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Monday, July 5, 2010

Penis Monday!

Go Puck Yourself

Glee star Mark Salling celebrated July 4th by laying poolside and giving us another reason to drool into our cereal this morning.  Mark hung with some male friends and not with any of his latest flings. 

The End of Jack And Jill

Jack and Jill were a pretty well known couple.  Both have a long past of hookups that graced many magazines.  So when Jack and Jill stumbled upon each other, the paps ate it up and the celebs loved it.

Jack is a well known actor best known for film while Jill is all over the board.  For a couple of months these two were hot and heavy, milking the publicity their tryst was getting as well as the added bonus of the hot sex.  Jack is known for his adventurous ways in bed and knows how to rock the boat just right.  For 2 months they bumped ugly any chance they got and when Jill realized she was pregnant, their relationship went to another level.

This couple had a quickie wedding and welcomed their lovechild into the world.  But Jill didn't realize that she married a master manipulator.  I mean he isn't an award winning actor for nothing.  Poor girl comes home one day to find the locks changed and a note telling her that the marriage was over and she would be sued for full custody.

Instead of trying to get the baby back, Jill has drowned herself in drugs and booze and her career is about to drown as well.  Most of the public doesn't even remember her having the kid, just seeing her turn into this hot mess and vanishing off of the radar.