester looks a lot buffer and a lot sexier this season.  Here he is all hot and sweaty.  Don't you wish he was running home to you?

Happy Penis Monday!

Monday Morning Jam

Snow Patrol cover Crazy In Love. A great song to start off your Monday morning.