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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oscar Drinking Game

Not everyone can attend the Oscars and some of you have Oscar parties at home. You have actually invited me to  few.  However, I have prior obligations and Gigi has agreed to share her ritiual drinking game that she and her girls play every Oscar night.  Before you ask, she used to attend them and will if need be.  But Gigi is a simple girl who would rather be at home watching on tv then being painted and curled for hours.  So here is the game, drink responsibly!

Every time any of these occur, take a SIP.  Not a shot, just a sip, or else  you won't make it to the actual ceremony. We have added some 2010 extra's to make it more entertaining.

Red Carpet Edition

  • Anytime someone forgets who designed their gown or suit.
  • Anytime the camera goes to a host and the host doesn't realize it
  • Anytime someone's date is their mother
  • Anytime someone complains about how long it took to get ready
  • Anytime someone says "It's just an honor to be nominated."
  • Anytime the host tries to make an inside joke and it flops
  • If any star ignores a host
  • If watching Sherri Shepherd, anytime she mentions her boobs
  • If watching Ryan Seacrest, anytime he says This Is The Oscars, a la AI style.
  • If watching Billy Bush, anytime he flubs his words.

Oscar Ceremony Edition
(If You Still know What Night It Is)

  • When after their acceptance speeh, they attempt to walk off the stage in the wrong direction
  • Anytime someone is cut off by the music
  • Two drinks if they keep talking while the music plays
  • Someone mentions a disaster and asks for people to take notice
  • When someone thanks God.
  • If Mo'Nique wins and dedicates the award to all the big girls
  • If anyone comes out in blue face paint or speaks Na'vi, take a drink
  • See any tears anywhere, take a drink.  You will probably need it.
  • If anyone says " I didn't write a speech because I thought I would lose."
  • If Sandra Bullock wins, CHUG! If she looses, take a drink for the poor girl.


Discobitch said...

you forgot if you see a british actor making a cunt of themselves :P

or an in the closet brings a beard lol

Anonymous said...

Oi!! You dissing the British? We come around here too :P

Oh.. and if you're British.. fair game... LOL

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! I have never thought about making it a drinking game

Anonymous said...

This worked sooooooooo goood