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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sarah Palin's Alaska

News has broke that Governor Sarah Palin has signed off on a deal with with Mark Burnett to produce an 8 part documentary series with the working title, Sarah Palin's Alaska.  The project is said to show everyone some Alaska's beauty in a way that only Sarah Palin can tell it.  She is apparently getting $1 million dollars an episode and it's very clear this is a ploy for Sarah to gain popularity.  But 8 parts? 8?!

So now it is socially acceptable for political figures and I use that term loosely here, to sign up for a glorified reality show?  You can promise that this was configured so that Sarah could get in touch with the people of America and gain their vote when she tries to run for President next election.  Does anyone doubt that?  This appalls me and I pray that America doesn't start electing reality show hosts as President of the United States.  Although, that woman that used to host the Weakest Link, Anne Robinson, I'd vote for her.  Just to see her tell Palin, "You are the weakest link. Good-bye."

YouTube Clip Of The Week

Something to make you smile and brighten your day. This is an Epic Win!

From: dabby123

Do You Miss Queer As Folk?

It was a show unlike one we had ever seen before.  Showtime floored everyone with the premier episode of Queer As Folk and has us hooked for 5 seasons.  We wondered if Brian would ever get over himself and admit how much he was in love with Justin.  We watched Michael go through guy after guy all the while having a huge crush on best friend Brian, as Emmet became a cyber porn star and married the "pickle" guy.  And poor Ted, he had it rough.

I was always a fan of Brian and I will be forever.  That guy was so sexy, I would have never been able to say no to him.  However, when Justin stumbled upon violin player Ethan in the second season, my heart skipped a beat at this sexy musician.  Of course he was just a hurdle in the Brian/Justin love story, but I thought he deserved honorable mention.

But this was a show that was real.  It dealt with gays and lesbians trying to make it in a straight persons world.  It tried to get the fact across that we are all alike, we all have the same problems with our jobs, with our friends and especially with our lovers.  Gay or straight, life is a bitch.

Queer As Folk seemed to run out of steam towards the end, which lead to the finale in 2005.  Nothing ever came along to fill the void left by our Liberty Diner crew.  We will never get a reunion movie like HBO gave Sex And The City, though Lord knows it would be amazing.  Guess we will have to live in the past.  Here are some of the best moments of Queer As Folk.  Obviously I couldn't put them all, but if you feel I missed one let me know!

Not Suitable For All Viewers

Joe Jonas And Demi Lovato's Failure

Last night, tweens everywhere had their televisions set to American Idol.  Not only was Miley Cyrus performing her new single on the results show, but newest Disney "couple" Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato were going to perform together.  Teenagers everywhere wondered if they would see the two cuddling in the audience, or at least holding hands.  And what exactly did they get?  Joe and Demi, playing along and singing their pretty little hearts out.
Joe and Demi arrived at American Idol and did a meet and greet with the contestants.  They were never on the same side of the room, Joe stayed with contestant Tim Urban, who Joe helped vote through in Dallas.  A source says that it was very obvious that Joe and Demi were just very good friends.  But once the cameras were on, they sold their passion to all the believers.  After, they talked to Miley a bit they left seperately.  Joe said good-bye to Kara, and Miley but left without saying a word to Demi, who left shortly after.

Sorry, but I don't buy it.  And I don't think anyone else in America does either.  These kids are too young for all of this already.  Demi has already lost a best friend because she got too fake, and why would Joe agree to do this.  Boy is hot, not like he couldn't get a girl on his own if he really wanted to.  Hey Joe, I make that same face while...well never mind.

Your Chance To Get Close To Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson's was figure will be unveiled  in NYC’s Times Square today at 10:30a.m at Madame Tussauds New York (234 West 42nd St. Manhattan).  After the ceremony fans will be able to get as close to Robert as you have always wanted to.  Well, with some limits of course.  Do you think this does him justice?  For some reason, this looks a little sexier.  I wonder how much detail they go into with the wax figures, exactly.  Hmm, well you best see it soon because once I'm back in NYC, I have a feeling that it might come up missing and you ain't getting in my bedroom to see it.

This Is The Next American Idol

On Tuesday night's American Idol, I was told that the entire show was not worth watching.  But that I should watch Crystal Bowersox's performance of Janis Joplin's Me And Bobby McGee.  So I didn't watch the episode, but I YouTubed this clip above and was blown away.  Simon himself told this young woman that her rendition was better than Pink's performance.  Both gave me goosebumps and though I cannot say she is better than Pink, sorry.  I do agree that she has what it takes to become the next American Idol.

