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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear GB,
Where have you been? We have missed you and I am beginning to wonder if you haven't given up on us! Please come back soon, I'll do anything!

Someone has to make the money in this family. But I'm back, now let's discuss what you are willing to do.....

Gossip Boy,
Since you've been gone a lot has happened, but one thing that hasn't occurred is the break-up of A.Skars and K.Bos. Is there an end in sight or has this hot hook-up turned into the real thing?

Trust me, this is the calm before the storm.  Soon they will be shoved down our throats once again, but I doubt there will be wedding bells in the future.  Then again, who would have thought Tom Cruise would ever pay Katie enough to marry him?

You totally called the Megan Fox and BAG wedding to cover the fact that his ex was getting married.  Even though Megan beat Vanessa Marcil down the aisle, which marriage do you see lasting longer? Come back soon!

I think that both marriages will last long, but for different reasons.

Dear GB,
I have two questions for you. I'm just inquisitive. How many people ( i.e. celebrities, publicists, agents) in Hollywood read your blog? I feel like you must be talked about out there. And, how many people know your true identity?
I'm not sure if anyone in HW actually reads the blog.  I heard some talk about it one day from some people at CA, but that was it. Only a few know who I really am, and then you have the ones who think that they know.
Dear GB:
First off, I'm a huge fan and want to thank you for all your work. 
My question is about Matt Bomer...what do you think of him? Have you checked out Whit Collar? Did you ever meet him/work with him/something else (ahem!) with him? What do you think of his back-tracking, closet-wise?
Thanks! Keep up the great work. And don't sweat the small stuff.

I met Matt once back in his soap opera days and I think that he is just an actor who is serious about his work and doesn't feel the need to fit any stereo-type.  I don't think he back-tracked, just let it be known that he doesn't care about the rumors. He is a pretty decent guy, just not that entertaining.

Hi GB,
So glad you are back - we all missed you (we seriously did) very much!
I have two questions for tomorrow's "Dear GB":
1. What's going on with Rainbow Dark and Sunshine? What have they been up to lately? Did they break-up or did they finally get married? ;)
2. So......did Delusional Dorothy actually hook up with the public figure she was interested in? Again, what has she been up to lately?
Many thanks and tons of hugs from Toronto!
Rainbow Dark and Sunshine have come to an agreement that allows them both to get what they want.  If I told you what it was, you would know who they were, so I will keep that to myself.  Let's just say that Sunshine is calling the shots now and RD is not really in the public eye these days.  As for Dorothy, she seems to have moved on, but I hear that it was only after a couple of late night meetings with Mr. Public.

Dear Gossipboy,
Since I am a mother, I'd like to know your take on the current crop of Disney stars (Miranda Cosgrove, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, etc). I've already had to ban Miley from my t.v. but what about the kids on other shows? Are any of them scandal free enough to allow my children to become fans?
A. Mother

I wouldn't worry too much about the remaining Disney kids.  Since you already banned this generation's Britney I think that you are okay.  Although you may want to keep an eye on Demi.  I would recommend her old bff Selena instead.  Selena walked away for a reason.

Hey, GB, 
What do you think of True Blood getting a best drama nod, but Alex Skarsgard not getting a supporting actor nomination?  I think it's ridiculous.  He was the reason season two popped the way it did.  He stole every scene he was in and he and Allan Hyde made the Godric story very moving.  It wasn't Maryann who got the audience hooked and the critics interested!  Nor, frankly, was it Bill or Sookie.  I think Alex deserved the nod.  
I'm sorry but I do not agree.  Yes Alexander should have received a nomination considering that if you Eric and Alex are complete opposites and anyone that can pull of that deserves an award.  However, Maryann scared the living gay out of me and I am sorry, she is the reason for season 2 popping.

What is going on with Jensen and Jared now that they are married? Is Danneel really running the show?

Jensen and Jared aren't as close as they once were, but rest assured.  I'm sure the two men still love each other and they still spend a lot of time together.  Now only if they can get their wives to get along I am sure that it will go a lot more smoothly.