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Monday, March 22, 2010

Danneel Harris Rumor Control

I have received emails and tweets asking the same thing.  I have talked to people, and I can honestly say that Danneell Harris was NOT arrested for drunk driving and hitting another vehicle.

Danneel and Jensen spent Saturday evening together and Danneel did not wake up on Sunday in a holding cell, a source says.

I'm not sure where this rumor started but it was followed by a tweet saying that Jensen Ackles had died in an accident caused by a drunk driver.  Of course no one believed that rumor, but the Danneel rumor seemed to be picking up momentum.

Danneel is set to star in the new NBC comedy Friends With Benefits as well as a role in the new Jennifer Lopez movie, The Back-Up Plan which comes out on April 23rd.

Discovered that the rumor was started in a fan community and the Danneel Haters ate it up and sent it out.  How can you call yourself a fan community when you spread lies without checking the facts? You should look up the meaning of fan community.  With fans like that, who needs enemies?

The source that revealed the story was false is in the assistant clique and knows for a fact that Ms. Harris was not arrested.

If you think Jensen would let his drunken bride-to-be get behind the wheel and threaten the PR of their upcoming nups, you are insane!  Danneel is playing the good girl.  She knows she has a lot going on right now and one stupid mistake could ruin all the hard, half-naked work she had to do to get to where she is.


Anonymous said...

"Danneell and Jensen spent the evening together last night and Danneel did not wake up in a holding cell, a source says." LOL. The source should know how to spell her name. And so what is your source? spn_gossip?

Hannah said...

Thank you GB, I thought this was a fake story.

Lucas said...

Please, SPN_Gossip is filled with small minded haters. If they don't like what you have to say they attack, that community is a joke. They wouldn't know a scoop if it smacked them on the face.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How do we know you are not covering for her?

Anonymous said...

HA HA! I love you GB

Anonymous said...

It's pretty clear that spn_gossip has gone way beyond being just a gossip community. It's a place where a small, select group of bitter old biatches will make up and post lies and slander about anyone who is close to Jensen and Jared.

They are malicious beyond reason and extreme in their insistence that the leads on Supernatural live according to their collective fantasy and deeply resent evidence that the Js apparently aren't their personal blow-up dolls and are living their lives based on their own terms.

These fans have a very peculiar and disturbing psychology and I feel very sorry for anyone who comes across their radar.

Anonymous said...

Way to shoot yourself in the foot, GB! You should have never reposted this article (that is clearly the scoop of last night's post some troll has posted on spn_gossip), and MOREOVER, you should have never added the edited part. Lies are best seen in the deets, you know.

Anonymous said...

The source or fam community you speak of is not a fan community for Danneel Harris! Are you insane GB? Not so keen on your blog now.

Anonymous said...

That community has ridiculed GB for months and even made some lame accusations. How can you come here and be mad at him and then think he stole it from you! You guys are crazie!

Lomar said...

I agree. That community is the one that has spread the GB hate around to other sites.

Alissa said...

I am a member of that community and I admit, there is more GB hate and conspiracy theories over there then anywhere. People don't like that he is in on things and want to discredit him. Some of his blinds seem to have played out, and I know of two that I have heard in my own personal time. I work with studio execs a lot. I have a feeling I know who GB is, simply because the celeb I believe him to be talks the same way and in the same manner as GB.

My sincere apologies fr the long comment. I believe that GB is revealing more than people like and I will be the first to admit that celebs know about this site and a lot of the fan communities. They pose as nonnies ITK and spill info to keep them relevant. And I believe someone spilled the Danneel story on purpose and GB shot it down before it got any more momentum.

Anonymous said...

I still don't like Danneel. I don't think any actress has to expose as much as she has to become a success. I don't think she's much of an actress. But I don't know her personally so ... I'm hoping she's a nice person. It seems like a lot of the rumors/gossip about Jared and Jensen being gay for each other has died down. Guess the truth has finally come out. Can't wait to see Jensen in his tux!

Anonymous said...

Hey Alissa,
Is your GB guess an east or west coast star? And I'd like to know if the blinds that you have heard of are about the BTC kissing co-stars or Justin Case/Rainbow Dark. If so is rainbow dark the total jerk he seems to be?

I personal don't follow any SPN communities I just keep up with the guys because of Ted C. comments. I'd love to know what you know if you care to share. Ted C. has a BV couple that sound an awful lot like justin case/Rainbow dark- I wonder if they are one and the same. If you know anything about Ted C. bv on JJO/DDD do you think they could be GB's JC/RD or the kissing co-stars?

Anonymous said...

She is still lame

Anonymous said...

Well i havent heard that rumor but i do believe she would play it good, cause she has to.

jensen dude, please dont marry that girl, a BIG no no

Anonymous said...

Hi Gossip Boy,
Enough with the "no-gossip" rumors! That's not what we want to see.

Dish the dirt on her new relaysh with Patrick J Adams. She just can't keep those beautifully manicured hands off her lead actors can she?

We heard that she broke up with hottie Jensen Ackles over Valentines and he was seen looking heartbroken and taking her dog back a couple of weeks ago. (I reckon he was more upset about losing the dog ...)

Have you seen Danneel out and about with her new co-star? Or is this just Ted Casablanca exaggerating the gossip he has heard?