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Friday, June 18, 2010

Eddie Cibrian Gets Dumped

In a karmic move, CSI: Miami has fired Eddie Cibrian and replaced him with the guy he replaced, Adam Rodriguez.

It appears that CBS has decided not to pick up Cibrian's contract citing a desire to focus on the original core team. Cibrian's character, Jesse Cardoza, came on the scene to fill in when "core" team member, Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) left the show. However, after spotty appearance on the show this season, Delko lovers can rejoice in the fact that he will be back full time next season.

Im a a huge fan of Adam Rodriguez and was sad when he left Miami for NYC and Ugly Betty.  But with Ugly Betty getting it's pink slip, Adam was able to return to CSI.  What I find ironic is that Rodriguez joined Ugly Betty as Hilda's love interest.  It was a void that was left by her previous on-screen love, Eddie Cibrian.
Maybe Eddie can go sing back-up for LeAnn, or do what he was doing before CSI.  What was that again? Oh yea, being a two faced, cheating, lying skank.  I'm sure he can easily slip back into that role.

And LeAnn, if you think for a minute that some younger woman won't come along in a couple of years and scoop him away from you, you are more delusional than I thought. 

Fash Bash

Gossip Boy's Fashion Police is back. We have a new addition to the team and it just happens to be Kate Bosworth's Evil Twin. This woman is nothing like Kate, she actually swallows her food. But she is much more evil than Kate which makes us love her even more. She joins Mavis Beyotch as they tear apart celebs for their sad choice in clothing.

Cate Blanchett
Mavis Beyotch: I love Cate Blancett.  However, I’m not sure why she let Tilda Swinton style her for the evening.  Also, dearest, please eat a cookie.  Or two.

Kate's Evil Twin: So my ex-boyfriend, Orlando, used to make me watch this movie about Queen Elizabeth saying Cate Blanchett was all "talented" and "mindblowing" and "Oscar- worthy" but  I didn't see what was so great about it.  They never even showed Princess Diana.  I don't get why Cate can wear this and be "fierce" and "provocative" but if I, the evil twin of Kate Bosworth, showed up in an outfit made up of a deflated mylar balloon and an emergency blanket, all I would hear is, "trashy whore," "recycle, much?" and "eat a sandwich, Kate!"  Life is so unfair!

Gossip Boy: Cate seems to have not let go of the fact she wasn't chosen to play Tin Man in the Wizard Of Oz remake.

Catherine Zeta Jones

Mavis Beyotch: In support of the marine life in the Gulf of Mexico, CZJ drapes a quite nice powder blue gown with a fishnet.  I’m not sure how it helps the oil soaked fish, but…power to you, Cath!

Gossip Boy: I think that this dress is gorgeous!  Now if only she could get her face to move as freely.
 Lea Michele
Mavis Beyotch: How can you see with all that hair in your face?  (Sorry, am channeling my own dear mama with that).  Perhaps that’s the excuse Lea has for not remembering to put on a dress.

Kate's Evil Twin: 
Distractingly awful hair?  Check.
Smug smirk? Check.
Dirty beige color that drains all life from the wearer and anyone within 10 feet?  Check.
A dress that tries to be sexy but just ends up looking cheap and sort of disturbingly slutty?  Check.
Um, Lea?  YOU HAVE STOLEN KATE BOSWORTH'S LOOK.  Give it back, bitch.

Gossip Boy: Okay Lea, we get it.  You think your sexy. But no matter how much bra you flaunt, he is still gonna be gay at the end of the day.

 Mavis Beyotch: Kristen Chenoweth looks like a very perky Stepford Wife wearing a very sparkly bath towel.  In Vegas.  In the 1960s.

Gossip Boy: Um....sorry I got distracted by all of the sparkles.  

 Gwyneth Paltrow
Mavis Beyotch: I also pair my Chanel jacket with my Gap shorts.  When I’ve had a bit too much of the sherry.

Kate's Evil Twin: Dear Chris: Hey, how are you?  I am fine.  It's been a while.  I've been thinking about you. ;-) I saw a picture of Gwyneth and I guess you finally kicked her out because she looked like she had to leave in a hurry and toss whatever was clean into a surprisingly small suitcase and then wear it all at once, even if she looked like Perimenopausal Coco Chanel. Call me, EvilKate.

Gossip Boy: The rich bitch equivalent to bumming it in daisy dukes.

Michelle Williams 
Mavis Beyotch: Personally, I blame the latest vampire craze for the influx of Morticia Addams dresses.  That, or Bebe Neuwirth is a fashion power player and I’m not aware of it.

Kate's Evil Twin: Oh Halle Berry, get your sexy model boy toy back because apparently he took your hotness with him when he moved out.

Gossip Boy: It's like cat woman mixed with Barney and a dash of Rihanna's hair.
 Jessica Alba
Mavis Beyotch: If anyone needed a poster child for reasons why NOT to have children, Jessica’s post motherhood wardrobe gives her an edge.

