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Monday, March 1, 2010

Robert And Kristen Invade NYC

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart arrived in NYC so the Rob can do press for him new flick "Remember Me."  Of course, Rob's shadow TomStu was not far behind. 

Lucky for me, I will be in NYC all week and can almost promise that somehow our paths will cross.  Not that I will interrogate the poor thing, but I need to see how they are together to fully be able to understand.  I have already heard reports of them staying in the same room. 

Sources have also reported a romantic dinner but no one has confirmed anything.  These poor kids, can't we just let them get drunk and have fun drunken sex without people following them everywhere.  Guess not, since I have Gigi on high alert.  She is ready to pounce on any sighting we hear about, camera in hand.  Personally, I wouldn't mind being alone with the boy. I know I could make him sparkle.

But I will promise that I will be smart enough to take pictures of them kissing if I should happen to see such a thing.


Anonymous said...

tell us every little thing you'll find out!
same room???? more?

MizV said...

Why don't you do a photo bomb instead ;^D

Patty said...

tell us everything?! Pleaseee

Anonymous said...

Ok GB here is your chance to shut up all the haters that say you're not legit once and for all...get something really juicy on Rob/Kris! If you really want to shut the haters up get glad you're gonna be in NYC...I know you will come through for us....*hearts*

Anonymous said...

photo bomb!!

Africanuck said...

GB, you'd be in a lineup of millions of Twihards to make that boy sparkle! But if you do, try for a pic of the GlitterPeen, ok? lol