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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Heidi Montag Runs For The Hills

You can say what you want about Lucifer and Lilith, a.k.a Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, but above all they are pretty smart.  Spencer and Heidi made themselves famous and then the fame became to much for Mr. Pratt.

In the smartest move ever, and maybe a dangerous one, Heidi finally decided that she had had enough of Spencer's controlling ways and left her husband of a year and a half. 

Spencer Pratt is a loose cannon these days.  He has suddenly become gun happy and has taken to controlling every aspect of Heidi's life.  He reportedly cut all contact with the outside world, forcing Heidi to stay inside their home.  My biggest concern is that Heidi's departure could trigger the madmen that Spencer has become.  You can literally see the crazy in his eyes.

Of course, this could all be a huge set-up, we are talking about The Hills here.  I can see it now. Spencer will beg for forgiveness and go to celebrity rehab and then they will have a filmed reunion that will air on MTV during a two hour limited commercial special.

However, it is possible that the pain medication finally wore from Heidi's Plastic Surgery Extravaganza and she finally realized what she had signed up for.  I pray that Heidi did see the light and maybe, just maybe I might like her a little more for doing so.  But probably not.

The Week In Review

This week we lost some very important people.  Gary Coleman was someone from my childhood, someone I grew up watching.  No matter what his life turned into, the actor will be missed.  It saddens me deeply as when I first heard the news of his head injury, I feared what would come.

Slipknot bassist Paul Grey also passed away this week, leaving fans in mourning and bringing his band mates out  in support, and plain faced.

And then the week ends with another blow as we lose Dennis Hopper.  Sadly though, anyone who knew Hopper also knew that he didn't have much time left with us.  Someone who has left his touch all over the history of Hollywood, Hopper lived a full and fantastic life.  And now that we have paid tribute, it's time to laugh.

In Scream 4 news, Variety reports that Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin, and Emma Roberts have all signed on for Scream 4.  In related news, Kevin Williamson just sold out and finally killed my favorite movies EVER!

LOST fans around the world waited for the big payoff in the series finale.  For six years, Losties have waited in anticipation for this moment that was about to bestow upon them.  And what happened?  The same thing that happened after you waited all of those years to finally get laid.  Not one motherfuc*en thing.  So if you missed the finale, don't fret.  So did everyone who watched it.

 Lindsay Lohan's court appearance became must see tv after a week of dramatic season finales.  Not only did our favorite party girl manage to get out of going to the big house, where Sam Ronson would have been replaced rather quickly, but Lindsay made SCRAM bracelets have their best week ever.  Teenage girls everywhere are plotting to get them now.  Way to go Lindsay, you big trendsetter you!

American Idol crowned it's ninth Idol this week, Lee Dewyze.  He beat out Crystal Bowersox by only 2% and shocked everyone by taking the title.  Not that the boy isn't good, but Crystal is the next American Idol.  Besides, the whole show was a tribute to the departing Simon Cowell anyway.  And Idol answered the age old question.  How many washed up acts can you get on one stage in two hours.  And let's not forget the guy who came up with the idea to let Paula take the stage after filling her new prescription and hitting the local liquor store.  I thought she was either going to pass out from that tight ass dress or tumble off the damn stage.  Best part was when Abdul would deliver a line she thought was hilarious and then pause for the crowd to laugh....which they never did.  Take a hint!
Megan Fox was kicked out of Transformers 3.  And I mean kicked hard.  To make up for it she has decided to be a bitch to her fiance's Brian Austin Green's baby mama Vanessa Marcil.  And my money is on Vanessa.  Did you watch her on General Hospital?  So Shia will now be lovin' on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as she is his new leading lady in the flicks.

Miley Cyrus decided to be a douche and announce her hatred of Glee.  Honestly, musicals? I just can’t,” the mouthy 17-year-old told Billboard magazine.“What if this was real life and I was just walking down the street on Rodeo Drive and all of a sudden I just burst into song about how much I love shoes?”  Hey Miley, we know it's not real dumbass.  It's called a movie, and acting.  You know, that thing they want you to learn how to do.  I mean come on.

Dennis Hopper Passes Away

Dennis Hopper died today in his home in Venice, California at 74, reports TMZ. The actor was suffering from prostate cancer as of late, and going through a bitter divorce with his wife Patricia, and sources say his family was at his side when he passed.

