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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Price Of Fame

Actors always knew that they wanted to be actors.  I knew it from the time I was 3 and wanted to be on Sesame Street.  It seems like the perfect career.  People love you, you can have whatever you want, and you get a lot of money to do something you love.  And while you are in the limelight, Hollywood seems to love you.  But once you stop being an asset to them, the whole world changes.

That is what happened to a lot of child actors.  It's not a secret that once child actors grow up and lose the cuteness factor, chances are your career is over.  Some people can handle it, some long for the limelight.  It has become increasingly clear to us, as we continue to lose stars that we love.  Drew Barrymore is the perfect example.  That poor girl was in rehab twice by the age of 15.  Miraculously, she ended up on the other end of the tunnel even more successful then before.  And her tip? She said that she had to learn to love herself.  Lame, but true.  These stars think that once Hollywood is done with them, they are no longer good enough for anything else.

Corey Haim's untimely death yesterday was the perfect example.  Though he may have had an accidental overdose related to flu like symptoms, he past drug use was very well known.  He was once a teen sensation, then he was a lost soul hooked on drugs.  We all know why people turn to drugs, it is an escape from reality.  And if you were once a household name who is now on the outside looking in, drugs are the only thing that numbs the pain.

How much longer will Hollywood exploit actors and actresses until they have soaked them dry?  The bodies are piling up left and right. It is a trend that has become dangerous.  If the stars don't turn to drugs to cope, they find something else.  Eating disorder, shoplifting, anything to make them feel better. 

What about the stars of today? What will happen to them once the fanfare dies down and they get older and cannot get roles? Remember Haley Joel Osment? What happened to him? Oh, that's right.  He was arrested for a DUI. 

Getting into this business, you have to know that your 15 minutes of fame does really come and go.  It doesn't last forever and when it is over, it's a big difference.  Some of out favorite stars today will be phased out completely.  There is nothing we can do about it.  It's a shock to go from not being able to walk down the sidewalk to no one even caring anything about you.  Even the people that actors keep closest to them are never in it for the actor.  They may sit by and kiss you ass, seem to be doing anything to further your career, but they are the first to turn their back on you when things go down.  Ask Britney Spears.  If her people had cared for her more, she would not have ended up the way she did.

Women have it even harder.  In Hollywood, there is always someone younger, someone prettier waiting in the wings.  Hollywood is the wrong business for anyone to get into.  If you get in deep enough, you might not come out alive.


AJ said...

So sad, so true.

Certain people are attracted to Hollywood, always have been. I think a lot of them are damaged to begin with, no offence.

Anonymous said...

good post

Anonymous said...

Sadly we protect children from so many things because they aren't ready to make hard choices.
Sadly the parents aren't always helpful. What could be more damaging to a child than loss of fame? Most adults can't handle it, but at least they were old enough to understand the consequences.

Tania said...

Well said GB.

Sam said...

Well, I don't see anyone leaving and giving up on this "ordeal", so it's hard to empathize a choice made in clear conscious. It's not the 50s, EVERYBODY knows the price nowadays, and by "nowadays" I mean at least the last 2 (if not more) decades. We have Internet now and we all know. So if you decide to go that way, you did it fully aware. Or blindingly stupid (in which case the one deserves what they'll eventually get).

You knew what you're going into. Take it or leave it, but whining is not the way to go, that's what I think of all those stars and their "terrible" life. Don't like it, don't live it.

Oh, and btw - why don't YOU start the trend by coming out? And if you say there are "threats" (?? what? they'll kill you if you admit you're gay? puhleeeze) that scare you, can you think how much more has an A-lister to lose by it? And here you go, round and round in the vicious circle.

Still I think it's kinda cheap by you to whine how hard it is to live a lie WHILE living it. Stop then! Dignity should worth more than the ego stroking that is all that "fame". Until you straighten your own priorities, don't be a hypocrite by calling on others to do so.

Anonymous said...

it's true that HW could be dangerous, but we can't forget that this is a problem of everyone and self-love. We live in a world where people give too much importance to superficial things, people needs to love their self. The battle between losers and winners is stupid, but most all the people lives this way, specially in HW. If we don't change we can't blame HW.

pomme said...

the trouble with child stars is they're the ticket meal for their parents,managers and agents!

AsstGeek said...

Exactly, pomme. I blame bad parenting. How difficult is it to be the child AND the breadwinner? Screws up the balance of power in the family.

And most stage parents really want fame themselves. So, we're not talking about the most balanced souls out there.

A few have survived and done OK - obviously, Ron Howard is the poster child, but I think there are a few others.

Sad, but this problem will continue to grow.

I_Aim2Misbehave said...

I agree about the stage mothers. Ever seen that show about the little girls in beauty pageants? It's really gross. Most of the time they don't even want to be doing it but the crazy stage moms just keep pushing it at them.

FYI, the stage moms are typically not at all attractive, and are trying to live through their poor little girls, completely damaging them in the process.

Canuck said...

What do the ones who make the transition well (be it to adult acting or "civilian" life") have in common?

And how sad is Lohan? Those pictures really underline just how far down she's gotten.