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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Blue Crush Returns

8 years after the original, a sequel to Blue Crush is on the horizon.  Looks like Hollywood has officially run out of ideas and have just started looking through the archives for movies they can remake or do a sequel to.

Starring Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sanoe Lake, the original Blue Crush followed Anne Marie, a slacker girl addicted to the surf. While Anne Marie is eagerly awaiting a surf competition, she's also trying to put a dangerous wipeout out of her mind ... until she meets a sexy pro quarterback (Matthew Davis of current Vampire Diaries fame) who shakes things up. Although there are no details out yet about the sequel, if they get Bosworth and Rodriguez back, it could go well. The former may have dropped out of the spotlight, but she does have the Straw Dogs remake on the way, while the latter is coming off that little ol' movie known as Avatar.

One, Two Freddy's Coming For You.....

I knew that with the new Nightmare On Elm Street remake, some things would be different.  I assumed that the same movie that scared the living piss out of me as a child would probably take some bad turns, however I like in a world of denial and was totally pumped for the movie.  I love a movie that makes me, and pardon my french, "fag" out.  I like to scream at the screen and movies like Nightmare On Elm Street provided me the opportunity to do such.  Well the first 3 movies did, after that I was kind of done with it all.  One thing I am not a fan of is a franchise that doesn't know when to give it up.

Back on track though.  This is what the 2010 version of Freddy Krueger looks like.  To me, it's a little off and makes me sad that Robert Englund is not playing one of my favorite killers.  Wow, never thought I had a favorite killer, weird thing to say.

Jackie Earle Haley is now Freddy Krueger in the film that opens on April 30th.  He is actually contracted for three films which includes the remake and two sequels.  The cast also includes Katie Cassidy, Kellan Lutz and Rooney Mara takes over the lead character of Nancy Thompson, originally played by Heather Langenkamp.  We all know what happened in the original and how it all played out.  But if the right people were smart, this franchise would keep the three aforementioned actors throughout the entire trilogy, if that's what they are working towards  Lutz and Cassidy and both big names that have growing popularity and tying them to this project could be a good thing.  Just my opinion, I mean look how well it worked for Scream and how bad it worked for Nightmare On Elm Street 2.

I'm excited to see this movie, are you?  Do you like the new cast and the new Freddy?

Sweet Jesus!

In new ads for Ellus Leather Denim, Jesus Luz gives up something to make our mouth water.  Say want you want about Madge, but one thing she has is amazing taste in men.  Every damn one of them are just plain fun to look at.  He poses with Cintia Decker and reminds us what it's like to be 23.

A Tribute To John Forsythe

In 1976 a voice poured out of a speaker and spoke three words that will forever be a Hollywood legacy.  "Good Morning, Angels," spoken from a voice that we never saw attached to a person for the entire run of Charlie's Angels.  John Forsythe was the man behind the voice and although Charlie's Angels only ran for five seasons, it made Forsythe the highest paid actor on television at the time.  The identity of the man behind the voice of Charlie was supposed to be a secret.

"Well, it proved as big a secret as Pearl Harbor," John Forsythe once recalled.

Forsythe was no stranger to popularity at the time.  Although he began his acting career in 1943, he didn't become a household name until 1957 with his role on a comedy titled Bachelor Father, playing the lead character Bentley Gregg.  That series was canceled in 1962 and fourteen years later he began playing the infamous Charlie Townsend.  And of course after Charlie's Angels cancellation, we all know that he THE Blake Carrington on Dynasty.  He was the only actor to have appeared in all 220 episodes.

In 1989 after nine seasons, Forsythe took a break from Hollywood until 1992 when he returned with a political comedy titled The Powers That Be from Norman Lear.  It starred a young Joseph Gordon Levitt, but the show only lasted one season before being canceled.  The father of one son and two daughters, he didn't officially retire from acting until after his appearances in the reboot of Charlie's Angels and the sequel, Charlies Angels: Full Throttle.