Dennis Hopper accepts his star on the Walk of Fame earlier this year. (Bauer Griffin)Hopper first revealed his fight against cancer in October. At the ceremony honoring him with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in March, he looked gaunt and weak in an oversized coat and a newsboy cap that shaded his face. In recent court papers, Hopper's doctor said the actor weighed about 100 pounds.

Hopper is best known for his roles in films like Easy Rider and Speed. One of his most famed movies was also Apocolypse Now. Details are starting to emerge about his death and our best wishes go out to his friends and family.

Gossip Boy's Fash Bash

 Clay Aiken
Mavis Beyotch: When did Clay Aiken become a middle aged lesbian?  Sorry, that was probably offensive - to middle aged lesbians.
Zipper Pull: It would seem that Jude has started a trend of flesh colored shoes on pasty men. We all hate to travel, but, come on, you were a famous singer for like 20 minutes, you have a duty to NOT dress like a lesbian nun in public.
Fat Ninja: Overnight bag: check. Comfy shoes for swollen feet: Check. Laptop for solitaire while we wait: check. Ok ma'am, Let's go have this baby!
Gossip Boy: No,

Jenny Wade
 Mavis Beyotch: No puffed sleeves after puberty… unless it’s part of the beer garden’s costume.
Zipper Pull and Fat Ninja were unable to comment on this dress.  Apparently they both got the sudden craving for some Paulie Girl and haven't been seen since.

Mia Michaels
Mavis Beyotch: Trying to channel Flashdance will not bring back the 80s, nor will it give you Jennifer Beals body, my dear
Zipper Pull: I have been waiting a long time to be able to say a few “words” about you. * Yawn * You actually look kind of Ok. Dammit. If you get the cute boys topless a lot on SYTYCD this season, I will back off.
Fat Ninja: OMG! How the hell is Mia Michaels supposed to choreograph this season's SYTYCD when BOTH her ankles are broken? Too much Fat Ninja training?
The Gossip Boy: Does she have a watermelon up there?

Sophia Bush And Austin Nichols
Mavis Beyotch:  Did someone need to outline his pocket so he could find it?  And, Sophia darling, tie-dye went out with the Grateful Dead.  And I’d be grateful if you put that dress out of its misery.
Zipper Pull: Two beards...One pose...Lackluster choices.
Fat Ninja: This whole scene is a nightmare. Undone hair, beards, and evidently, dishevelled is the new black. Fat Ninja needs a stiff one after this mess. Anyone with me?... Austin? ...... Austin? 
Gossip Boy: I am sorry but are we supposed to believe that maybe you pulled a Angelina and Billy Bob and screwed in the limo before arriving?  Slobs.
Vanessa Hudgens
Mavis Beyotch: Why do I always think of a kewpie doll whenever I see this girl?  One who is about 10 minutes away from doing porn.  Maybe because her dress looks like a towel, that will conveniently drop when the pizza delivery guy shows up.  Bow chica bow wow.
Zipper Pull: Well to her credit, her legs are crossed 
Gossip Boy: For once
Fat Ninja: When walking the red carpet for LG night of Fashion, shouldn't a girl go from shower to wardrobe? Not shower straight to event still with a wet head and wrapped in a towel? 
Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham
Mavis Beyotch:These two are so tragic in every possible way that it just makes me want to weep.  Silently. Into a very large martini.  With a well muscled young gentleman gently wiping away the tears.  I need a moment now.
Zipper Pull: Becks has had so much botox, she is literally tuning into a needle. Cute little dress though, she owns it. Eva on the other hand looks like she GOT owned. By a band of pissed off stylists and make-up artists. Looks like Vick introduced her to Sharon Needles.
Fat Ninja: First of all, Kim Kardashian lost weight AND height. How the hell is she holding up drunk Vicki B who is now so thin her napkin dress has had to be gathered and stapled to her abdomen and vagina? Fat Ninja say NO!

