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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taylor Swift......'Nuff Said

Geez, Tay. If you are going to flash us your panties at least make it something worth seeing.  Something with some color, maybe some nice pretty rainbows. OOH, or some bows!
Really, even some days of the week would be nicer than what you got going on.

Joaquin Phoenix, Back Again!

It all began with a statement that Joaquin Phoenix was leaving the movie business and becoming a rapper. Say what?! The next time we saw our sexy actor, he had turned into the love child of ZZ Top and looked like a mountain man.  Reports of drug use flew through HW.  But those of us who knew JP, knew that he would never in a million years touch any illegial substance after the untimely death of his older brother River that resulted from a drug overdose on the sidewalk in front of Johnny Depp's club in L.A, The Viper Room. Depp has since sold the club. Joaquin was the one who called 911 that night and River passed away right in front of him, so the drug rumor held no ground with us.

Joaquin was also telling everyone that his journey into rap and his appearence of a mental breakdown was all a show that brother-in-law Casey Affleck would be documenting.  And while that all sounds good, the truth is still out there.

Joaquin has always lived a very private life and the 911 call the night of his brother's death was broadcast everywhere back in 1993 is what pushed him to do so.  He has a long list of ex-girlfriends that is very public.  But it's the not so public list that people are curious about.  Could Joaquin's breakdown have come from living the HW life.  He is a known ladies man, but has never settled down.  What could be keeping Joaquin from finding that right girl?

Many say this breakdown came from living a secret life and it got to be too much for him.  Rumors of an alleged night in a hotel room with Casey Affleck also seem to keep coming up.  We cannot say whether Joaquin is gay, bisexual, or just a straight guy breaking under the pressure of HW.  In reality, the breakdown was clearly a mockumentary for Casey to film.  But could Joaquin really be a card carrying member of the rainbow club?

This we can say, HW puts enough pressure on you to make you grow a beard and become a rapper.  But there are many men who have been known as ladies men and have yet to dismiss the gay rumors.  Rock Hudson and Matt Dillon anyone?

Will Melrose Place Be Saved?

My new guilty pleasure, Melrose Place, has long been on the hopping block and been at the risk of being cancelled.  They tried to turn things around by firing the non-actress Ashlee Simpson, but made a mistake by also letting Colin Egglesworth go with her.

But Dr. Michael Mancini himself, Thomas Calabro, told E!'s Mark Malkin that he feels as if Melrose Place will triumph since internationally the show is a hit.  We must also remember that the original MP almost didn't make it, but Heather Locklear saved that show.  Is it possible she will be able to do the same to this one?

The Sydney murder mystery dragged on throughout the first half of the season before blowing up tremendously at the very end.  And what a payoff it was, for me at least.  The twist was something I didn't see coming at all, and the resurection of Jo, Jane, Amanda, and Michael fan-freaking-tastic. 

Calabro also hinted at a reunion episode that would bring all of the MP alumni together in one scene.  I don't know about you, but I suggest giving this nighttime soap a gander.  Sure it was dark and seemed very serious in the beginning, but reports are that when MP returns, it will be a lot lighter and have more humor.  Plus, how fun is it to see all the character's we loved to hate from the 90's?  Still hoping that Kimberly shows up with a bomb again.  That was the best season finale ever!  Is anyone on the MP boat with me or would you rather it hit an iceberg and sink quickly?

Now if we can get them to renew Life UneXpected. 

Dannel Watch 2010

@DaneelHarris  I had a bad dream then I remembered You guys were here.....

Still Likes Boobies Blind

These two young stars have been secretly seeing each other for months.  Both males, one more tv star one in the movies.  They have had a relationship that included some drama, break-ups and make-ups.
It all started when the movie star, Romeo, was still seeing his ex, Macbeth.  They attended a function and the movie star met the new guy, Confused Charlie. They hit it off right away and Romeo dumped Macbeth, who was too busy with his own faux-romance..  So the Romeo and Confused Charlie began seeing each other.  When rumors of Confused Charlie still seeing an ex-girlfriend of his behind closed doors, Romeo dumped him.  But Confused Charlie wouldn't let go that easily and worked his way back in the movie star's heart.

Romeo, not stupid at all, decided to give him another chance because he loved him and the Confused Charlie was easy on the eyes.  But that all went downhill when the Romeo went to attend to business and left for a few days.  The second his plane landed, he began getting text messages from friends reporting that Confused Charlie was already out and about.  Romeo star then recieved a picture of his man and a girl making out heavily.  The worst part was that in between Romeo guy getting the tattling texts, he was getting sweet text messages form his guy saying how much he missed him. So what did the movie star do?  He forwarded the picture he received to his cheating boyfriend.  And he hasn't heard from him since.

