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Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Fails

Someone should have told Zoe Saldano that she had two different dresses on.

Poor Vera Farmiga.  Maybe she also had dress problems and was
convinced to wrap herself in party streamers

Charlize Theron, sweetie.  You cannot dig out your high school prom dress 
and just throw some flowers over where you used to have 
breast.  Food does a body good, including your 
once nice rack.
Jennifer  Lopez and Amanda Seyfried both looked washed out by their gowns.  
Color is always welcome.  And always make sure you won't
look alike.

I'm sorry to Mariah Carey and Mo'Nique.  The blue wasn't working for
either of you. Mo'Nique did manage
to hide her hairy legs, but Mariah looked like bridesmaid.
Diane Kruger and Sarah Jessica Parker.  First of all, Diane gave Chanel a bad
name.  Little Bo Peep has seem to lost her sheep. 
SJP, your hair is a hot mess and the racoon
look is done.  And straighten your
goddamn dress.
And then there is bobblehead....'Nuff said.


Anonymous said...

SJP is frighteningly thin. Even that haute couture bandage stretched across her collarbones can't hide it. Jesus, girl: EAT something.

rog said...

Not sure Miley looks like a bobble-head, but the dress was way too old for her and someone should tell her to stand up straight.

touched said...

enough with the friggin pleated ruffles, just cause you can does not mean you should. Z's dress is so bottom heavy it throws off her entire proportion (what she has of one). bad stylist....bad stylist.

Anonymous said...

Gotta disagree on Amanda Seyfried. She looked like a princess at the ball. But you nailed all the others.

Anonymous said...

From certain angles, I thought Zoe Saldana's dress looked lovely ... other pictures, not great. Not a fan of the ombre, either.

Anonymous said...

I had on the E! afterparty for white noise later that night. They had a cam outside the Govs Ball....anyway.. Jlo was on it for quite a bit. Her dress looked hillarious. The huge poof thing just wasnt working and would go spastic as she walked and on top of that it made her ass look 5 feet wide. Very prom/bridesmaid. She also spent time chatting up Lenny Kravitz and texting while waiting for Marc to deal with the car or something.

Anonymous said...

Right on GB! All of their stylists need fired ASAP!

Anonymous said...

Monique was making such a big deal in post interviews about her outfit being a tribute to hattie mcdanial and went on and on about her...all i could thinh was sugar did you forget about Whoopi and Morgan and Halle and Cuba...have you not watched the oscars since like 1960?

Anonymous said...

Some designers just need to be shot.

Anonymous said...

I just can't take it anymore. What the hell was Vera thinking wearing that monstrosity? It looks like some mutant sea slug swallowed her then regurgitated her head. Not attractive at all.

Anonymous said...

Charlize should have known that Cinnabons for breasts is not fashionable.

Miley...a bustiere is supposed to lift UP your boobage, not drag you down. Dress your age.

and SJP was just wearing a very expensive sack..badly.