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Saturday, February 13, 2010



Robert Pattinson's Details Magazine Spread.....Just Because It's Nice To Look At!

We are curious, what do you think about the spread?? Did you know he is allergic to Vagina?!?!?!

Will You Be Chace Crawford's Valentine?


Other than his dalliance with Bree Buckley, Nate Archibald has been out of the "Gossip Girl" dating circle for the most part this season. Unless you count his bromance with Dan Humphrey.

The same goes for the actor who plays Nate, Chace Crawford.

"I don't really have any Valentine's Day plans," Chace tells Zap2it. "When I did have a girlfriend, I would definitely make it special, but it is a little bit of a Hallmark holiday, so I'm not too bummed."

The former suitor of "American Idol's" Carrie Underwood and "Twilight's" Ashley Greene could "possibly" be spending his Valentine's Day sitting courtside at a Knicks game. If he does though, he'll be all by himself.

"Yeah, my and my violin. I'm bringing it," he jokes. "That's the story: Lonely in New York City.

"New York's a really lonely place. If there was only some people walking around I could talk to, I'd feel a lot better."

Cristian Siriano Fall 2010

Before I got ill, I was able to make it to the Cristian Siriano show and I am glad that I did. This guy is as over the top in real life as his television personality it. I know that his show would be delightfully vibrant.

I was seated a couple of chairs away from Mena Suvari, who is beautiful in person. As the lights dimmed and a hush fell over the crowd, I got goosebumps. The first model to glide down the runway was Sessilee Lopez in a leather jacket and skirt that was belted at the waist and heels so high I thought she was going to become fashion roadkill.

The color palette was rooted in deep purple, navy and black with vibrant, energizing bursts of fuschia. There was an understated 60’s Parisian chic feel and the cocktail dresses, organza blouses and textured skirts were resurrected with ruffles and petal details.

Above is the dress that I MUST have. It is an elegant fuschia gown as romantic as it was breath-taking. It received a standing ovation from the crowd and I pictured myself in that dress. Of course, once the model wobbled on her incredibly high heels, it felt as if I was already up there in that dress. If any secret admirer would like to purchase it for me as a Valentine's Day gift, I would be yours....for dinner.

Stupid Cupid Blind

Valentine's weekend is upon us and L.A is the place to be this weekend. Not only did Kristen make a rare appearance last night at La Vida, tonight is the second busiest night in restaurants.  Why you ask? The night before V-Day is known for men who have something more permanent to attend to on the actual holiday.  Tonight is reserved for secret lovers.

Case in point.  Last year, an A-lister was photographed all over town with his beautiful girlfriend showering her with lavish gifts.  But no one reported that the night before he was celebrating with his young assistant at a restaurant across the country.  Or the fact that he left her apartment at five o'clock the next morning.

I'm sure that tonight will be filled with secret V-Day rendezvous but I am positive of one in particular.  One that I wish would get photographed so much that I am almost tempted to do it myself.

A certain younger star has said that he has no sweetie this holiday.  He has been all over the tube and mags talking about the kind of girl he wishes to find.  But why hasn't he mentioned the fact that he does have plans?  Technically, his plans are for the night before, so I guess that doesn't count.  Why does he have plans tonight, you wonder? Well, he knew that if he was seen entering a well-known romantic establishment with a guy on the most romantic day of the year, shit would hit the fan.  There is already gossip about his sexual preference.  Plus, the man that he is seeing tonight is someone that shouldn't be seen having dinner with hot, younger guys. He is definitely a celebrity, a lil older and a lil bit sexier.

So the secret lovers have made plans for tonight.  But that isn't the problem.  There is another person to add to the mix.  The older celeb has a girlfriend that knows her position in his life and why she is there exactly.  Lately though, he has noticed she is talking more and more like they are really together.  And when she caught wind of his new relationship with the young man, she demanded that he choose.

So tonight will be a very interesting night, indeed.  Is he going to show up to meet the hot young guy, or will he stay home and cling to the image he has been building for years?

It's not:
Ed Westwick
Jake Gyllenhaal
Zac Efron
Kevin Bacon
Stephen Moyer
James Franco

Jennifer Aniston Needs Cupid


As Valentine's Day comes around yet again, it makes me think about all the people out there unlucky in love.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I've been the luckiest.  Dating a guy that wants you to bath him in syrup before sex is not luck.  You know who you are, you sticky bastard. 

