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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Joe Jonas And Demi Lovato's Failure

Last night, tweens everywhere had their televisions set to American Idol.  Not only was Miley Cyrus performing her new single on the results show, but newest Disney "couple" Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato were going to perform together.  Teenagers everywhere wondered if they would see the two cuddling in the audience, or at least holding hands.  And what exactly did they get?  Joe and Demi, playing along and singing their pretty little hearts out.
Joe and Demi arrived at American Idol and did a meet and greet with the contestants.  They were never on the same side of the room, Joe stayed with contestant Tim Urban, who Joe helped vote through in Dallas.  A source says that it was very obvious that Joe and Demi were just very good friends.  But once the cameras were on, they sold their passion to all the believers.  After, they talked to Miley a bit they left seperately.  Joe said good-bye to Kara, and Miley but left without saying a word to Demi, who left shortly after.

Sorry, but I don't buy it.  And I don't think anyone else in America does either.  These kids are too young for all of this already.  Demi has already lost a best friend because she got too fake, and why would Joe agree to do this.  Boy is hot, not like he couldn't get a girl on his own if he really wanted to.  Hey Joe, I make that same face while...well never mind.


Anonymous said...

You know I think this was a no win situation for them. If they were hanging all over each other doubters, like you, would have said they knew people were watching and were just acting that way for publicity. So how exactly could they have acted that would make you believe they are a couple?

Even if they are a couple they don't have to have to be joined at the hip when they are at a professional event together. You act like they should be inseparable, which would actually be kind of ridiculous in a young dating couple. They aren't claiming to be engaged or living together, just dating.

The bottom line is they went to a professional event, acted professionally, sang a cheesy song, made sure to talk to everyone important, and left. Sounds like pretty much what I'd expect, whether they are dating or not.

Hokey said...

How do you know what your face looks like while....? nevermind LOL

Anonymous said...

"So how exactly could they have acted that would make you believe they are a couple?"

Like they enjoy spending time together.

Anonymous said...

my friend aaron's good friends with the lovatos and told me a couple months ago that this 'romance' was contract deep.

phone book contract, but still.