Gossip Boy: Does she know we can actually see her?
Katie Holmes
Mavis Beyotch: Mrs. Cruise has obviously turned to doughnuts to assuage her life in Scientology prison.  Either that, or the dress shrunk in the wash.

Gossip Boy: How embarrassing to accidentally put on your smaller husband's dress instead of your own!  That's the downfall of sharing the same taste as Tom.

Scream 4 Nabs A Gilmore Girl

Rumors of another Scream 4 casting has hit the net and it comes in the form of Lauren Graham.  Sources are saying that the Gilmore Girl alum has signed on for the reboot though her role has not been announced.

The new film sees the return of cast members Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette, along with a group of new stars Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin, Lake Bell and Nico Tortorella, who can hopefully stay alive long enough to figure out the new rules to this one-of-a-kind horror franchise. Wes Craven will direct the Dimension Films sequel arriving in theaters April 15, 2010.

Though many people seem to be fed up with the Scream franchise, I am excited to see what Kevin Williamson has come up with.  I was worried that Scream 4 would be the nail in the coffin, but the list of stars has given me hope.  Do you have any intention of seeing this movie or do you feel as if Scream should be laid to rest?

Scream 4 begins filming around June 28 in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  

Rachel Bilson And Hayden Christensen Split!

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have decided to put their engagement on hold and take a break from each other.  The couple has been engaged since February 2009, but have yet to walk down the aisle or make any wedding plans.

Bilson, 28, flashed a ringless finger to on the red carpet of the Take No Prisoners event in L.A. Wednesday night. When the young star was asked how wedding plans were going, she said, "No, no plans" and pointed to her bare hand. "No nothing."

Rachel and Hayden are taking a month or so apart and then and will then revisit their relationship to decide if they should stay together.

If you ask me, the writing is on the wall

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meet Little Tiger Woods

As Tiger Woods preps for the prestigious U.S. Open this week, it's apparently open season for mistresses claiming he fathered their kids years ago.

Yesterday, we reported on a UK documentary airing this week which will allege that the golfer has a kid with Theresa Rogers, his "cougar mistress."
Now another mistress, porn star Devon James (no relation to Woods mistress Joslyn James), claims Tiger is the father of her son, Austin T. James.

Austin's middle initial is a secret tribute to the golfer she loved, claims Devon James, who leaked a picture of the supposed Tiger Woods love child.

The child was born in 2001, before Tiger was married to Elin Nordegren. The Theresa Rogers spawn was born in '03, also before he was married.

Devon James Photo
Devon James claims Tiger Woods knocked her up back in the day.
"She was 19 at the time, and attending a Christian school program" a source close to Devon James recalls. "They immediately started a relationship."

"She became pregnant, but decided not to tell Tiger," who she knows is the dad as he's "the only African-American man she dated at the time."

Devon James was one of the bevy of busty babes who came forward with Tiger tales after his mystifying November car wreck and fall from grace. James first dished on Woods in March, claiming James was asked to join a threesome with a girlfriend a mystery man who turned out to be Woods.

"Hi, I'm Tiger. Nice to meet you," James quoted him as saying before they quickly got down to business - him paying $2,000 each for "dirty" sex.
Play on PlayerTiger Woods Love Child Picture?
Is Austin T. James Tiger Woods' love child?
Devon says the first time she bedded Tiger was back in 2000, though, when she was just a teenager, and the threesome simply reconnected them.

"She showed him pictures of Austin, and told him he was his son," a source said. "He didn't want to meet the boy, but did send gifts for the child."

In unrelated and hilarious news, Devon was accused of robbing Joslyn on a porn set yesterday. That's not the only attack on her character, either.
James' mother, Sandra Brinling, said yesterday that her daughter is a "pathological liar" and that she knows exactly who "Austin T.'s real dad" is.

Time will tell if one or both of these allegations are substantiated by DNA evidence, or if more alleged Tiger Woods baby mamas come forward.

Based on the photo above, do you think Tiger Woods fathered Devon James' love child? Or is she just making it up for publicity?


Mini Blinds

1- Which television actor was in his trailer during a break on filming when the crew began hearing some moaning come from his direction?  After a couple days of the same thing, an assistant walked in on the star having some phone talk and pleasuring himself?  Seems this star can't keep his hands off of himself and was caught a month ago in a bathroom doing the same thing.  He is such a fox, I'm sure he can find someone to lend a hand.

2- This couple has been trying to make their union more popular among the paps, even getting drunk to cause a stir.  But the real stir would arise when everyone finds out that before she married this hunk, she lived with a woman and just started a family when her people convinced her to play the PR game.  Five years later she is starting to realize that she made a mistake as the woman has moved closer to HW and brought the 7 year old with her.

