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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dear Gossip Boy

Dear Gossip Boy,
Why is this Disney actress starving herself?

She looked fine during her 1st season of JONAS, but following her Tweets and seeing her changing pictures, she now looks like she is shrinking by the day. What is up with Disney teen girls going so out of control?? From Britney to Lindsay to Vanessa Hudgens to Miley Cyrus to Chelsea Staub. Is working for Disney the equivalent of attending an all girls catholic school? They're so repressed they end up going balls to the wall? Kinda sad.
Keep up the good work, Gossip Boy - you rock, baby!!
Disney is a well-oiled machine that makes products that make them billions of dollars. But the problem a lot of these stars face is once Disney is done with them and they realize they spent their entire young adulthood being puppets, rebellion occurs.  With Britney and Lindsay, they are regressing and seem to be trying to capture the teen years they lost.  I hate to see what happens to the current Disney line-up when the new generation emerges.
@The_Gossip_Boy Dear GB - a lame question, I know, but have you ever been to London? I'm not trying to ID you, honest. Just curious!

Absolutely. Where do you think I picked up some terms of endearments I use?  My favorite place to eat there is Cecconis.  Best tiramisu EVER!

Do you know something about Kristen travel for UK soon? I´ve heard this... Do you know if this is true? thank you
I can only assume that with Kristen currently promoting The Runaways, and looking fabulous while doing it, and Rob busy shooting Bel Ami that they probably will not be seeing each other for quite a bit.  I doubt Rob will be able to go the long without some lovin' though so....

Dear GeeBee;
Wow, 72 in Maine in March....UNHEARD OF! loves it! Now, My question(s)
A~ What are your thoughts on Matt Dallas? aside from being totally edible, he pings my "Dar" something wicked. Is he done now that his show is off the air?
B~Justin Case...Can you give out any physical characteristics as a hint, or would that blow it? I think he has dark curly hair, and is currently sporting natural chest hair
C~Not a question, but a statement...Don't care who you are, just glad you are. I am having so much fun with the blinds, and am quickly becoming a fan of your articles on Sexuality in Hollywood and all the (sad) crap it entails, so insightful and well put! 
LONG LIVE lL RAGAZZO VOCE!!!! xoxoxo Sarge
Matt Dallas is a very pretty boy, I agree with you.  Just because of rumors of him dating Jonathan Bennett wouldn't die down doesn't mean anything does it?   Justin is the kind of guy you want to go on a journey with you. That is a clue, but you really have to dig to find it. Happy hunting!

Do you see anytime in the future where you, personally, might be able to live your life exactly the way you want to?  I'm not talking about some big coming out of the closet announcement but just living your life without worrying about public opinion or studios or HW bullshit.
I think that the time is coming.  I would like to say I could do it now, however I think for us to be able to live in peace, we should all do it together.  October 11th, is National Coming Out Day.  Just throwing it out there to everyone to wants a revolution. Celebs and non-celebs.  Having a day to work towards might help.
Dear GB: 
Totally silly,frivolous question, it seems almost no actor, at least any that regularly take their shirts off on camera, have any chest hair. Do they all wax or is this another of those strange oddities like the high percentage of green eyes? I said it was silly.

Just about every guy waxes his chest these days.  When guys are ripped, they want you to see every definition and masses of chest hair prevent that.  I do it if need be for a role, but I'm against chest waxing for men....well most men.

I have some friends in the tabloid and gossip biz and we were thinking of the timing of Ms McGee's disclosure. Don't you think it might be (beyond her money grubbing) she had a case of the green eyed devil? Sandra was at every award show leading up to the Oscars thanking Jesse and in such glowing terms, that must have driven this low class femme into a jealous rage. She has no remorse because she is so in the envy zone she cant see straight and also has the $$ to keep her mind occupied. Imagine doing a married man, then his wife is everywhere talking about what a spectacular, super supportive man she has?

I think you hit the nail right on the head.
Dear Gossip Boy:
I love your blog! I have a question for you: I am a big fan of Heath Ledger. Did you know him or ever work with him? What did you think of him (if you knew him)? I miss him.

I was also a huge fan of Heath and his work.  He was an amazing actor that we sadly never got to see live up to his full potential.  He was always a ball of energy that was so much fun to be around.  Sadly the energy that lit him up was also the cause of his accidental overdose.

