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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Type O Negative Lead Singer Found Dead

Peter Steele is the lead singer of the band Type O Negative died at the age of 48 . His real name is Peter J. Ratajczyk and was the lead singer and bassis of the band Type O Negative.
It is a heavy metal band from Brooklyn New York who's dramatic lyrical themes of romance, depression and death was popular among the heavy metal crowd.

The lead singer's death is believed to be caused by heart failure Wednesday, April 14, 2010. The other member of the band namely Kenny Hickey is the one who reported about Peter Steele’s death. This is not the first time that Peter Steele is reported as dead, he was also rumored dead in 2005.  This is a link in case you have never heard of Type O Negative.

He did a Playgirl centerfold in 1995 displaying his sexy body.  Below are some images of the late sexy rocker and also my attempt to make up for missing Penis Monday and Hump Day Humper.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chace Crawford Drops Out of Footlose

It has been reported that Chace Crawford has apparently dropped out of the lead role of Ren McCormick in the remake of the classic Footloose.  This movie has had a string of bad luck and has completely changed since Crawford first signed on, replacing Zac Efron.

Director Kenny Ortega had left the project due to his work on the Michael Jackson film This Is It. After that the studio abandoned the recent rewrite from Erin Brockovich screenwriter Susannah Grant and replaced it  with one by Hustle & Flow writer/director Craig Brewer.  As of today, they still do not have a director.  The only thing that this movie does have is a dancer from a reality show that has a country CD out.  Sorry but Julianne Hough is not enough for this movie that no one really wanted to see to begin with.

The studio behind the movie, Paramount, is looking to fill the role with an unknown, even considering a nationwide cast call. ho would you like to see as Ren?  Do you even want a Footloose remake?

He-Man Returns

Columbia Pictures has hired the screenwriters behind Predators, Mike Finch and Alex Litvak, for Masters of the Universe, it’s feature adaptation of ’80s warrior hero He-Man.

No details have yet been released on the plot or whether this incarnation will be live-action or animated, however the film will focus on Prince Adam and his ability to transform into the sword-wielding hero He-Man (”By the power of Grayskull!”) to battle his arch nemesis Skeletor.

According to THR’s Heat Vision blog, the biggest challenge in pitching their take was finding a story that makes the fantasy world of Eternia appear cinematic to the studio while still receiving story approval from Mattel, who owns the rights and has proven to be difficult to please.  The Mattel property was previously set up at Warner Bros, but ultimately fell apart after years in development due to creative differences over the vision.  Who do you think should be He-Man?  My vote is for Jared Padalecki or Jason Lewis.  Leave your suggestions in the comments.

This included Grayskull, a Lord of the Rings style epic confrontation of good and evil written by Justin Marks, as well as several other drafts from different screenwriters.  John Stevenson (Kung Fu Panda) was set to bring the live-action story to the screen before Warner Bros put the project in turnaround.  Columbia picked it up in September 2009.
Apart from Fox’s Predators sequel, Finch and Litvak sold Medieval for $800,000 (against $1.6M) last year, which courted directors McG and Rob Cohen before falling through.

I grew up a HUGE fan of He-Man and even watched Shera after it was revealed as his long lost sister.  Many of you may remember the Masters Of The Universe film that was released in 1987.  The live action film starred Dolph Lundgren as the warrior He-Man and co-starred Chelsea Field and a young Courtney Cox, along with the woman who ended up laying Courtney's mother on Friends, Christina Pickles as Sorceress.

Im excited with the talk of this becoming a new Lord Of The Rings, a movie franchise that never got my attention.  If they plan on making Eternia a new world and a whole new franchise, sign me up.

Jake Gyllenhaal Covers GQ

Jake Gyllenhaal suits up in a J.Crew shirt and Prada suit for the May 2010 issue of GQ magazine. Here are some choice quotes from the 29-year-old Prince of Persia actor:

On working with Heath Ledger: “He was very sensitive. He didn’t always have a sense of performance in his everyday life. He knew who he was. I think actors very often, they know how to present something, and that’s part of their job. I think he was just really sensitive. We often used to do a lot of things together, because people were very interested in him and I think we felt safe together.”

