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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

I had some time to kill and the email was full. I needed to answer them, and here are as many as I could.  Thanks, I love all the emails. The questions, the pictures, the links, you guys are hilarious.
Dear GB,
I'm taking a huge leap here, but are you perhaps Justin Long?

Perhaps....but I'm not.

Dear Gossip Boy,
I will be watching Oscars!  If you want to shout out bite your lower lip if that's not too risky or lame
Eithe way have a Blast!
I have gotten so many requests for a shout out, but I never even said I was going to the Oscars. Guess you will have to watch and see.

Dear GB,
I LOVE your site!  I admire you for having the guts to reveal the ugly truths of some celebrities!
I wonder if you can kindly answer my question.
Some pals said the release of Straw Dogs is delayed, so suddenly Alexander Skarsgard and Kate Bosworth "disappear."  Was their whole "dating-thing" just for PR, or are they trying to keep it low-key and hide from all the press?
They are still warm, but they aren't as hot as they once were.  They will still be in the places they need to be when it counts, but as for the hot affair that was building up, it's simmering for awhile.

Gossip Boy,
First off  I  must say I adore your blog. Your awesome. Second thing. I've been going over the thoughts in my head of whom you might be and I have come to a result. Are you Tobey Maguire? I'm just assuming. At least give us a hint? Movie? TV? Anything. And the third thing, It's regarding J2 + the other two. Ever notice how when Jensen is with Jared he's all smiling and happy? But in pictures with Danneel he looks gloomy and sad. Those are just my thoughts. And no comment on Gen. I'm just saying, Danneel and Gen are interfering in something they shouldn't be getting their hands into. J&J have their thing. Leave it be. Danneel can go back to wherever she came from along with Genvieve.  

When I first started the blog, I posted pictures of Jared and Jensen and also asked the same question.  In every picture they seem to be a bit more happier and constantly touching.  As for Tobey Maguire, isn't he married with kids, giving off toothy grins, quitting Spiderman, and being domestic? That is certainly not me.  Good guess though.

Hi GB,

I've been following you for a few weeks now and even I'm not completely aware of your blinds Items, I have fun trying to find them. But out of curiosity, who is Thekruezer, I know I follow him, but he have way too much infos about everybody, is thy guy is even real? Specificly about The Wedding (Jared's) which was (close) friends and family only, and this guy ( a porn producer if I understand  correctly) was invited? Hummm?

Enlight me if you can.
And keep going, I'm dying to know who you are...

Kisses Hun,

 Thekruezer knows nothing.  I mean really??

Dear GB,
Now that Danneel is back on twitter, any chance we will see a rumble? What about the break-up rumors?

She isn't going to rumble with me, for two reasons.  To her, I am no one.  She wouldn't get any press, and for another. She would lose.  As for the break-up rumors, I'm sure she is going to try to fix that if they are true.  You really think she would come out and eat her own words.  Never.

Is that blind item about the rapper 50 cent?

That blind was not about 50, but he has plenty of indiscretions that keep him on top.
Do you know the identity of Toothy Tile?  I know it's Ted C's blind vice, but if you know everything...

I'm pretty sure a lot of us know who Toothy Tile is, but are we right? You should ask him, or Ted.

@the_gossip_boy any more hints on the rapper who likes his BJs a bit more masculine?

What can I tell you?  He is not married and has done some acting.

What are the chances that we will ever find out who you are?

When I release my biography from my death bed. Unless some sleuths figure it out.  I hear that there is a place with a lot of GB clues.  Doubt anyone will figure it out though to be honest with you, but you never know.

Are Jennifer Maniston and Gerard NoButtler really an item? Is it just for fun or what?

Gerard is nowhere near being able to settle down, and neither in Jennifer.  I think Brad did a number on that poor girl, plus she seems to have the Peter Pan Syndrome. 


tonilost said...

Are you Matt Bomer? I hear he leads an out life but now that he is starring in a series he is forced to keep mum. It's sad, he seems so bland on talk shows.

Anonymous said...

Hm. So why would Danneel lose to GB if they rumble? Either GB is full of it or????

Anonymous said...

GB... loving you more every day. If you are honest about your location at times being the only thing you've bent the truth about about then you have given enough to figure out who you are. There are about 3 actors that fit several clues (Leo for one)I can only find one that matches all the clues you've given. Trying to figure you out is as much fun as the blinds so I'm hoping you are honest in your clues and have only fibbed about your particular location at a given time.

Tina et Mathieu said...

so Vis, i'm new to this site, and would love to have your opinion on GB. Who do you think he is?

Anonymous said...

I'm watching for a lower lip bite!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Pretty new myself and I honestly don't know anything more than anyone else. GB tweeted that he hoped to win an AA to sit next to his MTV (movie) award. Since the awards have only been around since '92 there aren't that many winners. Take male winners for all categories and start eliminating the ones that don't match a clue, age/background'll narrow it down to five or six possibilities that kind of work... eventually (if the clues are truthful) you'll end up with only one that matches the clues GB has given. It would be awesome if it is who I think, especially since we have the same favorite book and same breed of dog but I was kinda excited for awhile thinking it might be Emile Hirsch.

Tania said...

The problem is, if GB's identity were to be revealed, he would probably stop blogging. And I like this site. Therefore, I'm not joining the guessing game.

But even if someone guessed right, he'd never admit it, would he?

Anonymous said...

hmmm Clif just tweeted 'all are happy in the spn world' not sure if that was a confirmation that the break up rumours are false or not

Anonymous said...

If GB said to me "If I tell you who I am, I'll have to kill you immediately after" -I would say "Please, go ahead". If he is who I think he is, I'd die happy. if he isn't, then at least I'd stop thinking things and die happy. GB, do we have a deal. I'll send this message to his email address so we can arrange date and place. Yesss.