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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Morning Blind

Rise and shine my little gossipers.  I hope that this early Saturday blind doesn't find you hungover.  Any true party boy or girl can drink like a fish and appear at Saturday morning brunch looking as if they just returned from a holiday.

Much like Jager Bender and his flock of friends.  J.B is the the ring leader in this group of up and comers.  The group opts for private house parties instead of the usual paparazzi laced venues.  Since J.B is a tad more famous, the parties tend to take place at his luscious digs.  Only a select few are even aware of these parties, never more than 15 guests.  From actors and actresses, to writers and comediennes, the guest list read like the credits to a summer blockbuster.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blake Lively Goes For The Gold

In the blink of an eye, Blake Lively has dominated the attention of all the right people.  From dating Leo to the so-called fake nude photo's being leaked, girl has been working it right.

The fact that Blake and Leonardo DiCaprio began dating didn't really seem to shocking.  We all know Leo's type, and Blake fits it perfectly.  As for Blake, well we have seen how the girl has stars in her eyes and Leo's fits her need for that.  I don't think that Leo knew just quite what he was getting himself into with Ms. Lively.  The elusive bachelor is suddenly being spotted everywhere he goes.  Why you ask? Let's discuss.

The Gaga Conspiracy Theory

Not long ago, there was a blind item somewhere regarding a female celebrity who had a friend, or sister, dress up as them and managed to fool many a paparazzi.

Most blinds aren't really that blind to me, but this one got me curious.  In my head, the only celebrity that would be able to pull that off would be The Queen Monster herself.  With her outlandish outfits and often face covering gear, it wouldn't be hard to have someone cover for you when you are not feeling up to it.