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Monday, February 22, 2010

What Do You Think?

This may open a can of worms but it has been bugging me.  I want to know what you think about Rob and Kristen's looks on the red carpet of the BAFTA Awards.

Rob's usually sexy, wild mess of a hairdo was unusually slicked down as he tried to pull of a new look.  Do you think it worked for him?

Kristen however looked amazing and as usual, pulled of a stunning dress.  And yes, as dinner was served, I hear they couldn't handle the heat anymore and ended up in a suite where they probably will do it until dawn breaks.


Anonymous said...

see that's the damn thing about Rob...he ends up looking sexy as hell no matter what the hair is doing! My opinion is that they are very much a couple and are screaming each other's name all night long...they left early for a reason...a BIG reason ;)

Anonymous said...

Rob has to have his hair a certain way for Bel Ami, he's not trying out a new look. Just like Kristen had to have her hair a certain way for The Runaways.

I liked Kristen's dress, but it didn't photograph well. It made her look a little puggy at angles. It should have been taken in a little around the tummy. I would have liked to have seen a more delicate shoe too. I liked the ribbon, but not quite sure about the size of the heal.

Anonymous said...

Seriously i liked Rob
but i dont like Kristen dress...
i mean is Channel,is kinda beautiful
but neither that color nor that strapless dress look good in her! Where are their agents? they get paid for that! Dont they?
And she IS definitely a bit fater! I dont know if the fabric of that dress is like stiffy and kinda makes convex itself or is the chubby tire i see in her red carpet pics actually fat under her boobs? Seriously,gorgeous girl dont try with that kind of dress anymore!Kristen is so beautiful natural young lady! and BTW the poor girl was litereally shivering in the red carpet and then looked exhausted...And please, gossipboy whoever you are, sometimes you seem true...eventhough i dont fully consider any of gossip like real..but on the other hand rumors appears for a can you please restore some respect and make clear based on proofs if possible whether these two kids are a couple or just know speculation is annoying! IMHO i jus cant believe the idea of just friends, when they are such close workers for years and both gorgeous...unless they are gay...come on someone straight can not just be friends of such beauties! i just cant believe lol.
Xoxo Tita

Anonymous said...

I hope Christina Ricci sues your a$$ for slander!!!

Anonymous said...

What does Cristina R hav 2 do with this article? lol

Anonymous said...

The pictures of them leaving in the same car seatin together and Rob saying hes happy because of her award ar in sugarpopuk and video robert delighthed in youtube also BBC stated KS as RP´s girlfriend and more tweets bout Baz´s blog from the mail online

bazblog. dailymail. co. uk /

sayin more details
so i dont get it are they datin? why on earth did they leave together is strange since they didnt arrive as couple earlier so weird

patricia said...

"Robert Pattinson did the sensible thing and left the post-Bafta bash, with his Bella, Kristen Stewart, hanging on his arm at 11.30 Sunday night.
Kristen gave Twilight co-star Anna Kendricks (a nominee on the night for Up In the Air) a goodnight peck, and then she was off with her beau leaing the way. He had a good excuse for leaving the Grosvenor House early - he was getting up at 5am shoot rauncy scenes with Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci out at Elstree studios for the movie Bel Ami."

GossipBoy How do you knpw they went to a suite "doing it all night" lol

Anonymous said...

Rob and Kristen avoid the party cause Robert had to give Kristen an award last nit jajajajaja

Anonymous said...

he gave her something all right giggidy giggidy