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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alice Gets Put In Her Place

Alice is back and she is tearing up the town as usual.  But this one story I wish to share makes me giggle for apparent reasons.

Alice is on a network show that made her a household name.  She has been running the show as of late, co-stars trying to have interventions.  But Alice has a co-star that had been holding back and recently let it all out.

We will call her Queenie for confusion sakes.  She is the Queen of the show and has long considered herself the star.  She has even had some assistants fired during her rampages, so Q is no one to mess with.

Q has been privy to all of the Alice commotion, but chose to stay out of it.  She was happy that someone else was being called the diva of the set.  But that all changed when Q realized Alice had set her eyes on Q's boyfriend.  And Q's man has been pretty fed up with his woman's bitchiness and weekend trips with other male co-stars, so he made out with the girl.

Q issued an all out war with Alice and decided to hit Alice where it really hurts.  Q has started a campaign to use Alice's character to teach viewers a lesson and there is a huge possibility that Alice will be hovering between life and death here very shortly.  When Alice found out, I am told there was a huge showdown in the make-up trailer that had some people fearing that this would be the fight everyone has been waiting to explode.  But Q simply warned little Alice to stay on her good side and to remember who is the real Queen of the show.

It's Not:
Lea Michele
Katie Cassidy
Ellen Pompeo
Jensen Ackles


Anonymous said...

Ooh love this blind!! I reckon Q is LEIGHTON MEESTER and Alice is TAYLOR MOMSEN...

Anonymous said...

Jensen Ackles as an 'its not' with a reference to Queen... LMAO

Anonymous said...

Jensen Ackles as an 'its not' with a reference to Queen... LMAO

That's exactly what I just thought.

How about Taylor Mommsen and, I don't know, Leighton Meester? I don't watch Gossip Girl, but I've seen a whole lot of that underaged party-girl in the gossip rags lately.

Anonymous said...

I agree with first anon, but Queenie is Blake. Lee isnt dating anyone on the show, Lively is.

Anonymous said...

Queenis is Blake Lively

touched said...

well Leighton is/was dating Sebastian Stan (yum) but he is more of a side character. Sounds like Blake and Taylor though.

Anonymous said...

Look at this!

Anonymous said...

Q could be Leighton, Blake or even Jessica.

Alice is clearly Taylor.

They're making this far too easy on the GG writers this year!!!! GG has almost become just a slightly scripted reality show, lol.