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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Penelope Cruz In Talks Join Pirates 4, But Is It Enough?

Hollywood Reporter has reported that Penelope Cruz is in talks to join the cast of the upcoming, top secret Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides.  They reported that the acclaimed Spanish actress is currently in negotiations with Disney to join Johnny Depp, one of the only original stars returning in this installment.

Johnny's love interest and rival Keira Knightley, has declined to the chance to return and Orlando Bloom has also declined the role.  Without Orlando and Keira, is there even a reason to make yet another movie in an already perfect trilogy?

And that is where Penelope comes into play.  She has found worldwide fame and is very A-List internationally, but she hasn't been able to pull in American audiences yet.  So this could either work out in her favor, or she could be tying herself to a sinking ship.

Rob Marshall, who directed Cruz in Nine, is also the director of the latest Pirates installment.  He is also a big fan of Penelope's work and has said he would love to add her to the cast.  That's all well and good, but I hope they have another big name lined up to join the cast.  Do you think Penelope and Johnny can pull it off or should they just end it now?


Anonymous said...

I dont like her enough to go and see a movie I dont even want made!

Anonymous said...

Why another?! Without O and K it's not worth it

Anonymous said...

Is she still a working actress??

Anonymous said...

"he would love to ass her to the cast" - 'ass her' - is that Rob Marshall's Freudian slip or yours? Or sometimes a typo is just a typo . . .

pomme said...

my boyfriend wanted Christian Bale in the new movie because Bale yet acts a sailor in a TV movie(he was very young)and last september, we can see a pix with Bale playing Jack Sparrow at a birthday party!

but i don't believe it