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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear Gossip Boy,
Out of all the places you have been in the states, which is your most loved place?
I am highly contemplating jumping over the giant puddle to going to Grad school in the states (The uk is soooo boring!) so where would be a good place to look at? Some place with a large selection of yummy men would be a bonus! :-)
Love the gossip btw! Keep up the spiffy good work!
Thetyn! :-)

Thanks for the compliments. You know how to make a man blush so you should have no problem with the yummy boys. I recommend NY.  It's filled with so many different people and you have no idea where life will take you as you leave your apartment in the morning.

@The_Gossip_Boy does your name begin with an 'S'? :-)

Okay I guess I can give you guys a hint about my identity.  Neither my first nor last name begins with an S.  Also, I am not, Zachary Quinto, Wentworth Miller, T.R Knight, or Neil Patrick Harris

@The_Gossip_Boy Just curious...Top 3 celeb men you'd like to take home? And if you had to, top 3 women? Haha
 Dirty girl.  I'd have to say Chris Evans, Chace Crawford, and Jake Gyllenhaal.  Those are the hottest 3 men in HW, hands down.  Women, Amanda Peet, Chelsea Handler, Bonnie Hunt.  Of course just for drinks and games.

Dear GB,
Since you lie about your locations, have you lied about anything else? How can we believe you?

Locations have been the only thing I have ever fudged on.  And only when it becomes clear that if I don't you will all figure me out.  Don't think I don't know about all the clues people have stacked up. Gotta' say, love my fans.

Gossip Boy,
The recent blind item, did the woman give birth to both of the kids or were they adopted, a la Nicole and Tom?

She gave birth to their children, poor girl.  Just so you know, that was years ago.  She has moved on to even uglier situations.

Any chance you can tell us what type of television show you might have been on?  What about the recent cameo you supposedly had?

I cannot tell you that. I will tell you that it's no longer on the air.  When you say supposedly, it makes me not want to answer you. :(

Dear Gossip Boy,
I am a huge fan of Glee, and a huge fan of the Glee-kids, who (so far) seem like sweet down-to-earth people. However, there's a lot of speculation about Lea Michelle and Dianna Agron. They have been pictured together many, many times looking incredibly affectionate with one another, and were even living together at one point. Then suddenly, nothing. No photos, no tweets about one another... nothing. Do you know if these two were ever anything more than friends? People are particularly curious about Dianna who seemed very taken with Lea.
Keep up the good work! I love what you're doing.
Some of those Glee kids are nothing like you think.  As for Lea and Dianna, they aren't hot for each other.  Party girls flock together.

Do you have any Lost scoop?  Anything about Matthew Fox and the stripper? We haven't heard anything about it.

No one is making a big deal about it because no one is shocked., except maybe his wife.  
Jared just got married in case you haven't heard.  I hear they all had a really nice breakfast the morning after.  Jensen is feeling a little left out though, I'm sure since Genevieve is officially a Padalecki now. 

Gossip Boy,
Was Jessica Simpson part of the blind about the cocaine?  You used the exact same lines in that blind and in that post about Jessica.  It all makes complete sense and is for, who was her best friend?  Could it be her sister Ashlee?

Seems like you have it all figured out, so why don't you tell me? 

Give some True Blood gossip! Please, do you know them? Any secrets about them?

You need to narrow it down.  I already told you about Anna and Stephen's issues.  Not really much going on over there like with some other fang bangers.

Gossip Boy,
Please tell us Robert Pattinson is not gay!  We are tired of the rumors.

What more evidence do you need to see?  And even if he was gay, do you think I would just announce it for the world?

Gossip Boy,
Can you give us some info about Anderson Cooper?  Why hasn't he just come out yet, especially if he is openly adopting a baby.  Is there anyone who has enough guts to come out anymore?  How about you?

First of all, I have the guts.  I also have this thing called a career that I have worked hard for.  If I don't have to worry about the public shunning me then it's the suits who are scared that they will.  It's a viscous cycle.  As for Anderson and people coming out.  People will do it all in their own time.  There are rumblings that a certain male is about to actually come out of the closet.  Don't know how surprising it will be though.
Well I just about got busted with all of this, which means it is time to go.  Have a great evening and I'm sure I will tweet you all later.


Anonymous said...

Awwww jared, awww jensen, i bet HE really loves Jared, him feeling left out, why is that? hmm

Anonymous said...

Love the site but I think we'll have to agree to disagree about what it means to have guts. Some of us sacrificed career options, family, and friendships in order to live openly and honestly not just for ourselves but for future generations. (off my soap box)

Is Justin Case Zach Levy?

I_Aim2Misbehave said...

Ah, I always love the Dear Gossip Boy posts....Thanks for indulging me luv :) Very respectable choices! I would love to hang with Chelsea too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with up you @ vis, i think we have to agree to disagree, well i just hope people in the near future like jodie foster, and others, come out and live who they really are! So yeah..

Anonymous said...

And I have to agree with Gossip Boy in that people come out in their own time. Because we're fans of lots of these people we sometimes feel like they should come out now because we love them and we'll protect them. But we can't rush them. We can only hope they are happy while taking their time making the decision. If they're unhappy, it's less likely they can decide what they want.

Anonymous said...

My point isn't to encourage/persuade/coerce anyone to come out that doesn't want to come out. Just pointing out that those of us that did come out, paid our own prices be they loss, blood, or life. My point is that to say that you have the guts to come out but are afraid to lose________ (fill in the blank) is a little disengenuous. Since I don't know who GB is I have no idea if I'm a fan or not. I do like the site and his tweets so in that respect ... yes I'm a fan. May he long get to have his cock and eat it too. :p)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gossip Boy, do you answer all your emails? If not, please due, to IB

Tania said...

May he long get to have his cock and eat it too. :p)

Vis, you just made me spit diet coke over my keyboard! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person in the sexually responsive world who thinks Zachary Quinto is just creepy-looking?

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, Nonnie! I was beginning to think *I* was!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

So, he basically just said that Reese Witherspoon was the lesbian mommy swinger. That link goes to a "Fire Ring" i.e. Ring of Fire! And, June Carter Cash wrote that song and Reese portrayed June in her oscar winning role! I knew it!