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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pete Wentz, WTF?

Seems like Fall Out Boy is tired of Pete Wentz being their spokesperson.  If we could arrange this forever, I might be on board.

This is how Pete ended his fashion show this week in NYC.  The fashion show  was for his clothing line Clandestine Industries and at the end, Pete was wheeled out looking like this.

I guess this is what happens when you give an emo boy his own clothing line.  I don't know what the hell they were thinking, but I am just a little mad I wasn't there to witness such a shock.  However, with his wife Ashlee in the audience looking like something that should have been put in a mask, I am kind of glad I wasn't there.


Anonymous said...

Is that ashlee in the bottom pic? Bloody hell, she's looking rough!!

pusssykatt said...

Evidently Ashlee didn't want to be there either:
Ashlee Simpson refused to show up at the party to celebrate husband Pete Wentz's new fashion line until the party at Andaz Wall Street was clear of photographers, a source said. "Ashlee wouldn't even come down from her room unless assured all the photographers had gone, despite the event being to celebrate her guy's clothing," we're told. "Then Nicole Richie showed up and wouldn't let anyone take her picture because she said she had no makeup on." Simpson's rep said, "This was Pete's special night and Ashlee couldn't have been more proud. She attended the after-party and happily posed for photos."

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