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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blind Item

So do you guys remember the Hollywood Big Shot I told you about before. Well more information has come to light about him. Turns out, he is big on the sex for a job deal.  There is one young Hollywood actress who once was shining star but after dealing with him, her star got a little dimmer.
See he promised her the world, even told her he could get he jobs that weren't even linked to his company.  She did whatever he wanted, not even worrying about her family at home waiting for her.  She wanted to be #1, not #12.  When it started, she just expected to have sex with this guy a couple of times and she would be off on her way.  But what she didn't realize is that he was not letting go.  Not only did she become his toy, her began offering her out as a public playground.  Truth be told, she never had a problem with the sex, she is very career driven.  And by not having a problem, she is willing to let you..well put it anywhere. And she has definitely put some notches in her bedpost.  A magician , and some very big name actors.  One really big name even convinced her that he and his friends were doing a musical that she would be perfect for. And after they did her seven different ways to Sunday and passed her around like a bong, they informed her that it fell through, leaving her naked in bed crying while they walked away laughing.  And while she thought she was building her career, she became the laughing stock of this town.  She started getting spotted in bathrooms sticking anything up her nose, and down her throat, that she could find. But, now that the stories are getting out even more and her latest acting gig was canceled, she has retreated home with the family.  But once a slut always a slut, and I can promise that once it dies down.  This isn't a very hard Blind, but I had to post it since I recently discovered that she has began hooking up with yet another big name actor who promised her that he will get her the covers and roles she has longed for.  Hopefully, his very high tempered and little bit scary wife doesn't find out.

And it's not
Blake Lively
Jennifer Garner
Taylor Momsen


Anonymous said...

Kate Winslet, obviously

pomme said...

Gretchen Moll? she was the major guess in a Lainey blind item with Harvey Wenstein and Blake Lively

Anonymous said...

Yea its gretchen mol.

Anonymous said...

What Hollywood Big Shot? I don't ever remember reading about him before.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen Mol.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen Mol is in the headlines lately about loving the casting couch. I wonder who she's hooking up with now?