 Sarah Jessica Parker
Mavis Beyotch: Will someone remind me why people think this woman has taste and/or style?  I’ve seen more attractive straitjackets
Zipper Pull: So, I know this a couture piece, I know it took 100's of hours to make, I know you have choices as well. But, really, this 80's prom throwback is the best you could do? Did you lose a bet with Rachel Zoe???
Fat Ninja: When starvation diets just don't shed all those unsightly pounds, get the bodice of your dress designed to look like your skeleton and voila - I'm a SKINNY BITCH!
Gossip Boy: For one, you cannot wear a dress like that when one has to wonder if that is your bra or a belt.  Are they doing a Beetlejuice remake?
 Jessica Simpson
Mavis Beyotch: I have two questions:  where did her breasts go and do those flaps serve any purpose at all?  It takes a fine mind to figure the thing to add to a curvy body is useless bits of fabric.
Zipper Pull: Okay a 3peat offender, so I will give 3 responses, pick your favorite. A)Judy Jetson called, she wants her dress back B)Exactly how uncomfortable are you poor boobies?? The poor things look like they are in a vice. C)At least your NOT wearing Lea Michelle on your shoulder this time.
Fat Ninja: After trying her hand at every music genre on earth over the past decade, JSimp is going to see if she can top the Outer Space Charts in the future. LG is sponsoring the red carpet walk to her Time Machine Rocket Ship. Bon Voyage!!
Gossip Boy: She is giving up Hollywood to be a stewardess. I want my peanuts, Bitch.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who Should Be The New Spiderman?

Meet the men who could play Spider-Man (exclusive)

Even as Alvin Sargent rewrites the script for Columbia’s rebooted “Spider-Man,” director Marc Webb has been ensnaring actors in his web in his search for the new Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man.
Webb has been meeting and reading actors quietly for several months, but the list has narrowed in the past week or two. No screen tests have been conducted at this early stage (though it will be a requirement), and insiders point out that the director and studio are still on the lookout.

The candidates for the web-slinger include:
  Jamiebell -- Jamie Bell: The 24-year-old English actor, repped by WME and Artists Independent Management, who made his film debut playing the title character in “Billy Elliot,” has been doing the proper British actor thing in period movies such as “Nicholas Nickleby” and “Jane Eyre” (he’s also appeared in Hollywood movies such as Peter Jackson’s “King Kong” and Ed Zwick’s “Defiance”). More important, he’s already stepped into the comics world by portraying Tintin in Jackson and Steven Spielberg’s “The Adventures of Tintin” movie, which won’t hit screens until December 2011. 

-- Alden Ehrenreich: The Los Angeles-born 20-year-old has a juicy backstory, having been “discovered” by Spielberg, who saw a comedy video starring Ehrenreich at a bat mitzvah of his daughter’s friend. A couple of TV appearances followed, but the actor’s next big leap came when he was cast by Francis Ford Coppola in 2009’s “Tetro.” He is repped by WME.
-- Frank Dillane: The 19-year-old Brit’s main credit is last year’s “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” where he played a young Tom Riddle. Is a minor role in a “Potter” film a good springboard for a mega-franchise? It worked for Robert Pattinson. 

-- Andrew Garfield: The L.A.-born actor had a short stint on a BBC TV series called “Sugar Rush” but gained notices for playing a young reporter in a gritty British TV movie trilogy titled “Red Riding.” The 27-year-old appeared in “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” and will be seen in David Fincher’s movie about Facebook, “The Social Network.” He is repped by CAA and the Collective.
Josh_Hutcherson -- Josh Hutcherson: The youngest actor of the bunch -- he turns 18 this year -- is also the one with the most experience. The past six years alone have seen the Kentucky-born kid rack up credits with key roles in Jon Favreau’s “Zathura,” drama “Bridge to Terabithia” and the upcoming “Red Dawn” remake. He appears in the Sundance hit “The Kids Are All Right,” which insider buzz suggests could be an Oscar contender, and starred with Brendan Fraser in “Journey to the Center of the Earth.”
Hutcherson, repped by ICM and Beddingfield, just signed on to star in the “Journey” sequel, and that movie could prove a fly in the ointment if the actor’s schedule collides with “Spider-Man.” (Though you can bet every effort would be made to make it work.)

The group of actors seems to fall in line with what Webb has been looking to do with his take on Spider-Man, which is to cast relative unknowns in a story that roots Parker back in high school. The movie will be an angst-ridden tale of a teen dealing with the knowledge that his uncle died even though he had the power to stop it.

Columbia wants to begin production by year’s end, but Webb and the studio are taking their time choosing the actor while Sargent gets the script in spider-shape.

A Columbia spokesperson did not comment on the casting process, saying “There have been a number of names floated online and almost every week, someone calls with a new rumor. We are not commenting on the casting process or rumors such as these.”
- Borys Kit


In Case You Missed It

Last night tragedy struck the American Idol stage when a train wreck named Paula Abdul got past security and tried to be funny, once again. I've said it before and I will say it again. It's like on the holidays when you have that one aunt who drinks just a little too much and suddenly thinks that she is a stand up comic. I wish I could hear the applause and laughter Paula must have heard in her head.