Below is a much younger Pink showing us why she has rocketed to the star that she is today.

You Write The Caption

Write Your Caption in the comments, and leave your vote for you favorite as well

Caption Winner

Sommer said...

Jimmy: I brought you coffee, Sweetie.
Matthew: I'm still not telling you what happens in the end

Legendary Rock Photographer Jim Marshall Passes Away

Legendary rock photographer Jim Marshall, who captured some of the most memorable moments in music - Johnny Cash flipping the bird at San Quentin and Jimi Hendrix burning his guitar at Monterey Pop - died in his sleep Tuesday in a New York hotel. He was 74. The cause of death was not immediately known.

Marshall had been scheduled to appear at a reception Wednesday night to promote his new book with celebrity photographer Timothy White. 
As the chief photographer at Woodstock, he captured The Who greeting the sunrise. When the Beatles played their final concert at San Francisco's Candlestick Park in 1966, Mr. Marshall was the only shooter invited backstage. He photographed the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, Ray Charles and Thelonious Monk.  Marshall also had more than 500 album covers to his credit.
 Mr. Marshall continued to take pictures until his final days. Most recently, he photographed John Mayer, Ben Harper, Lenny Kravitz and Limp Bizkit.
His work is published in five books, including the 2009 collection "Trust."
Mr. Marshall considered his work his family. "I have no kids," he once said. "My photographs are my children."

Jim Marshall: Proof
A History of Marshall The Illustrated Story Of The Sound Of Rock
Not Fade Away: The Rock & Roll Photography of Jim Marshall

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal Rocks The Movie Poster

Now THIS is a movie poster.  Maybe because Mr. Gyllenhaal looks so yummy, but this is due to be hanging up in my house. I look at this poster and I know what the movie is about and it doesn't looked like a fan photo shopped it.  If only there were less clothing....

Robert Culp Dies

Robert Culp of I Spy fame died after falling in a Los Angeles park and hitting his head today.  At age 79, he was best known for his role on I Spy with Bill Cosby, as well as playing Ray Barone's Father-in-Law on Everybody Loves Raymond.

Will The Party Girls Survive?

Some disturbing images of Lindsay Lohan have been circulating these past couple of days and they have made me sick to my stomach.  Of course, we do not know the whole story surrounding the photo above.  Seems to me that the photographer is awful close and could have helped Lindsay's fall.  I am just not ready to point fingers yet, though every knows that Lindsay has been back to her partying ways.

In the wake of losing such bright young stars well before their time is up, you start to wonder if it is safe to be a young actor or actress in Hollywood.  We all know that risks of growing up in front of the camera ad being more of a product to a studio than an employee, but what happens when you can't bring yourself back from the dark side.

Poor Lindsay is a prime example.  She was thought to be a big name and for awhile, it seemed as if she would soar to major HW accomplishments.  Sadly never exited her teenage ways of partying, something that began way before she was even of legal drinking age. 

Hollywood clubs and bars play a major role in the corruption of young HW.  As long as you are a name and bring attention to their club, they will let you in.  Many stars that are not 21 yet have no problem getting into clubs and getting shit face drunk.  And those same stars usually end up in rehab before they get their 21 and over I.D.  The clubs are not the only ones to blame, these celebrities have parents.

Where are their parents when these stars are living the life?  In Lindsay's case, mom Dina was next to her ordering some shots for herself.  Once these kids become famous, it seems as if there parents just let them loose.  These kids get hooked up with the wrong people and most feel like they are drowning in the stardom.  With so much going on around them, these celebs feel out of control and turn to alcohol and drugs to feel like they are finally controlling something in their lives.

Nicole Richie is one girl who I feared would be among the list of stars we lost early on.  She, Paris, and Lindsay made L.A and HW their playground and Nicole was on the verge of wasting away to nothing.  She is the model of bad girls gone good, along with Drew Barrymore.  Richie is now a mother of two and about to marry.  Paris has even seemed to straighten her ways, at least she wears underwear now.

Lindsay, Britney and a handful of other seem to have lost their way.  For brief moments we get glimpses of the girls we used to love, but they are quickly diminished with photos like the one above.  Is it possible for someone who had ruined their reputation with partying, drugs, and stints in rehab to turn themselves around?
Are you worried about any celebs that you think may not make it out alive?

