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Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Playboy Club Gets Nude

The Parent Television Council is at it again, this time it has NBC in it's target.  Must have been a slow week for the PTC.

Their problem lies with NBC requiring the cast of their new show, The Playboy Club, to sign nudity clauses in their contracts.  It's NBC people! You think Eddie Cibrian is just gonna wave his dick across the screen?

However, the TV Supervisors claim that NBC is crossing a line in distinguishing network television programs from ones that you would see on HBO or Showtime.

"During last year's public comment period for the Comcast/NBC merger, the PTC called on the FCC to ‘force Comcast to stipulate that it absolutely will not use the public airwaves to distribute pornographic material…the public interest demands no less.’ NBC now says it will air a pilot with ‘Playboy’ in its name and the production company is requiring performers to sign a nudity clause -- something virtually unheard of for broadcast TV," said PTC president Tim Winter.

I understand their point, I really do. However, I am sure it will be on later at night and with a cast like Eddie Cibrian, Jenna Dewan, and Wes Ramsey, how can you NOT want nudity?!?

Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn Go The Distance

Scarlett Johansson is fresh off of her divorce from Ryan Reynolds, a favorite around these parts.  We all know that in December, the couple suddenly divorce after two years of the most private marriage HW has ever seen.

However, some say that the reason they seemed so private is because they never saw each other.  And since they never saw each other, the marriage quickly crumbled.

Old news, right?  But we all know the number on reason long distance relationships do not work.  The wandering eye.  And while some people point the finger at Ryan and his friendship with Sandra Bullock as mysterious, my sources are saying that Scarlett was the one who couldn't keep her dress around her knees.

This is the girl who had hot elevator sex with a certain celebrity, I mean what did Ryan think.  And now along comes Sean Penn.  A one night stand that has seemingly turned in a relationship.  Sources are saying that when the couple attended the blond tramps wedding over the weekend, Penn and Johansson were an actual couple.

Old news, right? One should really investigate the first time Scarlett visited Mr. Penn.  The REAL first time.....

My advice to Scarlett, you had better slow down.  I know you like older men, but they are taking a toll on you.  You are only 26! You look a hell of a lot older than me and I am only ....well.  You look rough, girl!

Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz: Round 2

Looks like we can dance, dance at the news of Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson deciding to give their marriage another try. 

They couple separated a couple of months ago, not really stating reason why. Word on the street is that Peter Pan got a little fed up with Tinkerbell's partying ways.  Seems Ashlee was mourning her old life of freedom and fame and finding many ways to take her mind off things.  Of course these are clearly rumors and probably hold no truth whatsoever.

I am just happy that their little son Bronx Mogli will grow up with his parents in the same house.  It will make it easier when he finally gives it to them fr his weird ass name.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mini Blinds

1- What new couple reportedly got carried away in a NYC restaurant yesterday?  As other patrons watched, they groped and pawed at each other like teenagers.  Which they are the total opposite of!!  As he went to the bathroom, witnesses were shocked to see her follow seconds later.  They both returned moments later flushed and she clearly had "sex hair."  I'm all for love, but after a certain age take it back to the home!

2-This A list actor ran to his favorite diner, but got there after they closed.  The staff recognized him and opened the doors and fed him until his 6 pack turned into a keg.  Our older actor was so happy he tipped each employee with a hundred dollar bill for their troubles.

3-One of the most famous names right now is  tearing up NYC with his late night parties and his visit']s to a certain cruising spot.  The actor dines as ABC Kitchen and then walks through Union Square where he either picks up a bag of weed or an admiring fan who is willing to go down on him.  You may wonder how such a big name can do this, but with a hoodie and shades he is pretty unrecognizable.  And gays seem to have a fetish for anonymity.

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