Jesse James Invites You To His Pity Party

Jesse James has been appearing all over the television lately, giving interviews to some of pretty reputable reporters.  His face has popped up all over the Internet under some headline which contains some sort of pain that he suffered as a child.  He has pretty much begun leading the pity parade, hoping that after you hear his turmoil you would forget that he couldn't keep his dick in his pants.

"I never got to be a kid," Jesse whined during an interview.  Jesse claims that his father allegedly abused him as a young child.  I am in no way saying that Jesse is dramatizing anything about the abuse.  I am calling him a coward for using that as a defense.

Life sucks, Jesse!  Shit happens and you have to learn how to deal with it.  You cannot say that you are who you are because of your past, you have to learn how to say you are who you are in spite of your shitty childhood.  You cannot let the past control you and when you wanna lash out whip it out as a defense.  Do you think that because you had bad shit happen to you that it evens out what you did to Sandy?

Your father may have beat you psychically, but you need to realize you did the exact same thing to Sandy.  You just didn't use your hands to do it.  I do not care how much you sob on television, how much you try to convince us that you are dealing with your past, nothing that you can do will ever make you the victim in this story.  Not only did you break a woman who has pure sunlight running through her veins, you broke up a family that you had both planned for before it even got off the ground.

Instead of explaining to America why you did what you did, take a page from you soon-to-be-ex wife's book.  Who the shit cares if we feel sorry for you more than her, we are not the ones that you claim you want to spend the rest of your life with.  Go to her, cry to her, because the only fluid I want to see come out of your body right now is blood from Sandra smacking the living fuck out of your dumbass.


Click the links for a laugh!

Maybe if you cut your effin hair, you could see!

The stupidest move that Disney has made since it planted the slut tree that Miley Cyrus grew on 

Anyone know where Spencer Pratt was last night?

Another sign that Armageddon is near

 Well doesn't this make things a little more interesting?

He seems like a Carrie to me

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear Gossip Boy,
I am loving your blinds! Screw the haters who say that you are copying Ted's style, it makes it easier for us to figure them out.  So here is my question, is Delusional Dorothy Leighton Meester?

Leighton is not Delusional Dorothy in any respect.  She has a good head on her shoulders and doesn't get caught up in drama.

Hey there Gossip Boy!
If found your site recently, and boy, do you sure have interesting things to say!  Now, my dear Gossip Boy, your a famous actor, but does the public know you're gay?  Also, I am a huge fan of Ted Casablanca's blind vices, do you know who Toothy Tile is? Hope to here from ya soon!

Thanks for coming to the site! Hope you enjoy it.  I am a fan of Ted's too, he is one of a kind.  I am sure we all have our suspicions and theories on Toothy.  And no, the "public" doesn't know I'm gay.  One day though.....

Dear GB,
First of all - love your blog and read it every day! My question is: Are Rainbow Dark Justin Timberlake and Sunshine, Jessica Biel? ;-)
xoxo, Nini
Thanks, Doll! Everyday is the only way to enjoy The Gossip Boy.  No, Justin and Jessie are not RD and Sunnie.  Pretty damn close in an age range though.
Dear GB,
What's up with Taylor Kitsch? He's such a cutie and yet he's so underrated. Does he have any naughty blind vices out there? Or his he like Kellan Lutz and just amazing? 
Ms Kelz Y
Ms K,
Taylor is the Taylor to keep your eye on.  Mark my words, this guy is going to be huge.  He is the name on everyone's lips at all the major studios.  As far as I can tell, TK is a pretty decent guy who just likes to have some fun. 
Dear GB:
Since we all know that Friday night is the black hole of television, any thoughts on why the CW would move Supernatural to that night? I thought they were doing so well in ratings this past season. I cant see the show lasting more then one or two more season anyway, but this seems like they are deliberately throwing it away.
Sad Deangirl

Dear SD,
CW paired it with the senior citizen Smallville, which we already know will be ending after next season.  There is a good chance that this may as well be Supernatural's last season.  Though, I'm sure the guys are down for another.  Neither one has branched off yet, which makes them both pretty nervous.  That foursome is one messed up bunch if you ask me.

Hey GB hope things are well with you and yours =)
I have 2 questions if thats ok?
1) Have you ever voiced a character in a cartoon, movie or otherwise?
2) What happened with BMB? did he acknowledge you giving him a heads up?
take care and keep on truckin babe!!

