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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Topless Tuesday

David Boreanaz

Astor Villa

England rugby players Tom Rees, Simon Shaw, Danny Cipriani and James Haskell
 Kat Von D
Alessandro Calza

John Williams

James Marsters
Joe Manganiello

Neil Patrick Harris


AJ said...

Who is John Williams and why haven't I seen that pic b4?! Phwoarrrrrr lol
Happy Tuesday people!!

Tania said...

Very nice! Thanks GB. It's good to see Buffy alumni 'reprazent', too.
And the others are yum. *goes back up for another look*

Hey, I just lost my job, so every little distraction helps.... ;-)

Middle-aged Diva said...

Astor Villa. Yum!

bobby said...


Amy said...

Thanks for the Kat Von D. We like girls here too!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amy, nice to see something for the ladies and gentlemen who like ladies.

Canuck said...

Geez, no idea who that John guy is, but I'll have one of those, thank you very much!!!!

Anonymous said...

NPH is the only one who does it for me. So cute! More subtle and suggestive than the others. Thanks!