And Just To Balance It Out

Emo Jared....Just Because

I love a man in guy-liner

Are Kristen And Rob Moving In Together?

Kristen Stewart has been house hunting all week in Beverly Hills and from what I hear, she likes what she has seen.

Kristen does not fit into the Beverly Hills image so I do not understand why she would look there.  In a town filled with fake plastics, Kristen would be a breath of fresh air.  Seems like Kristen is ready to take Hollywood by storm and buying her own house is just the first step.

Kristen has voiced her wishes to host SNL since her co-star Taylor Lautner did earlier this year.  Her great performance in The Runaways has moved her up in the ranks and I hear her performance in Eclipse is levels above her performance in the previous two films.

But with everything moving forward for her, could the house she is buying become one that she is going to share with a certain vampire? It would seem that way as sources have said that once Breaking Dawn is through filming, we will see a whole new Kristen and Rob. Some sources say that Kristen and Rob ave planned on moving in together for a long time since Rob would like to be based in California.  Will Tom be coming along for the ride? I bet you he will be right there in an extra bedroom.

Sources are telling me that Kristen and Robert have every intention of moving the relationship forward and moving in together would be the next step.

I actually could see all three of them sitting out back  taking hits off the bong laughing at all the Beverly Hills people.  Can I come?

New Glee Promo

Thanks to a follower, I was sent the link to the newest Glee promo.  Don't forget, the new Glee CD feturing Madonna songs from the upcoming episode is available for pre-sale.  Enjoy, hope it holds you over until the premiere on April 13th.

Hump Day Humper

This weeks Hump Day Humper is none other than Jared Padalecki.  Not only is he one tall drink of water, poor boy just got married to Gen after only being engaged for 2 months.  So the boy definitely is need of a good humping.

The boy has become so ripped and muscular that it is hard to look at him with my clothes slipping off on their own.  But with reports of him being late to set, could he be depressed about no longer being roommates with his bf Jensen Ackles? 

Or maybe its because Jared was up for the Conan role but lost out to Jason Momoa.  Now that he and Jensen both lost out on major roles that would have shot them both to A-List, I think both hot boys need a good humping, but this week I think Jared deserves it more.

You Write The Caption

Another Jesse James Whore Comes Forward

Star magazine is reporting that yet another woman is coming forward with the claims that she also had an affair with Jesse James.  Even though it is Star, rumors of other women have been circulating for awhile around town.  Turns out that Sandra Bullock had an idea that Jesse was being unfaithful.  Melissa Smith claims that this first started in 2006 with some Myspace messages.

It all started with Jesse seeing the woman's picture at a West Coast Choppers party and liked what he saw.  He had already been married to Sandy for a year at this point but it didn't stop him from having net sex with this girl.

Melissa says, "I got a message from this guy saying,'Nice car...that’s my godfather’s.' After a few exchanges, he introduced himself as Jesse James and gave me his e-mail address with the name Vanilla Gorilla."

They continued emailing each other until Melissa was flown out to California to meet Jesse, who told her he would take her for a ride in one of his cars.  Instead, she rode him on his now infamous couch in his office.  A couch that I really hope is taken for evidence and destroyed.

Smith claims that they continued sleeping together on and off for the next two years.  Is this another girl coming to claim some money or do you believe her?  Oh BTW, this LINK will take you to an TSG Hooker Mugshot Page, where Melissa is displayed.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Danneel Harris, M.D?

Danneel Harris has landed a new show on NBC called Friends With Benefits and on this gem of a show, she will be playing a doctor trying to find Mr. Right.

Not only are they trying to make us believe that Danneel and Jensen are getting married in a couple of months, that they are in love, but now they want us to pretend that we can imagine her as a doctor?!  I'm sorry, but no matter how funny this show is, there is no way Danneel will be able to pull of being a doctor, believeably.  Unless this is one of those shows where she is a doctor but we never see her being one, even then I don't think this was the right casting choice. 

Anyone see that movie where Tara Reid was a scientist?  Exactly.

Could Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols Be The Next Couple To Wed?

Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill fame and her co-star Austin Nichols, famous for other reasons, have never admitted that they are a couple, but they really cannot deny it anymore. They hit all events together, there are reports of them being very romantic and all over each other at a Black eyed Peas Concert a couple of months ago.

Poor Sophia already has a track record with co-stars.  She was briefly married to Chad Michael Murray and that ended because of him spending one night in Paris, dated her other co-star James Lafferty and is now linked to Austin Nichols.

