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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spencer and Heidi's Curtain Call

We all know about Heidi's ten plastic surgeries, but yesterday, Ted threw out a not so blind vice about the girl and her photoshoot diva-ness.  Girl brought 4 bodyguards to the set with her and ignored everyone.  Okay, so what? 

No, it turns out that Heidi has the guards for protection from, her costars.  Her husband, the loving Spencer Pratt, has been banned from the set and poor Heidi thought she needed back-up and protection from being questioned about Spencer.

First mistake Heidi made was thinking that any of those girls wanted to talk to her to begin with.  I cannot name one of the girls on The Hills, but I assume that they consider Heidi and Spencer to be leeches, the same as all of America.  Second, why ban one when you could have banned both?!  I mean, come on!

Thankfully, MTV has pulled the plug on The Hills and I pray that this means Hollywood is pulling the plug on Spencer and Heidi.  Send them back to whatever reality hell you yanked them out of.


Anonymous said...

She's twisted and he is her puppetmaster. Anyone that would mutilate their body for publicity isnt wrapped too tight, they need to go away!

godo said...

Poor doggie. All I can say.

Felix said...

Even the dog looks bored. Time for them to go away, 15 minutes is up.