My hubby and I have a wager. He thinks that Keanu is dumb as a box of rocks. I say that he is smart (but 'maybe not' bright). My defense is that he can't continue to make movies and last this long in Hollywood and be an idiot. Although I'm sure that his good management helps too...
P.S. I liked the chance he took with doing The Lake House. It wasn't the best, but it was okay for TV. The boy likes variety. ;)

Mystery Woman,
Keanu isn't your typical HW star.  He does the roles that he wants to do, not the roles that will get him big fame.  He is in it for the acting and nothing else.  I guess you are the one who bought The Lakehouse DVD?  Keanu and Sandra thank you.

Dear GB,
About this past Thursday's Blinds;
So the 1st one sounds exactly like Ted C's Nevis Devine who everyone believes is RPattz with TomStu and KStew.  Please tell me it's someone else.  Aren't those clues TOO obvious?

I have no idea who Nevis Devine is, aside from reading about him on The Awful Truth.  I have said before that the subjects of Ted's Blinds are his property and while I do have my guesses of a few, just from stories I have personally heard, I don't know the identity of his blinds.  And please point out to me which clues clearly say that Robert Pattinson is the subject of that blind? Then we will talk....

@The_Gossip_Boy Can you name 3 A-listers who are exactly what they appear to be (and are genuinely lovely as well)?

There are a lot, so I am going to give you four amazing celebs that probably don't seem as amazing as they are.  Vera Farmiga, Hilarie Burton, Christina Applegate, Samantha Ronson.  But to answer your question, Ellen DeGeneres, Charlize Theron, and Suri Cruise.

@The_Gossip_Boy Has Emile Hirsch been a blind yet? You have any good gossip on him? Is it wrong I pretend that he is you?

You say yet as if you suspect something blind item worthy in Emile's life.  Emile is off climbing mountains with people that HAVE been involved in a blind, though.

@The_Gossip_Boy is rainbow darks chick famous or an unknown?

Sunshine isn't as famous as she would like to be, but she is surely working on it.  She already has her foot in the door, won't be long before she squeezes the rest of her hot body through.

@The_Gossip_Boy questions for you 1) what's really going on with Chynna and Billy 2) Who is JC Chasez dating? 3) Love Life Unexpected - does the cast get along well?Is Kerr involved with anyone? Saw that he is not with his wife anymore. and last question - love Erin Karpluk who is both in LifeUneXpected and BeingErica - what's her story?

You are very curious, and you know what curiosity does...Chynna needs help, Billy is a silver fox I wouldn't mind hanging out with.  JC is playing it up, trust me.  L.U.X seems to be getting along.  Hopefully it gets renewed and the cast can grow together.  Erin has been around awhile and deserves the attention.

Have you written any blinds about yourself?  And why the hatred towards Chace? Is it personal?

Yes I have, though I thought it was obvious.  But isn't this whole thing the ultimate blind?  And I never threw hatred at Crawford.  I even voiced some false acclaim at what he calls a performance in Twelve.

Now that Paula isn't doing Star Search, do you think she will go onto The X Factor with Simon?  BTW, are you James Franco, Jake Gyllenhaal, or Matthew Morrison?

I would love to see Paula on The X Factor with Simon, but I don't know how American Idol will fare.  If they timed it so they aired while the other was on hiatus, it would be amazing.  However, I doubt that they will.  it will be clash of the Titans up in  this bitch.

If you have to do one of the Glee cast, who would it be?  I bet Puck, Mark Salling.

You bet wrong.  Though Mark is hot and he would be good for the loud, steamy, sweaty, throw you against the wall and pin your arms down sex.....what was the question??  Oh, Matthew Morrison.  Something about that sexy curly hair and that hair chest.  Yummy.

Do you think Jesse James did it?  Do you think Sandra expected it?
Annie Mae

Sandra knew what kind of man she was marrying.  But no matter what, I do not think she had any idea what was about to happen.  I'm glad that she did the smart thing by leaving and going home to Austin with her family.  She shouldn't be involved in the shit storm that Jesse has stirred up.  And yes, I'm starting to believe that he did it.  I hear more women could be added to the list, but that is far.

