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Monday, February 1, 2010

Rise And Shine Blind

Which morning ray of sunshine has an agreement with their spouse that they can do anyone and everyone. The wife likes some color in her bedroom and the husband likes anyone who will fawn over his body.  It's shocking that no one has ever exposed them since the live in a city where everyone knows everyone.


Anonymous said...

Rachel Ray?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that it might be Elisabth Hasselbeck. She is just way to proper and fancy to not have anything wrong with her!

Anonymous said...

oohh! I luv the Elisabeth Hasselbeck guess. It probably isn't her, but how awesome would that be! I think the Zon is right though. Kelly Ripa looks like a sexual man-eater.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming Kelly Ripa. I have heard the scuttlebutt that they swing.
The Zon

pomme said...

yeah Ripa and her husband!!