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Friday, February 5, 2010

Snowed In Blind Item

As most of the East Coast gets ready to be snowed in for days, and Gossip Boy heads down to Miami with his man, I sit in his apartment in NYC getting ready to be stuck. Since most of us will not have any contact with the outside world other then internet, I am clinging to the blog and Twitter for dear life. From now until Sunday, I will be posting many, many Blind Items that we have been following. And since Gossip Boy left me here, meanie, I might just reveal a little bit more than he would like. Call it my Blizzard Revenge!
So here is a very juicy blind to hold you over until later......
This beautiful woman has been around for a couple of years. When she first erupted she was young, restless and very well known. She still is, just not held to the same high regard. She tried to break away from the ensamble and starred in a couple of movies. Both of them bombed and she desperatley tried to find another. She even tied herself to some bigger names to boost her popularity, but nothing. Recently she has seem to have given up and turned to something to numb the pain, and her teeth. She has become so hooked on the powder that her better half is starting to worry. She has even secretly been hanging out with her ex who is a well known party guy. The sad part is, she didn't know that she was pregnant, something they had been trying for since their honeymoon. When she fell ill one night and a doctor came to the house, he informed her about her miscarriage. She kept the news from her man until he figured it out on his own. Now he has given her an ultimatum, him or the drugs. She wants to choose him, but her ex has his claws back in her and doesn't wnt to let go. Plus, he loves the fact that she always keeps him well supplied since his career is also drying up. Hopefully her husband can save her before it is too late and the poison sets in.

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