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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Ice Queen Cometh

It's been many years since Hollywood has encountered a woman so deceitful, so vengeful that she is willing to walk over anyone to get what she wants.

Meet the Ice Queen.  She's been in town for a number of years, but has just recently seen her hard work pay off.  The stunning woman cannot help be be linked up to any guys she shares a hello with, yet plays it coy and innocent.  Don't they all?

You see, the Ice Queen and I go back a bit.  She and McHottie are old friends, and may have actually be linked together in the past, for bearding purposes only.  But even though McHottie and I went our separate ways, Ice Queen and I stayed close.  That is until she discovered the her new found single status could work in her favor.

She tagged along with me to a party one night and left with a huge movie role.  As I marveled at how she scored such a gig in one evening, she mentioned that the married man who gave her the role liked it that she took it in the ass in the bathroom for him.

The night of her mother's birthday, Ice Queen was coked up in a hotel room with the same A-List name.  He was her co-star, so maybe it was research.

But to top it all off, Ice Queen ended up with a bun in her oven.  Who's it was was anyone's guess.  Well except Scruffy St.Duck, the married man.  Ice quickly took care of the problem, there was no way she was throwing it all away now.

Ice has turned on all of her former friends and co-stars.  She has talked all over town at how her ex-boyfriend had an eye for the guys and liked to cuddle more than have sex.  She even dissed a family member who might have got a bit part in her film because she didn't want to share the spotlight.

Ice Queen is working hard to stay in her throne before she is ousted.  She knows that her window is very small, and she is determined to become the next Julia Roberts.  Someone should tell her that Pretty Woman was a movie and that's not how Julia really got started.

Ice Queen Isn't:

McHottie Isn't:
Scruffy St.Duck Isn't

Does Supernatural Need An Exorcism?

 Supernatural has been a favorite among my readers and my haters for a long time now.  With the help of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, the show has managed to stay on the air for six seasons.  Even when CW stuck it on Friday nights, usually the death of a show, Supernatural gained viewers.

But after six seasons, some might wonder if the show has run it's course.  How many more times can we see Dean or Sam die?  The story in the beginning of season six left a lot to be desired, but I must admit that the second half did garner some praise.  Even I have to say that my favorite episode was the alternate universe and it was largely due to Genevieve Padalecki.  Some say that they fully expect CW to renew Supernatural for a seventh season, while others say that some of the stars might want out.

Some sources say that there has been a lot of tension on the set this season, some bigger attitudes and some new faces.  All in which, didn't mesh well for a good working environment. Others say that even though things seemed a little out of place, it was an adjustment period and that's always an awkward time.

The once inseparable Jared and Jensen are rarely spending time together anymore.  They are both married now, and some say that their distance in real life has affected their on-screen chemistry.  They have both signed on for another season, but to be perfectly honest, what else were they going to do?

Jensen has a starring role in My Bloody Valentine that he thought might actually get him out there.  Unfortunately, that was in 2008 and he has only done voice over work since.  Also, Jared tried his hand at horror flicks and starred in the 2009 remake of Friday The 13th.  Again, nothing since.

I am not bad mouthing the guys, not this time.  But I think that if Supernatural is going to make is another season, it needs completely overhauled.  New blood, new ideas.  If I have to go a week without seeing Misha Collins and those kissable lips, I might just have to roam the streets of NYC calling out for Cass.

Buffy Alums Return To Television

Get ready Buffy fans....some of your favs are returning to television!

Anthony Stewart Head, a.k.a Rupert Giles, will return to U.S television to reprise his role in the U.S adaption of Free Agents for NBC.

The show is a single camera, romantic comedy focusing on two co-workers who are both on the rebound.  The cast is already set with some hilarious people, Hank Azaria, Kathryn Hahn and Mo Mandel. Although Giles is only set to appear in the pilot, he does have the series option shall he choose to continue to grace us with his presence here in the U.S. In other words, if it is good he will stay.  If not he is hopping back over the pond.  He has a reputation to uphold, and not much compares to Buffy.

Eliza Dushku is joining Damon Waynes on CBS's new sports radio show.  No other details have really been released.  If you remember, Eliza was set to star in TNT's Bird Dog, but dropped out after only a week.

And I am sure we all know that Buffy Summers herself is finally returning to television after taking time off to start a family with husband Freddie Prinze JrSarah Michelle Gellar is starring in CBS's Ringer, about a woman on the run who decides to stay hidden by living the life of her rich twin sister.  But then she discovers her sister's life is in danger as well.  The sexy Kristoffer Polaha plays the love interest of the wealthy twin, though he's married to her BFF.  

Michael Vartan Gets Hitched

After meeting in the parking lot of Wholefoods and dating for 2 years, Michael Vartan and Lauren Skaar have tied the knot.  Michael's Alias co-star Victor Garber was a groomsman.

Vartan looked dapper in two button Giorgio Armani tuxedo with a classic white pique tuxedo shirt and black bow tie.  Lauren rocked the hell out of a Vera Wang dress that she actually sent to L'atelier Couture, a bridal shop in Saint Paul, Minn. They converted what was once a one shoulder gown into a strapless dress with a gorgeous sweetheart neckline. Lauren also added an Oscar de la Renta belt that was detailed with mother of pearl and topped off with Swarovski crystals.

The theme of the event  was "evening spring."  And I am not one for weddings with a theme, but from what I've heard, it was breath-taking.  The two are not able to go on a honeymoon due to Vartan's role on Hawthorne but I say wait three months.  If you are still married it will make the honeymoon even better.

Penis Monday

We searched high and low for a nice cock short to start off your week.  And this is the biggest dick we found.........

Since his enablers are turning on him and booing him off stage during his recent "comedy tour," we hope that reality might kick in.  It's over, Sheen.  Pack it up and ship 'er out.

Katie Couric Signing Off For Good?

Katie Couric is signing out of CBS Evening News to supposedly launch a talk show in 2012.  Katie was the first woman to solely anchor an evening newscast, but her ratings plummeted after her initial hiring.  Once the fanfare died down, Couric slipped into third place in the ratings, not really satisfying to anyone.

Though no last air date has been announced as of yet, it's well known that Couric's contact expires on June 4th.  Here's hoping her talk show works out or Meredith Viera had better watch her back.  Then again, Viera is from The View and if anyone knows how to fight, those cats do.