Sadly, John died Thursday of pneumonia amid a yearlong battle with cancer, his family said today. He was 92.
"I don't think I'm a soaring Marlon Brando, Laurence Olivier, or George C. Scott," Forsythe told Parade in 1984, "but I do think I'm a better actor than I've been given credit for."

Friday, April 2, 2010

New A-Team Trailer

A new explosive trailer and an okay movie poster has been released for the A-Team remake which opens on June 11th. Starring Liam Neeson, Sharlto Copley, Bradley Cooper and Quinton Jackson with a little side of Jessica Biel, this movie is looking to be this summers big blockbuster.

Produced by Ridley and Tony Scott and directed by Joe Carnahan, they also ivolved the original series creator Stephan J. Cannell in the project. That move alone promised that the magic of the original series would be included in the movie.

Like the original series, the story follows the adventures of four United States soldiers who were arrested for a crime they did not commit. After managing to escape from military prison, the three join forces with Captain H.M. Murdock, their reconnaissance pilot, as a team of soldiers of fortune.

Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz both have cameos in the film. Schultz and Benedict played H.M. Murdock and Templeton 'Faceman' Peck respectively in the original series, however Mr T. sdmitted in an interview that he turned down the offer for a cameo in the reboot.

For a film that has been in development since the mid 90's and has gone through a number of big names being attached then unattached, this had better live up to the hype. Then again, if they just flash us some Jessica Biel, I am sure that America would be okay.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursdays Blinds

1- What ABC star has a weakness for women that dress up as animals? They keep masks in their closet of certain animals that turn them on and when a woman is invited home, they are then instructed to become that animal?

2-This singer is keeping it under wraps that she has been hooking up with her ex because his new girlfriend believes that they are on the track to getting married. Singer and her ex have been hooking up every other night with and has no intention of letting the public know that she has slipped back to her old ways.

3-A certain movie star has been out of the public eye for a little bit, but is still an A-List name.  He has been in hiding since he decided to get nipped tucked and it went bad.  Now he sits in his Hollywood home and pays to have entertainment come to him since he can no longer rock until the bars close.

Happy April Fool's!

Hopefully you know that all of today's posts were my April Fool's gift to you!  XOXO

Heidi And Spencer Disapear

This morning, two of reality television's biggest players were seen packing their belongings into a U-Haul truck and moving out of their Hollywood home.  Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt vacated their home and left no sign of life behind.

"She mentioned that they were done living in the public eye," a neighbor said. "She said they bought a nice condo on a planet where no one knew who they were and reality television hasn't been invented yet."

Shortly after, Heidi and Spencer were seen boarding her signature plastic space craft in the abandoned lot next to NASA.  Shortly after the launch, plastic body parts were found scattered around the launch pad. 

Well it's about time! Good-bye Heidi and Spencer!

Jared Padalecki And Jensen Ackles To Guest On Glee

In a surprising announcement, Jared Padalecki confirms that he and Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles with be guest starring on the season finale of Glee.  Jared cannot give away any of the juicy details but did say this:

Jensen will be playing a science teacher who at nights is a performer is a dance troupe.  He is hired by Will to teach the glee kids some new moves.  Jared will be playing his flamboyant assistant who takes a liking to Will and tries to convince him to join their dance duo and become a trio.

Jensen will be singing All That Jazz from the Broadway hit Chicago with some help from his pal Jared.  DVR this once in a lifetime episode!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Elope

This morning shocking news comes in from sources overseas.  Last night Kristen hopped on a flight to Paris and Met up with Rob, who has a two day break from filming Bel Ami.  Sources say that the couple has been planning this day for the past couple of weeks.

The couple had arranged for their parents to meet them in Paris and had arranged for a justice of the peace to come to their hotel room.  In a quick 15 minute ceremony, Kristen and Rob exchanged vows in front of their close family. 

Their honeymoon will be a quickie, as Rob is due back on set and Kristen is still promoting The Runaways.  The newlyweds will be able to share more time together during the Eclipse release extravaganza.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Write The Caption

Idol Castoff Lands Web Series

He had one of the best voices on this season’s American Idol, but Alex Lambert’s shyness led to his early departure. His fans were shocked — and so began a campaign including a petition with 20,000 signatures strong in support of his return.

