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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jesse James Is A Dead Man

“Due to unforeseen personal reasons a trip abroad to support The Blindside has been deemed impossible at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your continued support of the film.”

That was the statement released my Sandra Bullock this morning after reports emerged from a woman claiming to have had an affair with the actress's husband, Jesse James.

Warner Bros. supported the Oscar winner's decision by releasing this statement.
"The premier has been axed – because the film’s star Sandra Bullock has pulled out of attending. Because Sandra isn’t coming any more, there isn’t going to be an actual premiere. She isn’t coming over, no. I don’t know the reason why. We just had the message relayed to us this morning.”

According to InTouch Weekly, tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee claims she had an affair with Jesse James while Sandra Bullock was on the set of The Blind Side. McGee says she contacted James’ West Coast Choppers in hope of landing a modeling gig. After exchanging e-mails, the two allegedly met up in    Los Angeles, where McGee allegedly proceeded to do some ‘private’ modeling for James.

McGee goes on to claim that she assumed James and Bullock were separated and began having “intimate relations” with the beefy biker at least twice a week for the next five weeks. The tattoo model alleges she even nicknamed Jesse the ‘Vanilla Gorilla’ because he was so “well-endowed”.

Is this another ploy for money by a no name or could this possibly be the truth?  Jesse and Sandra have had a rough relationship as of lately with custody battles and and other private issues.  But to think that Jesse would throw it all away with this woman  shocks me.  I pray that these rumors prove to be false for Sandy's sake, but word is Jesse has always had a wandering eye.

Jesse's twitter account has vanished as of this post.


pomme said...

she's not the first ot last woman cheating by her husband!
sad for her but it's their private life as Tiger Wood's stories

Anonymous said...

look at the type of women he hooked up with prior to sandra. this woman looks like his type. if true, sandra has put in alot of effort to assist jesse with HIS custody battles, and look at how he treated her.

Mary said...

I will be absolutely heartbroken if this is true.

Anonymous said...

She pulled out of that premier for a reason, she would not have done it were it just a rumor.

pusssykatt said...

No wonder he was always non-reactive when she mentioned him....he knew the sh*t was about to hit the fan!

Anonymous said...

I saw different pics of this person and she has a forehead tat that is under the bangs and her brows are tatted on too, she was not very attractive close up at all.I this is true, wtf is wrong with Jesse J?

Kathryn said...

If this turns out to be true, I feel sorry for Sandra. She seems a very nice person.

Ms. McGee claims that she thought they were separated.... Exactly how difficult could it possibly be to find out if a public couple has broken up for sure before you sleep with one of them??

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if the rumor is true or not....there would've been a lot of paps with questions....something she probably didn't want to deal with.

suikostar108 said...

It looks like this is true....she moved out Monday.

Sarah said...

I just keep thinking of her Golden Globes speech. She seemed to genuinely be in love. How could he go from class to trash?

pomme said...

and it also seems Sandra Bullock is an hypocritical person because she knew the story should be public and i imagine this story isn't the one!