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Friday, February 5, 2010

Howard Stern= New Simon Cowell!!!

Heard some news reports that are totally shocking. Some newspapers and websites have reported that Howard Stern could possibly be taking over for Simon on American Idol next season after he vacates his judge's seat to bring "X Factor" to the U.S.

If this is even being considered, what the hell is going on?!? Simon may not be a ray of sunshine, but there is no way that shock jock Howard Stern can even be considered a replacement. Is he going to judge them on their performances or their breasts and ass? And how do the other judges feel about this? I'm sure mild-mannered Ellen would no way in hell want to share a table with Stern. If this comes about, I'm afraid it is the last nail in the A.I coffin. Losing Paula was a huge blow and now Simon? At least we will be able to see Simon and possibly Paula on what I have labeled "American Idol Jr."


Anonymous said...

this would ruin AI

Anonymous said...

some people in the media believe that this was planted by stern's people for PR! (definately not true)....bc entertainment weekly contacted FOX and they said NO!