But some people have no luck at all.  One of those people in my eyes, is Jennifer Aniston.  Jen is a Hollywood name like no other.  The most honest, sweetest down to earth person I have ever met.  She is the definition of the girl next door.  But for someone that is so perfect seemingly, why is it she has been one of the most unluckiest people in the love department.

First Brad, and we all know how that went down.  What angers me more is that he did what he did to her, and now he and Angie are practically the Partridge family and cannot even visit another country without collecting a native child from the area. But no one seems to remember that they trampled all over Aniston without giving a damn at all.

And let's not forget the best of the bunch, Mr. Douchebag himself, John Mayer.  Whenever he seems to fall out of sight for awhile, John is sure to give a quote that will make your jaw drop and, usually includes poor Jen.  

The thing I find stellar is that through being cheated on, Mayer's "remember me??" rants, and  whatever else people throw at her, Ms. Aniston has never been quoted saying anything unflattering about any of these people.  She is one person who tries desperately to keep her personal life private and has not ever unleashed her fury in public.  I'm sure if she ever found Mayer in a dark alley one night all bets would be off, I mean seriously! 

Cupid needs to strike Jennifer with his arrow and fast.  She is gorgeous, talented, and amazingly pleasant to be around, but she is getting older.  She wants children and let's face it.  No one is going to want to marry that chick with the walker that used to be on Friends. Maybe, she and Gerard will pan out, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that couple.  Sure they seem nice on paper, but whenever co-stars hook up around the time your movie is being promo'd, it kind of makes you go hmmmm.

Rob NOT in NYC

Yesterday, reports of Rob being in NYC bombarded mine and Gigi's twitter.  We heard he was spotted all over town.  I have been told that not only was he not in NYC, he wasn't even in the country.

He was out spotted shopping yet again with a friend in London.  Yes, I have no pictures proving that and the ones I posted were old and cause a huge uproar.  But everyone calm down, he is not state side and is reportedly on set all weekend. 

Bad news, he wasn't seen buying anything that could be construed as a V-Day gift. 

LaVida Haiti Relief Event

Making a rare appearance on the Hollywood nightlife scene Kristen Stewart was spotted out at La Vida in Los Angeles, California last night, as I said she would be.
The Twilight beauty pulled up to the eatery with a group of three friends to attend the grand opening of La Vida to benefit Haiti Relief and Development.

I also reported yesterday that she was hosting it, but I was wrong. Kristen was just a big name attendee, not the host.  But all the reports of her using this fundraiser as a chance to party were completely inaccurate.  She was relaxed most of the evening, staying close by the friends that she arrived with.  

"She was very mature and completely professional all evening," a source told me.  "I didn't even see her drinking at all."

Stewart, 19, isn't legal drinking age anyway, which never stopped any celebrity in the past. She stayed longer than she was supposed to and made sure she let everyone know why she was there. But isn't is refreshing to hear that a celebrity actually used her name and an appearance to help a good cause and didn't end up drunk on the bathroom floor.

Also in attendance were Giles Marini, Levin Rambin, Kaley Cuoco, Actress Alex Vega, Singer/Songwriter Matt Gross, Actress Bai Ling,  actress Isabella Mikko, actress Nikki Griffin, and actress Sunny Mabrey.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Will Rob and Kristen be together on Valentine's Day?

Courtesy of

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are hoping to spend some time together on Valentine’s Day — but they might end up spending the romantic day apart!

The Twilight costars are apparently desperate to make space in their busy schedules to see each other, but they’ll likely be in different countries on Feb. 14.

Kristen is currently promoting her new film The Runaways while Rob recently started shooting his next film, Bel Ami, in London and Budapest.

“Rob and Kristen are desperate to spend Valentine’s Day together, as a couple,” a source said. “Rob told me he has big plans for Kristen — but he’s worried they might not pan out due to both of their busy schedules.

“He’s hoping it all works out .”

It was recently claimed that Rob and Kristen had been told to put their careers ahead of their red-hot romance.

“Let’s just say Rob and Kristen got a slap on the wrist,” a Robsten insider recently told E! News‘ Ted Casablanca.

“Everyone, from their management to the studios involved in their upcoming movies, is worried [Rob and Kristen] will start to become…distracted.

“Rob and Kristen are still together and totally cool. But they are both listening to what their teams are telling them, which is to stay focused.”

What Happened To Gwen?

Last night I enjoyed fashion and gays, I came across someone that looked familiar, but acted completely different.

I know most of you in the younger generation have no idea about No Doubt or how it changed the music industry. From the O.C, this band sky rocketed with their unique sound and front woman Gwen Stefani. For years, No Doubt ruled the charts and had a new single every time you turned around.

