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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Taylor Swift Backlash!

Taylor Swift's legion of young fans have stuck by her through Kanye, through Joe Jonas, and through Taylor Lautner. But now they seem have turned on the blond haired singer. If you haven't noticed, all of her televised performances have been, well, they have been bad. She has been so off-key lately that fans are starting to wonder how produced her albums really are. And not only that, they are furious that she keeps winning awards and it seems to be going to her head. When she won her Grammy on Sunday night, she didn't acknowledge her fellow nominees at all. Instead she rambled on and on about how surprised she was. And when she sang with Stevie Nicks, Stevie was reduced to singing back-up for her. Un-called for! Hey Taylor, we believed you the first couple times. But after all your awards you have won, don't you thin you should have the acceptance speech part down by now? You had better work on your live performances. No matter how much hand banging you do to a country song, if you sound like you just stumbled out of the trailer park, no one is going to have your back the next time someone announces that you don't deserve your award.


MM said...

Pretty please,

my eyes hurt, I can't read that!

Please change font color to white, or even better, use white background with black or dark gray text (like your twitter design).

Anonymous said...

Off Key lately? She's always off key. I had the unfortunate "pleasure" of having to sit through one of her concerts. My ears were bleeding by the time the show was over & wasn't from the piercing screams of 15 year old little girls. That girl has no business singing or claiming she's a "country" artist. Hopefully her novelty won't last much longer. And for the love of God, stop with the "who me, I won an award?" act. It's old.

pomme said...

my boyfriend calls her "depp throat" because she opens well big her mouth when she wins!