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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Real Taylor Swift

Remember when Taylor Swift first burst onto the scene? So young and so innocent. Singing about being 16 and boys breaking her heart. She practically still wore a halo. She was seeing Joe Jonas and they were the the next big teen couple. But he broke her heart during a phone call and it all began.

Taylor gets off on playing the victim, a member of her camp said. First with Joe, then with Kanye. She uses it to her advantage.

Taylor is a well-known victim. From getting dumped in her songs, to everything else that has happened to her right before out eyes. But somehow, through all the turmoil and pain, Taylor emerged and decided she wanted to be a singer AND an actress.

Anyone knows that once you enter the Hollywood game, it's a whole different level. Her management decided what image she needed to project and then Taylor sold her soul to the devil. It all began with Taylor Lautner. They co-starred in Valentine's Day together and people were set on making them the new Kristen and Rob. But Lautner himself pulled out, for reasons we will discuss later. Swift though, was a little upset about that and acted out.

Then she met John Mayer. And the good girl fell for the bad boy and she gave into him very easily. She spent nights with him, until her management ended that quickly.

Taylor is on image control, her "friend" tells me. Taylor's management has a certain image she must keep up with if she wants a film career. Which is why she was sent out with Cory Monteith. He is the kind of guy that her management wants her to be seen with. But Cory is a good guy, and Tay likes the bad boys.

Taylor is very set on being an actress, but I doubt she knew what she was getting herself into. Now she acts exactly like they want her too and she is becoming their robot, all because she wants to be the next big thing. They have told her to stay away from John Mayer, saying he could ruin her image in one statement.

But, we have all began to witness the downfall of Taylor. First, her performances have been, well they have sucked. Then, she is seen partying until the morning hours in private hotel rooms, with her mother sleeping down the hall.

She is in Austrailia right now, being kept far away from John. But from what I hear, John and Taylor are still talking and she has every intention of seeing him again. They plan on seeing ech other after her overseas tour ends and before her US tour begins on March 4th. Hopefully, someone can set her straight before then.

We hope Taylor is saved soon, she is walking right in Britney's footsteps. It's not that we are big fans of hers, she does whine too much. But we simply are tired of seeing young, promising stars being ripped to shreds by Hollywood execs.


Anonymous said...

It does seem like she is selling out. I never though her to be as innocent as she looked! Keep it up GB

Anonymous said...

I knew her and John Mayer were hooking up! Whast is it about him that these girls fall for?

Anonymous said...

She is not fooling anyone anymore!

Anonymous said...

she definately isnt fooling neone..the taylor swift backlash has begun.. ever since she won "vocal country" awards the entertainment communities are pissed...VOCALIST she is NOT...she should stick with being a SONGWRITER and leave the singing to someone else!

Anonymous said...

i think she is the next britney

Anonymous said...

I used to like her, now she is tainted by Mayer

Anonymous said...

Thank God someone other than me finally sees how fake she is!

pomme said...

new Britney?!new Miley?!

Anonymous said...

well this sounds like a whole lotta BS