3- What Canadian has taken HW by storm and has been hanging out with a certain singer/actress. This girl is known for her love of the gays and has taken to setting her new friend up with another gay star that she is often accused of hooking up with.  If the world learned of the breaking news of the gay affair of these two stars, the tween world would explode.

Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Engaged

Megan Fox is engaged again, reports the new Us Weekly.
 Brian Austin Green proposed to Fox but in all the excitement, the washed up stars somehow lost the ring.

"I saw her jumping up and down," a witness tells Us Weekly of the beachside proposal at the Four Seasons Hualalai hotel on the Big Island in Hawaii. "Later, I saw a half dozen staff sifting through the sand."

Alas, the 2-carat sparkler, which the pair picked out together from Excalibur jewelry store in Beverly Hills, remains MIA.

"Security and maintenance staff spent a couple of hours looking for it," another source tells Us Weekly. "No one found it."

Either these two are actually that stupid, or this was Brian's was of buying a cheap ring and getting away with it.  I mean how much money can he really still have from 90210 and his 90's white boy rap albums?

Topless Wednesday?

Yes, we know that it is Wednesday, but People magazine has released the hottest bodies of 2010 and we here thought that you would forgive us for having another topless day. 
Zac Efron, Kellan Lutz, Ryan Phillipe, Jake Gyllenhaal, Common and Mike Sorrentino are the guys who round out the picks and we just like the view.

Chris Klein Busted For DUI

American Pie actor Chris Klein was arrested early Wednesday morning in Los Angeles on suspicion of DUI after the 31-year-old actor was stopped by an officer on L.A.’s 101 freeway just after 3 a.m. and failed a sobriety test, according to TMZ.

Poor Chris, I hear anything after Katie Holmes is all down hill.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Perez And His Kiddie Porn

Perez Hilton has come under fire again for posting pictures that allegedly show a 17 year old Miley Cyrus without underwear.

Miley is underage, so Perez posting the pictures classify as child porn and breaks all kinds of laws.  Of course as quickly as he posted the picture, he took it down.  Some are saying Perez was just after attention, which sounds about right.  Did this guy's Mom not hug him enough?

If this is a publicity stunt, Perez Hilton has done a wonderful job of keeping the original photo under wraps, and keeping his photo, with the censored block, available to the general public. Like we said, this is strictly speculation. A real inappropriate photo of Miley Cyrus may actually exist, but it’s highly unlikely that it does.

It is said that if Perez is found guilty, he could be sentenced to jail and be registered as a sex offender for posting nude pictures of a minor.  However, if the picture does not exist and Perez just put a black box over Miley's crotch, he is still going to be held responsible.  It is  illegal to photo shop a photo containing a minor to portray a sexual innuendo.

'Nuff said.

Ryan Seacrest And Julianne Hough Take It Public

Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough have apparently decided to go through with their little romance as they were seen in Malibu walking along the beach.  Funny thing is that as soon as they realized they were spotted, they wrapped their arms around each other.

Julianne so vehemently denied any romantic liaisons with Seacrest that she actually made us believe her.  Something must have changed her mind as the two have been seen together a lot recently and Ryan has told friends that he is glad he finally persuaded Julianne to give him a chance.

All it took was a couple more zeroes.

It's A Twilight Musical With A Lot Of Extra Cheese

It's High School Musical meets Twilight with a little bit of Glee and a whole lot of suckiness! Seriously?!

Charlie Sheen Loses Another Car

Charlie Sheen has lost another car to a cliff dive.

Four months after someone ditched his Mercedes-Benz sedan inexplicably at the bottom of a Hollywood Hills ravine, we have learned that yet another car belonging to the Two and a Half Men star was stolen and suffered the same exact fate.
A spokesman for the Los Angeles Police Department tells E! News the fire department responded to a call that came in around 2:50 a.m. about another Mercedes that had gone over a cliff along Mulholland Drive and ended up about fifty feet down in some brush.

I don't know who called but someone called the police saying they saw a Mercedes off a cliff," Officer Gregory Beck told E! News.

After hiking down to it, first responders found the vehicle empty. It was only after running a search of its tags did authorities discover the car belonged to Sheen, who was at home at the time of the incident.

"The vehicle was previously parked on his driveway the day before," noted the officer. "Obviously, someone took the car and ditched it off the cliff. There was no one inside the car and no suspect information.  The vehicle was impounded."

Van Nuys police are handling the investigation which is being treated as a stolen vehicle report just like the last time. On Feb. 5, police hauled from the same area one of the 46-year-old actor's Mercedes SUV's that some enterprising crook had stolen and presumably took on a joy ride, before purposefully crashing it.

Said Beck: "It's very identitical [to the previous incident] and even the location was nearby.  Mr. Sheen spoke with PD but he has no idea [who may have taken the car] because there's no information from him."
We wonder what estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, and ex Denise Richards have to say about this?
Sheen's publicist, Stan Rosenfield, was unavailable for comment.

Sounds to me like someone is trying to send Sheen a message.  Watch out Charlie!