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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Katherine Heigl Walks Aways From Grey's

Katherine Heigl is really leaving Grey's Anatomy.  Rumor is that she had no intention of returning after last season's cliffhanger in which her character Izzy and George O'Malley fought for their lives.  It was the best final 5 minutes of a season finale I have ever seen. But of course Heigl's character survived, thus bringing on this he said she said war.

Heigl says she was never given a day to return for her maternity leave, while Grey's execs say she was given a date and never showed up on set.  Now sources are reporting that she is done and is not even going back to film a good bye for her character. 

Grey's was once a great show that I never missed.  In it's history, the backstage drama always won out over the show and it's great writing.  This Katherine Heigl drama has been going on for years and she has finally won it seems.  She is off to make movies and become the movie star she thinks that she should be.

It hasn't been decided yet if it will be left open for her character to return.  My opinion is to try and bring her back just to kill her off.  Heigl may not have fans left but Izzie still does.  Let her die so that the other characters can move on, like her husband. Justin Chambers as Alex Korev  is sexy and a great actor.  His deserves the material of Izzie dying after putting up with Heigl's shenanigans.  Besides, right about now Grey's fans would love to get the image of Heigl in a hospital bed for ruining a beloved character.  Biggest bonus?  Denny can come back and retrieve his beloved.  Then we all win!


Middle-aged Diva said...

I agree with you on all points, GB.

Anonymous said...

Kill her kill her kill her. the character AND the bitch.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen this show. I watche the clip you provided and I got chills in the first 2 minutes when they realized who was in the bed. I agree, best 5 minutes of tv

Anonymous said...

I like Heigl and the Izzie character. Izzie always added some comedy to the show, some hilarious lines.
That is one reason Greys is so good, because it mixes comedy and drama. I hate Private Practice lately because it is so damn depressing.