If you had to only choose 5 shows to watch over and over for the rest of your life what would they be?  Silly question, but just curious.

Easy.  Glee, Buffy, Friends, Roseanne, and Will & Grace.
Is Justin Case Chace Crawford?  Seems like it could be.

Chace isn't Justin.  Justin is more blondish and less of a douche.  Would that be the Chace hate?



Tania said...

Thanks for answering, GB.
Hmmm, I do love tiramisu! Maybe I will try theirs next time I'm in Mayfair.

Mary said...

GB - thanks for answering my questions :). I swear, you're like Hollywood University and Wiki, all rolled up into a delicious male! heh heh.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I hope this trend of men waxing ends soon. I was wondering why lately the male models in Cosmo and Glamour were looking like prepubescent tweens. Gross. I want to see real men. I want hairy chests and treasure trails!

Michael said...

Dear GB,

I'm curious about your identity as well as everyone else, I'm sure. I'm guessing that since you speak so highly of Vera Farmiga, that you have probably worked with her at some point. I guess you could go through her body of work on IMDB and see with whom she's worked with. Could you be Dallas Roberts? I think Dallas is a NYC resident. Just a hunch! ;-)

Anonymous said...

No luck with my question. And to think I waited hours and hours for this post...*sobs* I'll be okay, Just... nevermind...

Anonymous said...

Could you be Austin Nichols?

You would know the people you seem to know and you talk about Jake a lot. Isn't Austin's degree in writing?

pomme said...

so Charlize Theron is a booze nice actress (she's not a real blond blond actress) and Suri is a poor little rich girl)
and Vera farmiga loves plastic surgeon(nose,cheeks,lips....) but she have beautiful blue eyes!!

April B said...

Surely it's not a coincidence that two of the questions ask about chest hair, one of which was asking if Justin Case was an actor with dark, curly hair and a hairy chest. Then at the end, GB mentions Matthew Morrison's curly hair and chest hair. Does anyone else think that means Matthew is Justin Case??

Anonymous said...

1:32. That's a good guess. Austin worked with Hilarie on OTH--is working with her on a film or a short film (if he hasn't already). Vera is in Canada filming "Source Code" with Jake. And Austin would be privy to a lot of information about Heath (that painting of him is so haunting) from Jake.

Anonymous said...

Can't be Austin. He didn't win an MTV Award.

April B said...

Anon GB won an MTV award? (I'm a little newer to the site, can anyone share a list of what we DO know about GB?)

Anonymous said...

Did GB really win one or is he fucking with us? Didn't he say he couldn't remember if it was a nick award or a mtv?

Jake said... go there April....Best community for GB fans. THey have everything

touched said...

i think April B may be on to something.... hairy chest stuff, then the "journey" hint... Glee's 1st eppy had the Journey cover Matthew Morrison/Glee it adds up (kinda) i also think that "that you really have to dig to find it" is a bit of a clue as well. that being said, perhaps he just has impeccable taste in mop topped hairy chested men ;)

touched said...

but, then again, I get the feeling that Justin Case may be a bit younger than Matthew. and GOSSIP BOY~ best Dear Gossip Boy Evah!

touched said...

dammmit, MM also sang Gold (dig)ger on Glee....Hmmm

Anonymous said...

I keep seeing items about Joenas and Demi, they are blinds but it is so obvious.

Anonymous said...

I think Justin is Hunter Parrish. Hunter, on a trip with you He plays Silas on Weeds, Silas, a name from the bible.Look it up and you will see the clues fit

Tania said...

Also, you 'dig' weeds up.

Whoa, now GB has the 'content' warning! Must have been the Penis Mondays....

touched said...

nail/head/hit u changed my mind

Anonymous said...

yup...Justin Case would be Parish Hunter...other clues being "With rumors that his show may not return (WEEDS), it's complicated (IT'S COMPLICATED) and friends are worried that he might slip into depression and become a lazy pothead"...and I originally thought Rainbow Dark was Ryan Reynolds, but after reading Sunshine had her foot in the door, realized Scarlett Johanson was already in.

Mary said...

Personally, I don't care who GB is. I like the juicy stuff he shares with us.

MORE PLEASE!!! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I Love Suri Cruise!! She is so sweet she needs to come play with my little girls! They would have a blast!