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Monday, March 15, 2010

Hollywood's Plastic Obsession

Am I the only one who watches their favorite shows, but cannot get over the fact that most of Hollywood actresses have so nip, tucked, and pulled that no one looks the same anymore?  Call me crazy, but facial expressions are a big part of acting.  Women are so scared of actually getting older, or looking their age that everyone has become a victim.

If you were a fan of Drew Carey, you know that on the show Christa Miller played Kate, Drew's love interest.  She was beautiful at the time, and hilarious.  She went on to appear on Scrubs and when she first appeared I wasn't sure if it was the same actress.  By the time she began on Cougar Town, I had no clue who the hell she was.

It is wrong to pick her out of a list of many, and I could go on and on all day naming actresses who have disapointed me by getting their face worked on.  Where does the obsession come from?  You could say that the women are simply obsessed with their looks.  But all the roads lead back to Hollywood.  Once you become a certian age, it's hard as hell to even get an audition.  When you are a woman.

Why is it that women are cast aside when they get older?  Hollywood has installed this thought into all of America that women should stay looking young.  All women all over Hollywood dread the day that they are told they are too old to get  part.  I understand the fear, trust me I do.  But women have gone through huge measures to secure their job.  But when does it get to the point that it is too much?  When you can't recognize the actress without squinting?  How about when  it's obvious nothing above their mouth moves?  What bugs me the most is when you are watching an actress whose eyebrows are paralyzed.

We are passing these viewa onto our children.  Little girls watch this and as they get older, they hear that plastic surgery has become as common as going to the grocery store.  With the surgery and the airbrushing, we are making a world that is becoming impossible to live in and be normal.  Hollywood is so busy brainwashing everyone to conform to their ways of life.  So if you live in the closet, like getting injected so your face doesn't move, getting your lips plumped to the point you have trouble breathing through your nose, and have a plastic surgeon on speed dial, then you are a Hollywood citizen.

But how much longer until we go to see movies where faces don't move?  You can't act without expression on your face.  Then again, if it gets too bad, we can go back to listening to shows on the radio.


Anonymous said...

In defense of Rose McGowan, I had heard that she was in a car accident and had to have reconstructive eye surgery after the sunglasses she was wearing were crushed on her face. I'm not sure if it's the truth or not.

Anonymous said...

Props to Sally Field for proving you don;t need to join the cookie cutter club to have a career.

AsstGeek said...

Hmm. Am not sure about that, Anon. The number of people who have "breathing issues" so they got a nose job...

But maybe you're right.

I couldn't agree more with this blog, as I have watched my beautiful friends go under the knife again and again for what? To look like they come from another planet? To look like a Barbie (Heidi Montag is a blithering idiot, so she DESERVES to have such stupid reasoning, but no one else gets that excuse!)? Because they'll look 20 forever?

Besides the ethics of women being "unworthy" unless they're young and hot and beautiful (which is scary), plastic surgery is a very dicey art. Most people look HORRIBLE after they have things done.

Does anyone thing Nicole Kidman's plastic unmoving face is better than her own natural beauty, albeit with wrinkles and a little sagging? She looks hideous.

And don't get me started on the Meg Ryans, Melanie Griffiths and the other horrors of plastic surgery.

Kathryn said...

I look at those two pictures of Heidi Montag and I'm sad. My first thought was "She used to be such a pretty girl and now she's a caricature." Yet her eyes have the same sadness in them. The fact she got a "movie role" (even a cameo as you've pointed out) just tells her she did the right thing.

The truth is: I doubt all that surgery really fixed whatever it is that's "broken" with her.

I just hope the fickle HW taste pendulum swings back towards real women soon. Or you know, eventually!

Anonymous said...

Um, darling, it's not only Hollywood, it's the whole world. As long as women are only appreciated for their looks and how beautiful and sexy they are for heterosexual or even homosexual men nothing will change.
An old fart like Jack Nicholson can still play the stud in any HW movie even if his nutsack is in his shoes and nobody would say anything about it but try to do that with a woman his age.
In a society in which they call women in their thirties 'middle-aged' and 40-something year olds are considered old dried up hags who should start arranging their own funerals already it is no wonder that women don't want to look a day older than they actually are.
Look at girls in their teens nowadays. Most of them try to look like young women in their twenties already so that they can stretch the timespan a bit more between looking like a hot chick with a tight body/uncreased face and 'Hello grandma' which starts when they hit 30.

Anonymous said...

I just think it's sad that young people today think this is how you are suppose to look and it's not only ok, but preferred. Seeing so many immobile faces FREAKS me out! It's like a Twilight Zone episode on beauty.

Anonymous said...

I was really excited to watch the pilot for the new show, "Parenthood" because I'm a big fan of Lauren Graham. I was so disappointed to see that she's joined the Botox Brigade... there was this one scene with her son that was supposed to be really emotional but her face didn't even move! I was so disappointed... it was such a shame that she chose vanity over her craft.

Anonymous said...

I KNOW!! I thought the same thing. And when they showed her from the side it looked jacked!

Anonymous said...

Hi GB, first comment here, and though I can't buy everything you are selling, I find your articles on appearance and, to a separate degree, PR in Hollyhwood, to be spot on. I started coming here because of J2, but I show up every once in a while because I think your opinion on plastic surgegy, ageism and PR in Hollywood, etc, is along the lines as mine. Whatever the depth of your perception, I've agreed with many of your opinions, so good on.