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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cupid Strikes Again Blind Item

We all know about Rainbow Dark and how he crushed Justin Case.  And we all know how Justin moved on to Rock Jock and tried to make him leave Black Sheep.

If you have all of that straight or need a cheat sheet, just catch up and read some past blinds.

In the time that I have been gone, Justin and Rock's little fling stopped and Rock attempted to salvage his relationship with Black Sheep.  However, Rock was at an event one night and met Rainbow Dark.  The two hit it off, and not in the hot sex kinda way.  More in the love at first sight way.

RD's other half, Sunshine, and Black Sheep were both finally fed up with their cheating men and let the both loose. Sunshine is still longing for the days of Bang Bang Thunder while Black Sheep is steps away from Playboy.

Now RD and RJ are hot and heavy and trying to keep it out of the public eye, while poor Justin is once again left alone.

Wonder what everyone would say to see RD with a much younger RJ?

Rock Jock Is Not:
Mark Saling
Taylor Lautner

Rainbow Dark Is Not:
Alec Baldwin
Bradley Cooper
Ryan Gosling