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Monday, August 29, 2011

VMA Blinds

1- This female singer was seen making eyes at the ex of a good friend of hers.  When the guy finally noticed he mentioned that he always wanted to bang Sugar and now that his ex is starting trouble he was probably going to do so.  The duo left the after party together to go home and I'm sure of what was going down, down.

2- Which male star was very upset that he didn't get more attention, like he is used to.  He was supposed to appear on screen longer but was cut short due to time.  Rumor is he was backstage throwing such a fit, that they promised to show him from the audience multiple times.

3- Which hot couple was found at an after party in a bathroom with the woman on her knees and the man watching themselves in the mirror.  When caught, the guy looked at the shocked person and asked if they wanted a taste.

VMA Wrap-Up

So the MTV VMA's went off last night with just a couple glitches.  Lady Gaga came as a man, Nicki Minaj came as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry came as Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z came in Beyonce as she announced that she is expecting her own little diva, who I am sure will come out with her own wind machine.  I read that Beyonce's pregnancy wasn't that shocking since she had never been seen with that many clothes on.

  •   Selena Gomez was a host for the MTV Pre-Show and spent the evening pretending to be a journalist.  From pretending to still being BFF with Demi Lovato to asking boyfriend Justin Bieber was his snakes name was, even though she has been playing with it for months.

  •  Kanye West and Jay-Z surprised the audience with a performance, but a member of the audience decided to give Kanye a taste of his own medicine by storming the stage.  Security grabbed the guy before he could make a scene and the show went on.

  •  Lady Gaga took another spill off the piano, but the camera cut to a concerned Adele, saving the male Gaga from embarrassment.

  • MTV paid tribute to both Britney Spears and the late Amy Winehouse.  While Amy's was tasteful and fitting, poor Britney's acceptance speech was parlayed into introducing mama Beyonce.  Britney did prove that she is almost back to her old self, though we would have loved a performance.

  • Katy Perry and Kanye West on for best collaboration.  As the buzzed Perry accepted it was shocking that she was more annoying than Kanye.

  • Chris Brown seemed to think that if he flew over the crowd and tried to dance that we would forget about him being a woman beater.  When Nirvana began playing during his dance routine, I was hoping Kurt Cobain would make sure Brown was dropped from his high wire act.  Sadly, Chris survived.
  • Jared Leto still hasn't realized that he is not Peter Pan and is a grown man.  Seriously, someone take away his black finger nail polish and give him a hair cut.

    Happy Penis Monday!!