Slowly, No Doubt began to experience what most groups did. Someone wanted to break out on their own. Gwen began lending her voice to other star's tracks and eventually announced that she would be releasing her own album. Then right before our eyes, the image that Gwen had kept for years simply vanished.

Flash forward to 2010 at Fashion Week where Gwen was showing her her clothing line, L.A.M.B. Yes I understand she has grown up, so her image has changed on it's own. However that is not what I am worried about. See, Gwen was zipping around backstage, which most designers do, but with Gwen, it was something different. The way her eyes bulged, the was she was visibly shaking. All the signs point to a specific drug that easily could take credit for her uber skinny frame and her hyperness. Talking to her you knew, with the way her words flew out of her mouth and with all the little weird outbursts of sounds that weren't even words, that something was amiss. I hope that I am wrong but I highly doubt it.

What saddens me the most is that I used to look up to Gwen. She never seemed to be the person that would never lout and always be that punk girl from the O.C. Sadly, I was wrong and have lost yet another role model.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chace Gets A Handful

This picture was taken in Miami during Super Bowl weekend. Someone sent me a text with the link and I loved it.

From what I hear, Chace has no reason to be putting his hand down his pants. He has someone who is clearly willing and ready to do that. Maybe he was so excited about whoever was on the other end his phone call, he couldn't contain himself. I mean, Gossip Boy was in Miami, maybe he could have helped Chace out.

Whoever was on the other end, hopefully they came to the rescue and gave Chace a hand. I hear that he had one hell of a weekend in Miami and felt if for days after.

Happy 18th Birthday Taylor!

Ladies, ladies, ladies!! The day has come that we have been waiting for. We can finally fawn all over the hot, rippled Taylor Lautner without feeling just a wee bit icky.

That's right. Mr. Jacob Black turns 18 years old today and completely legal for all of us women who have been dreaming about corrupting the sweet, innocent stud.

You can practically hear the cougar cages busting open and the stampede has begun!

Now don't get me wrong, Taylor already leads a not so underage lifestyle. But the good thing is, now that he is 18, we can talk about it.

Hopefully, Taylor will have an very happy birthday. He has said that he doesn't have any big plans, but I know otherwise. With his career taking off, I doubt this day will go by without some kind of celebration....or a new blind item for us!

Blind Items

This hot young up and coming star is on the road to success. He has built up his resume and a long list of paramours. He is a very nice guy, unlike most you see in Hollywood. But he has a dark secret that gets girls to run from him. His favorite past time has become something very dangerous. His last A-List woman was head over heels, and so was he. So he confided in her that he has a weakness for some very strong drugs. She went with it for awhile, until he tried to convince her to shoot up with him. She made an excuse and left his place that night, and never called him again. Flash forward two months when they ran into each other at a function and he tried to talk to her. Her bodyguard warned him that if he came near her again, he would need some stronger drugs. Sad thing is, I hear she is genuinely upset that she can't be with him or help him. If her fans thought she dated a druggie her career would be down the drain.

Which recently split couple has been secretly hooking up in a small motel in Bakersfield? They broke up awhile ago to the shock of the public, but have recently been having mid day rendezvous. Why the secret? They both publically moved on in big ways with other people, but realized that they still love each other.

Which two starlets are sick and tired of pretending that they are buddy buddy? They are stuck acting like besties when in reality, one star deeply believes the other star once hooked up with her man. She has no proof, but she will not let her husband anywhere near her co-star and would not let him visit the set at all.

Alexander McQueen 1969-2010

Today we received some very sad news out of London. Trendsetting British designer Alexander McQueen was found dead in his London home.

This statement was released by his office:
"At this stage it is inappropriate to comment on this tragic news beyond saying that we are devastated and are sharing a sense of shock and grief with Lee's family," said a statement released by his office, referring to him by his real name.

The death of the celebrity designer comes just days before the beginning of London Fashion Week and, perhaps tellingly, just days after the death of his beloved mother.

This is his sad tweet from last Wednesday;
"I'm letting my followers know the my mother passed away yesterday if it she had not me nor would you RIP mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx."

He has regularly dressed Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Moss, Madonna, Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Fergie and just about every other star who needed to look amazingt in the last 20 years.
McQueen's showing at New York Fashion Week, scheduled for today at 3 p.m., has since been canceled.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Ring: The Final Chapter

I have gone over this a couple of times. I want you to have faith in me.  Even though you don't know who i am, I would like to keep the integrity and trust between us.