With Jared and Gen getting married, Jensen Ackles set to wed Danneel Harris, who just happens to be Sophia's bff, seems like something is in the water over at CW.  The stars of The Vampire Diaries seem to be in on it too.  Nina Dobrev is bouncing between Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder in all the photos.  I guess they are seeing who she looks better with.

Either way, seems that Sophia and Austin are on a track to becoming a more permanent thing.  Austin has said that Sophia is a woman that he could see himself being with for the rest of his life, but you now how it goes in HW.  He probably means the rest of his One Tree Hill Life. But how awkward can it be on that set?  Working with exes and new loves.  I don't know why CW doesn't just let bygones be bygones.

American Idiot...The Movie?? is reporting that Playtone, the production company run by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman, are discussing the possibility of turning the musical into a feature film.  And the musical doesn't even open on Broadway until next month.

About three friends who go through the ups and downs of life to the songs of Green Day's 2004 album of the same name, the cast appeared onstage with the band during their performance on the 2010 Grammys.  And although the band does not appear in the play, there is a band onstage with them.

I personally cannot wait to see it on Broadway.  I have been a fan of Green Day since Dookie and will have 21 guns playing at my funeral.  Tom Hanks is also behind Mama Mia, which was a huge hit, becoming one the highest earning movies for Universal Pictures.

Tom Hanks is such a genius that I think he could pull anything off. I actually miss seeing Tom Hanks in movies.  He started out playing drag in Bossom Buddies, made some box office hit, is executive producer of HBO's Big Love, a producer on Where The Wild Things Are and he is freakin Woody The Sheriff in Toy Story 1,2 and the upcoming third.  This man could probably turn water into wine.  I've seen him stranded on an island and homeboy made it home.  Plus, he and Rita Wilson have been married since 1988 and are an amazingly down to earth couple.  So I put nothing past Mr. Tom Hanks. 

American Idiot does open on Broadway on April 20th for all of you fans who cannot wait for a movie.

New Eclipse Poster

Summit has released the posters for the latest installment of The Twilight Saga and I am very disappointed, as most fans should be. 

Don't get me wrong, I am a Twilighter a heart, something that I don't share that much.  I am a huge fan of the books, the movies, and the characters.  That being said...

Why can't we get a decent movie poster?  To me, these posters are just cheap and easy.  This is essintally a love story of a girl, a vampire, and her werewolf best friend who in the end (SPOILER ALERT!!!) pretty much becomes her son-in-law.  I get that Eclipse is about the love triangle, but these is a cheesy imitation of a movie poster!

Call me crazy, but I am a collector of movie posters.  I have a huge collection and Twilight posters are part of them.  And maybe because I am just a fan of art in general I expect more of a movie poster.  Am I lame that I let this bother me?  Am I the only one who thinks that these are lame?

Want To Be The Next Disney Star?

Disney Channel and Disney XD are holding an open casting call!
The network is searching for boys and girls, from ages 10-18, with acting, singing and/or dancing abilities to be considered for upcoming original movies and series. Each applicant will be provided a monologue to perform at the call.

There’s no fee to attend, but you MUST download and complete an application @, and also be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
The open casting call will take place at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown (700 San Jacinto at 8th Street, Austin, Texas) on SATURDAY, MARCH 27 @ 9AM - 4PM. The Omni Austin Hotel Downtown offers self parking for $10.00.

Don't Answer The Phone....Scream 4 Is Coming

For all you Scream fans out there, they are back!  Scream 4 is set to start shooting this spring and the 3 major characters are back with their original actors.  Neve Campbell as Sydney, Courtney Cox-Arquette as Gale, and David Arquette as Dewey are all set to come back.  More than a decade after Scream 3was released, Wes Craven is directing and a whole set of new young stars. Source

Scream 4 is said to be the launching pad for a new Scream series and I'm glad that they managed to get the old crew back.  But I fear that they may kill most of them off to start the new franchise. 

Dimension said its 2011 slate focuses on continuing its most successful franchises. The original "Scream" grossed more than $170 million worldwide in 1996; "Scream 2" also took in more than $170 million in 1997 and "Scream 3" topped $160 million after it was released in 2000.

Craven helmed all three pics, which starred Campbell, Arquette and Cox Arquette.
" 'Scream' has been such an integral part of Dimension's history, and I look forward to continuing the franchise," said Dimension Films chief Bob Weinstein, who is also co-chairman of the Weinstein Co.