This Thursday the Texas shy guy will get another shot at stardom when he moves in to the If I Can Dream house. Created by Idol’s Simon Fuller, If I Can Dream is a Web reality show documenting the story of six rising stars living together in the Hollywood Hills. The other residents include Miley Cyrus’s ex Justin Gaston, aspiring model Giglianne Braga, and actors Kara Killmer, Amanda Phillips, and Ben Elliott.

You can watch Lambert, 19, on If I Can Dream’s live streaming 24-7 along with five other up-and-comers as they tackle Hollywood. Weekly episodes will air on every Monday at midnight.

People’s Jessica Herndon caught up with Lambert to chat about Elvis, Lambert’s girlfriend, and (gasp!) cutting that mullet.

Are you really as shy as you came off on the show?
I don’t think I’m too shy. At home I’m not really shy, it’s just that this whole experience is so new to me. Once I get more confident I don’t think I’ll be shy at all.

What tips did you get from the judges about improving your confidence on stage?
Kara was telling me to just go out and get more experience. Go play some bar shows.

Are there any performers that you watch where you say, ‘Okay I really dig their stage presence?’
Elvis! I wish I had the stage presence Elvis had. He worked the crowd like a beast. But Elvis was true. He did all the leg shaking and sliding.

Can you dance?
No, I can’t dance. But I can swing dance. I was in swing dancing for like three years with my mom.

How will you decorate your room in the house?
I’m gonna [put] Bob Marley, Elvis and Beatles posters up and a picture of my grandfather. People up who inspire me.

Are you single?
No. I have a girlfriend. Her name is Raylee. She really understands me and believes in me. I’m kind broke so we never go out anywhere fancy, but usually I just jam out and she tells me what she likes and I usually write her a song every week and play it for her.

Do you keep in touch with Siohban?
We text every once in a while. She was one of my best friends on the show. Everyone else was spastic and crazy and always wanted to do something, and me and Siohban would sit and eat for like three hours.

So, you cut your hair?
I still have a mullet a little bit. It’s just hair. It’ll grow back.


Out And About

MIley Cyrus and her Flavor Of The Week Liam Hemsworth out in LA after enjoying some sushi.  He is one tall drink of water and that accent of his just makes my clothes come off.  Okay, so I am a little jealous of Miley, but it won't be long until she has moved onto another young star.  Wait until she see Nick Jonas and his guns, I'm sure she will be wanting to turn back time.

Ashley Green on the set of her new film The Apparition, co-starring Tom Felton and Sebastian Stan.  This girl is staying busy and I cannot wait for her in Eclipse! 

Justin Bieber in the 90210 showing that he is man enough to wear pink on his way to film a new music video.

Robert Pattinson and co-star Kristen Scott Thomas filming Bel Ami in Budapest, Hungary on Sunday.

Demi Lovato On Grey's Anatomy

Looks like Demi Lovato is spreading her wings and crossing over into dramatic territory.  The actress, who is now dating Joe Jonas, is going to be playing a schizophrenia patient who gets treated by Karev (Justin Chambers) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). Her episode is said to air in May.

Reports are she is a joy to have on the set and everyone loves her.  We all knows she is one big effin ray of sunshine, but I must admit I am shocked at this recent turn of events.  Seems like Miss Lovato is moving up in the world and I am a little eager to see if she can pull this role off.  I do believe it is her first adult role and could really affect her.  Yes it is a small cameo, but there are no small parts in HW, just small actors.

Maybe she can stay on and be Karev's new love interest since Katherine Heigl's Izzie seems to have left Alex high and dry.  And we all now how much Karev likes a side of crazy with his women.

Clash Of The Titans Premier

Sam Worthington and Natalie Mark work the red carpet at the world film premiere of ‘Clash of the Titans’ at the Empire Leicester Square in London, England on March 29.  How sexy is he?