And Macbeth has been trying to show him the error of his ways for months and even confessed to wanting him back.  But Romeo realizes that the only reason his ex is crawling back is because he knows that Romeo is about to hit it even bigger and wants to ride the wave with him.

After all the drama, Romeo is about to just go back to having a beard and living his life with her just because she never broke his heart.

You Write The Caption....

In the comments, notice Rob pinching Taylor's nipple.....interesting

To Go Boldly Where No Man Has Gone Before....

Down on Chris Pine!
Fake or Not....we need to have a moment

Here is a real picture, as requested.....
and a little gift for the people angry about the fake......

Oscar Drinking Game

Not everyone can attend the Oscars and some of you have Oscar parties at home. You have actually invited me to  few.  However, I have prior obligations and Gigi has agreed to share her ritiual drinking game that she and her girls play every Oscar night.  Before you ask, she used to attend them and will if need be.  But Gigi is a simple girl who would rather be at home watching on tv then being painted and curled for hours.  So here is the game, drink responsibly!

Every time any of these occur, take a SIP.  Not a shot, just a sip, or else  you won't make it to the actual ceremony. We have added some 2010 extra's to make it more entertaining.

Red Carpet Edition

  • Anytime someone forgets who designed their gown or suit.
  • Anytime the camera goes to a host and the host doesn't realize it
  • Anytime someone's date is their mother
  • Anytime someone complains about how long it took to get ready
  • Anytime someone says "It's just an honor to be nominated."
  • Anytime the host tries to make an inside joke and it flops
  • If any star ignores a host
  • If watching Sherri Shepherd, anytime she mentions her boobs
  • If watching Ryan Seacrest, anytime he says This Is The Oscars, a la AI style.
  • If watching Billy Bush, anytime he flubs his words.

Oscar Ceremony Edition
(If You Still know What Night It Is)

  • When after their acceptance speeh, they attempt to walk off the stage in the wrong direction
  • Anytime someone is cut off by the music
  • Two drinks if they keep talking while the music plays
  • Someone mentions a disaster and asks for people to take notice
  • When someone thanks God.
  • If Mo'Nique wins and dedicates the award to all the big girls
  • If anyone comes out in blue face paint or speaks Na'vi, take a drink
  • See any tears anywhere, take a drink.  You will probably need it.
  • If anyone says " I didn't write a speech because I thought I would lose."
  • If Sandra Bullock wins, CHUG! If she looses, take a drink for the poor girl.

YouTube Singer Of The Week

Savannah7448 on  Hope You Enjoy

Friday, March 5, 2010

Prince Of Persia: Good Idea Or Bad?

New stills from the movie Prince Of Persia have been released and i am a little sketchy about this whole scenario.  Jake Gyllenhaal is sexy, but I don't know if this movie will be good for him or bad.  Overall it could re-invent the whole video-game to movie adaptation, in my opinion.

I understand he is trying to up his career, moving up to the next level.  This movie is the perfect platform to do so, but seeing Jake in this kind of role has me worried.  He can carry a movie no doubt, but this will be interesting to see.  It could work in his favor and make him the star he longs to be, or it could bomb and make view his other options.  What do you guys think about this movie and how will it affect our Mr. Gyllenhaal?

Though you must admit.  Even if he cannot pull it off, he sure as hell looks good doing it. Bet his exes are kicking themselves now.  He is in the best shape of his life and looks amazing.  So I'll give the movie a fair shot, but I must admit.  It has to be pretty bad for me to bad talk a Gyllenhaal movie of any kind.

Dancing With The Stars New Cast Photo's Revealed

The hot pictures of the new DWTS cast are out and even the losers look like winners. Team Shannen!

Danneel Watch 2010

It's been almost a month since Danneel Harris has tweeted. 

@DemonHunter92 I'd be cupid.

Blind Item

Last night was filled with alcohol and pre-Oscar parties everywhere.  And with all the partying and the drinking, stories were bound to emerge.  I have two blinds for you today, and more to come this weekend after I hear more about them.

We will start with the first one. 

This up and comer is working every angle to keep their name relevant in HW.  They take every role they are offered and keep their lips permanently pressed to an certain ass.  Last night was no different.  As this young star shadowed their role model, it became increasingly clear that the young star was just being used.  Of course, the star had some minor parts in some bad movies, but nothing that would get them to the Oscars.  And as the young star bragged about being the plus 1 and finally getting to the big show, the Big Shot laughed and said told the star that he was bringing his teenage daughter, not his boy on the side.  Everyone laughed and the star finally realized that all the work they had went into their career was really for nothing.  Looks like its back to television.

 This rapper was once loved and hated, all at the same time.  But then he took a break from the public eye.  Maybe because people started learning that he liked to let boy give him oral pleasure.  And now he's back, again.  Last night was no different. As he and his new entourage member disappeared into a room, I hear that the sounds coming from the room only meant one thing.  He had moved onto more than oral pleasure and likes to hear you say his name.  His stage name that is.