Let's just hope that it doesn't bomb and Scream 5 turns out like this:

Tuesday Blinds

There is a new young star tearing up the Hollywood scene.  Not that new to the world, but new to us.  He has been in the business for awhile but recently shot to fandom.  Many rumors are circulating about his sexuality and have been for years.  But he is actually NOT gay, believe it or not!  He just likes to hook up with co-stars mom's while their husbands are at work.  Not Chad Michael Murray

What actress and her current hook-up had a close call when the stick turned blue? He is a bigger name than she is and told her that he in no way was ready to be a father.  She contemplated keeping it until one afternoon after lunch, the boyfriend drove to a clinic and demanded she have it taken care of.  Young love is blind and she went in and had their little problem taken care of.  Bet these are pics that she won't be leaking onto the net.  Not Miley Cyrus

These two boyfriends have been together for years.  They have gone through hell to keep their relationship under wraps, even though we all assume it anyway.  One of the beards has turned to drugs and alcohol to ease the hurt of her "boyfriend" not wanting to do her.  When he found out, he gave her a month to get her act together or he would send her back to no-name land.  What her man doesn't know is that his boyfriend has been hooking her up with the drugs.  He cannot stand her and wants her out of the equation because he knows she is in love.  Not Sophia Bush

Caption Winner

sara said...
Stop callin', stop callin' I don't wanna think anymore! I left my head and my heart on the dance-floor!

Jake's Bar Fight

By now everyone has heard about Jake Gyllenhaal and his bar fight over the weekend.  Jake has been visiting the pub where the incident happened regularly because it is close to the Source Code set.  On Saturday night, he was egged on by a blogger from

So I was in a bar and Jake Gyllanhaal the clost faggot walked in with 5 fat chicks cuz he’s gay and gay dudes love fat chicks…..He danced like a little bitch on the bench of his booth like he didn’t crave cock…but I had a feeling he did….then I got annoyed….I couldn’t handle this ego doing his bullshit, so I decided to take the pussy off his high horse and I don’t really care what gay cowboy he fucks so I said: Hey aren’t you the guy who killed Heath Ledger…. So apparently that hurts a little bitches ego… the little bitch started screaming in my face like a role he reversed…he started screaming shit like “get the fuck out here” and “I will break you” flailing his arms around like he isn’t an ass licking homo….I laughed but the bouncers didn’t so I got escorted out after I had to pay my bill…of 60 dollars… The Restaurant was called Garde Manger. Don’t go there if you are ever in the city. It’s some bullshit ego shit that doesn’t respect their patrons….Garde Manger Bouncers kicked me the fuck out to impress Jake Gyllenhall aka Gay in the ass cuz I’m a little bitch Hall…. This is motherfuckers…..So stop pretending you like girls, faggot…your fat chicks who you use to protect you from meeting real girls don’t cut it, Faggot….Stop killing Australians cuz you crush on them, Faggot…the war is on…I will make sure you and your pussy behavior gets broken the fuck down…. I will ruin this guy and you will help… On a sidenote – this faggot tried to have a bitch fight with the beautiful girl I was with. He actually tried to hit her…Jake Gyllanhaal wants to fight girls…and I am not joking…Seriously… All this bitch wants is to suck on a dick … He is the Lady Gaga of Movies…A pussy. He’s done….he sucked his beer bottle like it was a fucking dick…seriously… Dude thinks he owns the city…he thinks he decides who leaves bars when he wants…he thinks he is important…he’s not…he’s a fucking bitch…and I will break him…seriously…he has a shitty celebrity and I will ruin that celebrity….he beats up women…. Some celebs are down to earth. This cokehead loser…is a cokehead loser….he is so into himself and he actually hit a woman… HE HIT A WOMAN…. Bubble Boy hit a girl…at a restaurant called Garde Manger…Who seem to think it’s ok to hit a girl…call them and tell them… (514) 678-5044?…to not hit a girl… the restaurant (514) 678-5044?…..complain… His crew was holding him back…..he beats up girls… Love Jesus….Martinez….

(he has since changed it 3 times to the watered down version it reads now) What kind of low life scum of the Earth would ever throw that statement around.  It is pretty clear that you wanted an article and some hits on your lame ass site.  My opinion is that this blogger is lucky that he had body guards there to back him up, or else you would have had to tell everyone that you got a black eye and your ass kicked by a gay cowboy

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