BMB did thank me for the head's up.  Nothing was even required, just didn't want him to be played.  Trolls are annoying, as we all know. 

You recently confirmed that Alex was one of your blind items.  Is this blind about Alex and Kate?

I'm a long time lurker and a recent twitter follower.  Love your site!  I stumbled across commentary for the new season 2 True Blood DVD that made me giggle.  Alexander Skarsgard talks candidly about his "bromance" with actor Michael McMillian
 "Alex: This was our first night working together, and we kinda had a little bromance there. We found each other that night, and started hanging out a lot. And he’s actually my date to this awards show the day after tomorrow. So, he’s one of my best friends now. This was our first moment together. He’s an amazing guy.
Stephen: I’ve got a fantastic photograph of you two on those stairs. You’re both kind of smiling at me like you’re lovers."
Sorry for the long-winded email! 

Thanks so much, and cheers!
You are a true detective. But no, that is not the blind about Kate and Alex. It's a little more revealing.
Dear Gossip Boy, 
I have a couple questions regarding you.
1) Do you have a six pack?
and 2) George Clooney. What's your take of him (have you met?). aka, if I approached him in the street and asked him to hug me, would he a) freak out, b)tell me to eff off, c) ignore me or d) ... hug me? 
AND ONE MORE. Is there a possibility I have a shirtless poster of you on my wall? 
xoxo Semack
I think I drank one or two, so it's probably a four pack.  And George Clooney stays out of the public eye for many reasons.  I'd go with E, smile and walk away.  That's if you get past his security.  It's Clooney for Pete's sakes.
The blind about the video of two costars caught kissing at a party. Everyone was assuming that was J2 - but did I imagine it, or did you 'not' them in a tweet? If you did, I'm puzzled now as to who it could be. The reason peeps assumed it was J2 (apart from the fact that they want it to be them) was that the item was salted with 'Supernatural' clues. They were very obvious, so unless they were deliberate misdirection, it really had to be someone on SPN. So come on, spill - just who was Bobby Singer kissing up against a wall in the shadows? Castiel? Zachariah? Inquiring (and dirty) minds want to know!! ;-P 
You are correct, it wasn't Jensen or Jared.  Was not aware it had Supernatural clues in it.  As for Bobby Singer....ew?
Dear Gossip Boy:
 Is it just me or have you noticed that one particular gossip site has been posting the majority of the photos of Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth's not so secret getaway to his hometown? Not only that, but has been posting photographs of her at any event she shows up at or anytime she notices there's a camera is in range? (what, are they on her payroll or something?)
Thanks! Love ya GB!
It's not just you.
Is Christian Darko Kanye West?  That seems to be the popular guess. Love YOU!

CD is not Kanye West.  Christian is less of a douche, publicly anyway.  
 Gossip Boy,
I am hooked on you and your gossip. Keep it up!  Have a question about Sunshine.  Is it Misha Barton?  
Sorry love. Close but no cigar. Keep it up, you are warm though.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lee Dewyze Wins American Idol

Lee Dewyze wins American Idol 2010, shocking America who had favored Crystal Bowersox! There was a less than 2% difference in the votes!!!
Good thing Ellen is starting her own label.

What Happened To 50 Cent?

50 Cent is on a mission to be thought of as an actor of substance, and in those attempts he managed to lose 54 pounds for his current role. 

He went from weighing 214 to 160 for his lead role in the new movie Things Fall Apart. The movie centers around a football player who dies from Cancer.
The film was inspired by a friend of 50’s who actually died from the disease and 50 is credited as the writer as well.

The rapper committed to a three-hour-a-day treadmill walks for nine weeks and a liquid diet.

Now that production is over, 50 is bulking back up and is getting ready to go on tour.  He is said to be eating everything that he has missed and loving every minute of it.

Meet The Sex And The City 2 Hunk

Noah Mills is the new hunk that is setting hearts aflutter in the Sex And The City 2 movie, playing the latest love interest of Kim Cattrall's Samantha.

Due to the fact that he will be involved in sex scenes with resident slut Samantha, you can expect too see Mr. Mills in a very hot nude scene.  Sadly though it is just his ass.  However, judging from the look of his swimming trunks in the picture above, it's either very cold or there is a reason he isn't pulling a Giles Marini.

The model turned actor is from Baltimore, MD and is single.