Matt Damon To Guest On 30 Rock

Add Matt Damon to the long list of stars to make a cameo on NBC's 30 rock as it is now confirmed he will appear after Tina Fey revealed that he was at the top of her wish list.  Damon was flattered and agreed to appear on one of the funniest shows on television.

30 rock has a list of big names celebs that have guested on the show, such as Jennifer Aniston and Jerry Seinfeld.  Matt will appear on one of the final episodes of the season and will reunite with his THe Departed co-star Alec Baldwin. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jesse James Enters Rehab

Jesse James reps are confirming that the star has checked into a rehab facility. "Jesse checked himself into a treatment facility to deal with personal issues," the rep said in a statement to People. "He realized that this time was crucial to help himself, help his family and help save his marriage."

Jesse's stint in rehab is said to be his idea, which seems to be the next step after a string of women reveal that they had an affair with you while you were married to a sweetheart.  I am not really sure what kind of help the Vanilla Gorilla is going to be getting in this rehab besides them being able to make sure he keeps it in his pants.

He entered the Sierra Tuscon Facility which specializes in addictions to drugs, sex, and gambling, among other disorders.  He is said to have had his first treatment Tuesday night at 6 pm and is said to be eager to heal.

Does he think following in Tiger's idea for damage control will result in Sandra taking him back the way Elin did?  Tiger and Elin have children, which makes their situation completely different.  What about you ladies?  Would you take your man back if he went to rehab for his sex addiction?  And is it just me or is every guy who cannot keep it in his pants going to rehab for "sex addiction?"  Seems cheating men everywhere just got a new excuse for doing the babysitter.

The Story Of April Bieber

April Bieber has become a trending topic on Twitter today and I was a little curious why.  I know that I have never been a Bieber fan, nor are some of my readers.  But the story I learned about today deserved to be shared and this little girl deserves to be remembered.

Dayton Daily News reports that Monday morning a 15 year old Ohio girl named Sodany April Phann was stuck and killed by a school bus. She was an honor student who planned on attending Bieber's concert tour when it came to Cincinnati in June.

By Monday night, word of Phann's death apparently reached Bieber, as he tweeted, "life is a blessing and appreciation for our time here with eachother is important." The message was marked: "#ripaprilbieber."

Vuthy Phann, 15, the victim’s uncle who witnessed the accident, said the teen was struck by the front of the bus, and that the bus driver did not initially stop. He said that he ran up to the bus and pounded on the window, screaming at the driver, “Look at what you did!”

He said the driver appeared confused and continued on a short distance. “She put up her hands like she had no clue,” he said of the driver, whose name was not released on Monday.
The driver, who worked for Petermann Bus Co., has been driving the same route all year, said Keith Harms, safety director for Petermann. The employee has been with the company for 23 years and has a “spotless” record, he said.

The accident is currently under investigation.

So You Think You Can Glee?

Okay Gleeks, this is it.  The moment you have been waiting for, dreaming about.  How would you like to be part of the group in the picture above?

You want to?  Well now you can because the brilliant folks behind Glee are giving you the opportunity to do just that! How AMAZING is that?!

Want to know what it takes to receive a slushie facial?  Not that much is required believe it or not.

Here's what you need you know:

Beginning today, fans can upload audition videos to this MySpace page, but your submission must meet the following criteria:
  • You must be between the ages of 16 and 26, so mom, please put down that camera.
  • Be passionate! You should demonstrate why you long to be a part of Glee history.
  • Songs must be performed either a capella (sans music) or with accompaniment from just one instrument.
  • Forget about resurrecting "Mad World" again: Your song is limited to one of 10 Glee faves, including "Lean on Me" and "True Colors."
  • Five minutes is all you've got—one minute to introduce yourself and four minutes to wow 'em with your vocals.
And that's that. Think you've got what it takes to go from Gleek to Glee star? Why are you still here?! Go sing a little ditty, submit your fabulous video and make big things happen in Glee's second season.

Gun Show Anyone?

Looks like little Jonas brother Nick is moving up in the world.  Flashing of his very nice guns today as he spent some time with big brother Joe.  Poor Joe should think about buffing up a little bit before Nick can overpower him.