You Write The Caption....

Leave Your Caption In The Comments....

Just Because...

Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane Have A Girl

 Eric Danes and Rebecca Gayheart's publicist confirmed that the couple welcomed a baby girl on Thursday.  No name has been given to the baby yet, but Eric promised Ellen Degeneres during an interview that it wouldn't be anything "weird."  Dane was fittingly dressed in scrubs and by his wife's side the entire time, the website Hollyscoop reported Wednesday. This is their first baby and reports are "mother, father and baby are doing fine."

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear Gossip Boy,
Out of all the places you have been in the states, which is your most loved place?
I am highly contemplating jumping over the giant puddle to going to Grad school in the states (The uk is soooo boring!) so where would be a good place to look at? Some place with a large selection of yummy men would be a bonus! :-)
Love the gossip btw! Keep up the spiffy good work!
Thetyn! :-)

Thanks for the compliments. You know how to make a man blush so you should have no problem with the yummy boys. I recommend NY.  It's filled with so many different people and you have no idea where life will take you as you leave your apartment in the morning.

@The_Gossip_Boy does your name begin with an 'S'? :-)

Okay I guess I can give you guys a hint about my identity.  Neither my first nor last name begins with an S.  Also, I am not, Zachary Quinto, Wentworth Miller, T.R Knight, or Neil Patrick Harris

@The_Gossip_Boy Just curious...Top 3 celeb men you'd like to take home? And if you had to, top 3 women? Haha
 Dirty girl.  I'd have to say Chris Evans, Chace Crawford, and Jake Gyllenhaal.  Those are the hottest 3 men in HW, hands down.  Women, Amanda Peet, Chelsea Handler, Bonnie Hunt.  Of course just for drinks and games.

Dear GB,
Since you lie about your locations, have you lied about anything else? How can we believe you?

Locations have been the only thing I have ever fudged on.  And only when it becomes clear that if I don't you will all figure me out.  Don't think I don't know about all the clues people have stacked up. Gotta' say, love my fans.

Gossip Boy,
The recent blind item, did the woman give birth to both of the kids or were they adopted, a la Nicole and Tom?

She gave birth to their children, poor girl.  Just so you know, that was years ago.  She has moved on to even uglier situations.

Any chance you can tell us what type of television show you might have been on?  What about the recent cameo you supposedly had?

I cannot tell you that. I will tell you that it's no longer on the air.  When you say supposedly, it makes me not want to answer you. :(

Dear Gossip Boy,
I am a huge fan of Glee, and a huge fan of the Glee-kids, who (so far) seem like sweet down-to-earth people. However, there's a lot of speculation about Lea Michelle and Dianna Agron. They have been pictured together many, many times looking incredibly affectionate with one another, and were even living together at one point. Then suddenly, nothing. No photos, no tweets about one another... nothing. Do you know if these two were ever anything more than friends? People are particularly curious about Dianna who seemed very taken with Lea.
Keep up the good work! I love what you're doing.
Some of those Glee kids are nothing like you think.  As for Lea and Dianna, they aren't hot for each other.  Party girls flock together.

Do you have any Lost scoop?  Anything about Matthew Fox and the stripper? We haven't heard anything about it.

No one is making a big deal about it because no one is shocked., except maybe his wife.  
Jared just got married in case you haven't heard.  I hear they all had a really nice breakfast the morning after.  Jensen is feeling a little left out though, I'm sure since Genevieve is officially a Padalecki now. 

Gossip Boy,
Was Jessica Simpson part of the blind about the cocaine?  You used the exact same lines in that blind and in that post about Jessica.  It all makes complete sense and is for, who was her best friend?  Could it be her sister Ashlee?

Seems like you have it all figured out, so why don't you tell me? 

Give some True Blood gossip! Please, do you know them? Any secrets about them?

You need to narrow it down.  I already told you about Anna and Stephen's issues.  Not really much going on over there like with some other fang bangers.

Gossip Boy,
Please tell us Robert Pattinson is not gay!  We are tired of the rumors.

What more evidence do you need to see?  And even if he was gay, do you think I would just announce it for the world?

Gossip Boy,
Can you give us some info about Anderson Cooper?  Why hasn't he just come out yet, especially if he is openly adopting a baby.  Is there anyone who has enough guts to come out anymore?  How about you?

First of all, I have the guts.  I also have this thing called a career that I have worked hard for.  If I don't have to worry about the public shunning me then it's the suits who are scared that they will.  It's a viscous cycle.  As for Anderson and people coming out.  People will do it all in their own time.  There are rumblings that a certain male is about to actually come out of the closet.  Don't know how surprising it will be though.
Well I just about got busted with all of this, which means it is time to go.  Have a great evening and I'm sure I will tweet you all later.