That being said.  I debated on whether to do this or not.  After a couple of shots and convincing, I called  friend of mine. Someone who I once worked with and is appearing in Bel Ami. I would normally never do this and will probably never do it again.  I'm not the kind to harass co-workers about gossip.  But, for you, I called them.

 I managed to ease it into the conversation and my friend was very intrigued.  I apparently did not know how much they love trash talk.  But as soon as I told them, they were off the phone.  I thought maybe I would hear something back in a couple of days.  However, three hours later my phone rang.

They cut right to the chase.  Call it perfect timing, or just pure luck, but my friend was actually on the set waiting to shoot. I am told they before they they started shooting, my friend saw Rob on the set.  They talked and Rob was flat out asked about the ring.  Now, when he was asked, I was told, and I quote "His face got white and I thought his balls hit the ground."  Rob told my friend that he was shocked that anyone knew, considering the secrecy that surrounded the purchase.  He told my friend that they were not engaged. I repeat NOT engaged.  The ring was simply a ring to show Kristen how he really felt about her.

Now I know you are all going to say, why would Rob just come out and say it.  I asked my friend the same thing. They claim that they have gotten close with Rob over the short amount of time they have been shooting.
They said Rob is angry at all the tabloids that hook him up with all these women and he just wanted Kristen to realize it's just her. 

Normally, I would check with some other people.  But this person is so reliable I would let them watch my baby, IF I HAD ONE!   So there it is. I guess they are engaged to be engaged?? I don't know but no wedding bells anytime soon. 

What happened to Bradley Cooper?

We wonder what happened to Bradley? To the right, a couple years ago. Today to the left. What has caused him to age so quickly? He ha aged I'd say ten years in about 4. Should we mark it up to a lot of makeup in the earlier picture or all the fake tanning that has been going on.

Maybe his relationship with Renee is wearing on him. Don't get us wrong, we think he is uber hot, but hopefully his looks don't go all downhill!

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear Gossip Boy,
Can you tell us anything about all the haters out there that swear you are fake? What about the story the was supposedly fed to you that was fake?
Thanks, Jackie

I have been hearing about the fake story, actually from Gigi.  We have received a lot of email about tips and rumors.  One of those emails actually panned out to something, the Rise and Shine Blind.  Maybe when they sent the email they intended it to be fake or whatever they thought that they would accomplish.  Maybe it was an accident that they picked the celeb they did, but what I heard was an earful.  I am an actor, I am very well known.  You guys can believe me or not, I'm not doing this for me.

What about the video tape?  If it is J2, does that mean Jared cheated on Jensen with Gen?  Is it possible the bodyguard has it? I love your blog!

I never said or stated that J2 was involved in the video.  Hypothetically, if it was them, they would do anything to keep up their charade, as does a lot of Hollywood.  Some gay guys are still in denial.  Not everyone is sure about their identity and they have slip ups.  I have often questioned my sexuality, I think when you are gay or bi, you have little moments here and there.

Gossip Boy,
Where are the updates about Rob and Kristen?!?  How re we supposed to believe you when we hear nothing!  And if they are engaged, Kristen is so young.  Why would they do it?

Well, yes Kristen is young.  And if these rumors are true, which I do believe but haven't seen with my own eyes yet, maybe it's more of a promise ring.  Yes, I did hear that Rob proposed, but that doesn't mean they are walking down the aisle anytime soon.  I hear Kristen is more insecure when it comes to their relationship since every girl wants Rob.  Is it possible he did it to make her feel less insecure.  Stupid reason if so, but who knows.  I know Rob is head over heels for Kristen and would do anything for her.

Dear Gossip Boy,
What is the deal with Jennifer Aniston?  She bounces from guy to guy and she is always playing the victim!  What is wrong with her?  Is she really seeing Gerard?

Jennifer had settled in with Brad and probably thought that she had found her happy ending.  That was ripped out from underneath her in a very public, hurtful way.  Yes I know that it's been years but it scarred her.  She is un-willing to trust any guys, not that I blame her.  She does need to realize her age though, she isn't getting any younger and she wants a family.  If she found the right guy at the right time, our old Jenny would be back.

Is it possible that Alice in wonderland is Lindsay Lohan?

Lindsay could be Alice, but years ago.  This young woman isn't as cracked as Lindsay...yet.

Gossip Boy,
WE NEED SPN scoop!!! Please!!  Is Jensen going to get married?

Jensen's wedding I hear is being planned slowly and carefully.  I think if anyone gets married first, it will be Jared.  There is some love there.

