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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lisa Rinna Speaks Out Against Plastic Surgery

Poor Heidi Montag.  Not only did she have to suffer through 10 plastic surgeries to look like Barbie's cousin, Trailer Trash Tara,  but everyone has had something to say against her.  The latest celeb to speak out, Lisa Rinna.  She told a magazine that plastic surgery sends out a bad message to teenage girls.

Really?  I'm sorry Lisa, I couldn't understand you through those plumped up lips.  Rinna has also said she rips the cover off of magazines she finds offensive, especially the covers that features plastic surgery.

So, I take it her daughters have never seen photos of their mom before she got a frequent buyer card at the nip/tuck shop. Rinna has admitted to Juvederm fillers, Botox, lip-plumping and breast implants.  Maybe the fact of the matter is, she tells her daughter that she naturally looks like she stuck an air pump in various parts of her body and keeps all plastic surgery articles hidden so they cannot compare and contrast.

1 comment:

Juicy Lucy said...

GB you're right on the money. Rinna already got hers but anyone who wants the same thing is wrong wrong wrong!