On his experience filming Brokeback Mountain: “There was something magical in that time. We all slept in our trailers out by a trailer park in the first month of making that movie. I was sleeping next to Ang’s trailer; Ang’s trailer was next to Heath and Michelle’s trailer—they’d kind of moved in together. And Michael Hausman, the producer, brought his Airstream trailer down. And it was just us, by this river, for a month. And we would walk to set, and we would eat together, and we would make coffee in the morning, and I would wake up in the morning and there would be Ang Lee doing Tai Chi outside of my trailer, and it was just magical.”

On how Heath’s death affected him: “I don’t really like talking about it. That period of time was…it was difficult. He was very sensitive. He didn’t always have a sense of performance in his everyday life. He knew who he was. I think actors very often, they know how to present something, and that’s part of their job. I think he was just really sensitive. We often used to do a lot of things together, because people were very interested in him and I think we felt safe together. Even when we did Brokeback and stuff, it was like my work was the only thing that mattered to me. It was like I could only understand or define myself through doing that. Life, I didn’t totally understand. And I think I was afraid of life. And I had success in my work, enough success that you could keep going back there. But after that happened…I think I recognized that it was work. And I recognized that this is for real.”
On his life as a single man: “It’s…it’s okay.… It goes in either direction. I think it’s important for every man to find the right woman and every woman to find the right man.… Who am I to say what the most important thing in life is? The best answer I could give to any of those things is that I really don’t know. Particularly right now in my life.”

On his parents’ divorce: “I think it takes a lot of courage for my parents to make the decision that they made, and I I trust both of them and their outlook on life. They’re wonderful parents to me and my sister.”

Brother-in-law Peter Sarsgaard on a fight he and Jake had, causing them not to speak for ten days: “The nice thing is, for Jake, he doesn’t see having any argument as something that ruins a relationship. He sees it as something that could potentially help one. That’s something I learned from him. I’m extremely close with him. He’s basically my brother.”

Peter further points out, in extolling Jake’s virtues, how unusual he is: “It’s a very difficult thing—or it has been over the course of my life—for me to have respect for people like Jake, who are not self-destructive, who are positive. There are very few actors who have that quality. I go [sighs], ‘Ohhhh, motherf–ker just wants to live—f–k him.’ and my thesis with Jake is that it is genuine. He is not doing it to be more popular and more successful, it is actually who he is.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Glee Covers TV Guide

With the return of Glee tomorrow night, I hope all of my readers have caught up, you know who you are.  They are gracing the covers everywhere these days and this TV guide cover is the latest.

How funny is Sue in her Madonna garb?

– On her early memories of Madonna, Lea Michele remembers attending Madonna’s Drowned World Tour three times and styling her hair like Miss Ciccone when attending Bat Mitzvahs.
–Matthew Morrison recalls: “I wasn’t a big fan of Madonna; never got into it. As a heterosexual guy, she didn’t have much impact on my life.”
–Chris Colfer: “I was not allowed to listen to Madonna when I was younger.” “My mother and grandmother had all the CDs but didn’t want me to hear about sex.”
Mark Saling grew up in a strict Christian home in the South: “Madonna was considered the she-devil.”
–  Jane Lynch recalls “sitting at a bar all drunk on Long Island ice teas watching her ‘Material Girl’ video and thinking, ‘How Ballsy.’ ”
– Also pictured on the cover Dianna Agron, Jenna Ushkowitz and Amber Riley.


Jensen Ackles Can Make Your Bed Rock


I know that I have been missing in action lately and I send my sincerest apologies.  Soon things will be back to the thing I refer to as normal and the blog will be back to it's old self.

In the recent poll, readers voted Jensen Ackles as the one who they think could rock their bed the most.  Out of  a list of guys who I hear are um...good at some things, not so good at other, Jensen was the one you believed would make your legs quiver for a day or so.

What is it about Mr. Ackles that makes hearts skip a beat?  The rippled body he keeps under wraps?  The deep voice that comes out of that sexy mouth?  Granted I would lick whip cream off any part of his body but what is it everyone else sees?