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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear Gossip Boy
Hi love the site, am a Blind Item junkie!! Love that you are posting more gossip too, keep it up! Question about Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, if your knowledge reaches that far, thought they were done?! Most gossip sources write them off as almost over...almost hasn't come yet? Has there been a change? And where do you stand on it being a relationship for love or mostly for (her) publicity?
Send my birthday wishes to GiGi
 AJ x

Almost is about here as Jessica isn't really Justin's type anymore.

Was there truth in the Kate Bosworth/Chris Martin hookup? Has she been dumped by the Gwynneth Paltrow crowd as a result? Is her pursuance of Alexander Skarsgard an attempt garner publicity?
Enjoy your evening
Kate is spreading her wings and not hanging with the same crew anymore.  But don't think Alexander doesn't know what he has gotten himself into.

OK here's one 4 ya...   Are you Wentworth Miller?pretty direct so you don't have to confirm, but a denial if so would be good... 
Hokey Poker

Chicken Dance,
I am not Wentworth Miller.  More famous, less television star.

I am so interested in the tape that you previously talked about. Anything new that you can share, like maybe what network the show is on? Or is that too much of a giveaway? 

I can share that I may actually get to see the tape myself.  But I can also say that it's not CBS, or NBC.
hey GB ,
its your fav twitter stalker  
ok just a coupla greedy questions if i may luv? 
1) Are you known for single movies or a franchise? 
2) which decade are you? teens, 20s, 30s, 40s and dare i even add 50s? 
3) have you ever had a ted casawanker nickname? (just yes or no'll do ) 
4) finally, if you could be a fly on someones wall, who's would it be?its great gassing with you :) your my favourite secret unknown celebrity xxx

Well, aren't you full of questions.  I'm known for movies, 21-35, maybe......

Thanks for that write up. I have a question though, and I don't use twitter. Plus, I doubt you would answer this (if at all) publicly.  Did Jensen's meeting up with his Days co-stars have to do with Frances Reid's passing? And I am assuming it wasn't a meeting of Jensen and Austin? Hope you get a chance and will answer - even if you don't exactly answer LOL
 Oh, and are you Michael Urie?

Jensen always held a fond place for Frances and always visited her when in the area.  And no, I'm not Urie.

I live in NYC and not far from Chace Crawford.  I have seen him and a redhead woman a lot lately and I was wondering if that was Gigi and Chace is McHottie.  Also, have you ever put yourself on your blog?

Well, if Chace has his own redhead, good for him.  Gigi is not a big fan of Chace's.  She used to be, and maybe will be again, but as of now she isn't.  I don't think they have been together for you to have seen them.  As for putting myself on the blog, how sneaky would that be?

I read your blog every morning with my coffee at my desk.  I love your take on celeb's and was wondering what you thought of  Bradley Cooper.  Is he hiding something?
Bradley Cooper was on Alias, I'm sure he picked up some CIA type moves.

Gossip Boy,
Have you ever been married or engaged?  Have you been in a movie with Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt?

Depends on who your asking about being engaged.  Never married though that's for sure.  And yes I have.
Gossip Boy,
Are you a native New Yorker?  

No, but I feel like I should be.  I am more of a California baby though.

Do you really think people believe you? You are a fake Perez wanna be and the fact that you are trying to keep Perez off Idol is hilarious.  You are no better than him.  I don't know why these people think you are real.

Well dear, some of us believe in Santa, some don't.  My question is, why are you writing someone you don't believe in?

I love that you fight back with the haters via tweets.  You are hilarious.  And gossip about the Melrose Place Cast....or Glee?  I love those shows.  Keep it up, love.

Well the MP cast is praying they have a job still.  I love that show, guilty pleasure.  As for Glee, some of those kids think they louder you sing, the more secrets you can hide.  And some are just along for the ride and and as sweet as ever.

Gossip Boy,
Any chance you can reveal one blind for us?  Is your blind from the Golden Globes about the couple trying to steal attention from their show about Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer?


Are the Jonas boys sweet?  How about Miley?  Is it true she and Joe are getting back together?

Joe's pants are so tight, he doesn't have room for anyone in them but him.  But Nick is the one to watch.  He is growing into himself and realizing what he has to offer.  He is the one to watch. 


Anonymous said...

OMG, you just raise more questions!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question. At least one part of it that is!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So why do you spend all your time trying to out people if you're too chickenshit to even reveal yourself? All gossip people are malignant tumors on society.

Anonymous said...

Why do you spend your free time looking over gossip sites if you just are going to bitch about it. Get a life.

I_Aim2Misbehave said...

Great post, and that picture of Askars...WOW!!

Anonymous said...

Miley dated Nick, not Joe. So yes, Nick is the one to watch, if you are thinking about Miley in giving that answer.