Funny that the youngest Jonas brother is turning into the hottest ans also the one who is not interested in playing the Hollywood game.  Of all the Jonas boys, Nick is the one who is said to be most down to earth and the one who has star ability.  As if they are not stars now, Nick is the one said to make it last the longest.  He has already branched off with his own band and is said to have some surprising side projects coming up with some people that will shock you.

I have some projects I wouldn't mind him working on....just bring the tank top.

Paper Magazine Beautiful People 2010

Paper Magazine has announced its list of 2010's Beautiful People that they are obsessed with and think that we should be too.  Among the list are  Idol Adam Lambert,  Oscar Nominee Anna Kendrick, and GleeK's Dianna Agron and Mark Salling.

Adam Lambert on his so-far controversial career-“Most of what I do doesn’t feel controversial,” he says. “I’m just the same Adam I’ve always been, and in the circles I run in, it’s not all that shocking. There’s been a void in mainstream music of a male performer who’s theatrical, campy, over the top. That’s something that used to be celebrated, and I haven’t seen that lately. So I think that’s an interesting challenge—to fill that spot.”

Anna Kendrick on being nominated for an Oscar will do that for a girl. “You find out with the rest of the world,” Kendrick says. “I was too nervous to watch the nominations on TV, so I went for a jog, but my phone started going off. I sprinted back home, cracked a bottle of champagne and started drinking it before I realized it was 5 a.m.” 

Dianna on, Quinn: “She’s deliciously evil and oscillates between being the mean girl and someone with an ounce of a heart”

Mark Salling on, Puck: “He’s a bad guy inside of a good guy inside of a bad guy.”

Mark on Puck’s future with Quinn: “I know my character. He’s not going to stop sexting other girls.”

Mark on bloggers’ breathless descriptions of his chiseled physique: “I’m honored by their kind words. But my eyes are up here, OK?”

According to Agron and Salling, the new episodes, which begin April 13th, will feature little resolution when it comes to their twisted relationship.

Iron Man 2 Poster

Since I have been on a rant about movie posters, it felt fitting to display the new poster that was just released for Iron Man 2.  I also found out that some fans take this opportunity to save the pictures as their new wallpaper, you know who you are. :-)

This poster is well enough I guess.  I mean they took the chance that they had to display as much of Scarlett Johansson's T&A as they could, but left everyone else missing half of their body.  It's good to see Gwyneth on a movie poster again, but she is unrecognizable I think.

Either way, I give this poster 3 Rainbows out of 5.

Alice Gets Put In Her Place

Alice is back and she is tearing up the town as usual.  But this one story I wish to share makes me giggle for apparent reasons.

Alice is on a network show that made her a household name.  She has been running the show as of late, co-stars trying to have interventions.  But Alice has a co-star that had been holding back and recently let it all out.

We will call her Queenie for confusion sakes.  She is the Queen of the show and has long considered herself the star.  She has even had some assistants fired during her rampages, so Q is no one to mess with.

Q has been privy to all of the Alice commotion, but chose to stay out of it.  She was happy that someone else was being called the diva of the set.  But that all changed when Q realized Alice had set her eyes on Q's boyfriend.  And Q's man has been pretty fed up with his woman's bitchiness and weekend trips with other male co-stars, so he made out with the girl.

Q issued an all out war with Alice and decided to hit Alice where it really hurts.  Q has started a campaign to use Alice's character to teach viewers a lesson and there is a huge possibility that Alice will be hovering between life and death here very shortly.  When Alice found out, I am told there was a huge showdown in the make-up trailer that had some people fearing that this would be the fight everyone has been waiting to explode.  But Q simply warned little Alice to stay on her good side and to remember who is the real Queen of the show.

It's Not:
Lea Michele
Katie Cassidy
Ellen Pompeo
Jensen Ackles

Topless Tuesday

Alexander Skarsgard
Robert Buckley
Hunter Parrish
Paul Wesley
Alicia Silverstone
Brad Pitt
Mary Louise Parker