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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Jesse James Whore Comes Forward

Star magazine is reporting that yet another woman is coming forward with the claims that she also had an affair with Jesse James.  Even though it is Star, rumors of other women have been circulating for awhile around town.  Turns out that Sandra Bullock had an idea that Jesse was being unfaithful.  Melissa Smith claims that this first started in 2006 with some Myspace messages.

It all started with Jesse seeing the woman's picture at a West Coast Choppers party and liked what he saw.  He had already been married to Sandy for a year at this point but it didn't stop him from having net sex with this girl.

Melissa says, "I got a message from this guy saying,'Nice car...that’s my godfather’s.' After a few exchanges, he introduced himself as Jesse James and gave me his e-mail address with the name Vanilla Gorilla."

They continued emailing each other until Melissa was flown out to California to meet Jesse, who told her he would take her for a ride in one of his cars.  Instead, she rode him on his now infamous couch in his office.  A couch that I really hope is taken for evidence and destroyed.

Smith claims that they continued sleeping together on and off for the next two years.  Is this another girl coming to claim some money or do you believe her?  Oh BTW, this LINK will take you to an TSG Hooker Mugshot Page, where Melissa is displayed.


Julia said...

Holy Shit! Gb, i have not seen this anywhere yet, where did you find this?

Discobitch said...

well i hope sandys been tested lately.... poor bitch!

Debra said...

You said this would happen, last week if I'm not mistaken. Maybe now people will realize you know whats up in HW!

Kathryn said...

This doesn't surprise me. If there's one indiscretion (I'm bein' polite), there's bound to be others.

Guys like Jesse need to learn a certain rule: if she's fast to open her mouth for your dick, she's gonna be fast to flap her gums to folks for money.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing rumors of porn stars and others just waiting their turn. Get SB some strong antibiotics STAT. Seriously he couldn't slap a condom on that thing?

Mary said...

Seriously - Jesse, Tiger - how many others are we gonna see come out of he woodwork in 2010? And why is it that these boys just can't stop at one?

If JJ goes into sex rehab like Tiger did, I'm gonna blow chunks.

Anonymous said...

it's ho not hoe.