Dearest Gossip Boy,
Please tell me what is up with A.Skars and K. Bos?  Are they really a couple?  Why is he saying he is single?

Do you have a thing for A? I do!  But as far as I know, he is single.  He is gaining popularity and becoming a lady's man.  He would be stupid to sink his fangs into someone permanently at this point.  And he knows it!  But does Kate? That, my dear, is the question!

Is McHottie a television or a movie star?  I have sinking suspiscions on who he and you are but I have never seen you phtographed together.  Please give us a hint.

McHottie has been on both.  Of course we are not photographed together.  Most of the time we are not out together.  We may be in the same town or city, but we have been through training. We know better.  I will give you one hint about him and me..... we are both over 5'5.

Happy Reading, keep your questions coming!

Here are some things to keep you occupied during the new snow storm!

Lazarus Rising
Getting Into the Vortex: The Law of Attraction in Action, Episode XII
 Reversals of Fortune

Monday, February 8, 2010

Pete recants about Fall Out Boy break-up

"We just haven't had the time to say anything. All I have been able to do is say, 'Man, I miss doing Fall Out Boy,' and I got to a better place hanging out with my son. Now I'm OK if Fall Out Boy comes back or doesn't come back. Like, if it's fun for everyone to do again, we're going to do it … I just want it to be authentic when we come back." 

Did Pete speak too soon? Is he trying to take his foot out of his mouth?  Or did he realize he couldn't be around Ashlee 24/7??  Either way, stop playing with our hearts!

Do we mourn Fall Out Boy or wait until your comeback tour??   Make up our minds, Pete. You're lucky you are cute.

Alexander and Kate not quite finished

While I was out in Miami, over on the left coast, things were getting steamy.  I know everyone is dying to know about A. Skars and Kate, so here it is.  They were all over each other at Chateau Marmont not hiding their lust for each other at all.

After spending most of the evening kissing and groping each other in public, I am told they retreated to their suite where they weren't very, um well....quiet.  I mean can you blame her.  I would turn into a fang banger in a heart beat for him!!

So to answer everyone, this couple may not be Brad and Angie level, but they are far from over.
 True Blood: The Complete First Season (HBO Series)

Blind Item

Remember the co-stars I mentioned the other day who had accidentally been caught on tape kissing in a dark corner?  Well more details have come to light and some that are very interesting.

Let's start with the missing video camera.  When word got around and the Big Heads found out about the whole debacle, heads began rolling.  Everyone was being brought in for questioning, one by one, including my source's husband.  They have launched such a super huge search into this that even innocent people are getting nervous.  They two stars in question have been reprimanded so harshly that any idea one of them had about ending the charade was quickly squashed.

Both boys were told to not have any physical contact in public and also we're both told that if it gets out, they have ruined their careers.  They are trying to scare them apart, if you ask me.

Now, neither one of these boys are single.  Both of them have women in their lives.  Though both of the girls knew about things in these boys pasts, I honestly believe that they had no idea about the current hanky panky.  One girl has moved on and is smiling for the cameras as usual.  The other is a bit more heartbroken.  See she is actually in love with the guy.  She was also pregnant by him at one time, but sadly she lost the baby.  Things were tough after that, but she held out hope.  Not anymore...Now she is thinking about ending it and was really close to doing so, until the other guys girl talked her out of it.  She promised her more fame, it was like the making a deal with the devil.  She is being shoved into this relationship and it's all going to blow up in a huge way.

And now, there are talks that have been circulating about this tape.  Some people say to have seen it, others know someone who has.  I am tracking this tape down and using every resource I have.  If there is a tape, I will see it.  And if it happens to get uploaded onto a blog, then que sera sera.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl 2010

Kim Kardashian and Kendra Wilkinson's better halves will face off in Sunday's Super Bowl XLIV, as Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints take on Hank Baskett's Indianapolis Colts. Kickoff is scheduled for 6:30 pm(ET), the game will be the Saints' first Bowl appearance .The Colts have made it three times before, though it is the first time Baskett will hit the field, as Wilkinson and baby Hank cheer him on.

Today, if you are sitting at home, we have come up with a drinking game to help you all pass the time.
 When any of these things happen, TAKE A DRINK!

Whenever they show Kim, or any other, Kardashian. 
Whenever they show Kendra and/or baby Hank.
Whenever you see a fan with face paint on!
If someone says they are just happy to be playing in the Super Bowl.
Anytime that someone mentions the words Super Bowl.

By the end of the first Quarter, you will be blitzed.  Hope everyone has a fun and safe Super Bowl.