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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Week In Review

We all heard about Jesse James and Sandra Bullock's marriage problems.  We are supposed to believe Jesse went for this?  Hopefully when Sandra moved out on Monday she went and got herself some antibiotics. I hear if you mention the name Bombshell McGee, they'll throw in some free cream for crabs.

Tiger Woods finally made the announcement that he would return to the world of golf on April 8, and what little fans he had left.  Sadly, news of his return were shadowed by texts messages that were released.  Tiger supposedly texted some very vulgar messages to porn star mistress Joslyn James that she just happened to save and release.  Want to read them?  Click Here
A Tiger never changes his stripes and I doubt this one will keep his club in the bag where it belongs.

John Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter posed for some half-naked GQ pictures.Now she is complaining that those same pictures repulse her.  Fucktard, of course they repulse you, they repulse us to.  Why are these magazines paying these mistresses for photo shoots?  All you are doing is adding fuel to the fire and paying these women to become the other women.

Miley Cyrus went on a rant saying she hates the internet and country music, among some other things that have made her able to have a career.  Little girl, if it wasn't for country music, no one in their right mind would have listened to your mullet wearing Papa and danced some lame ass line dance to a song called Achy Breaky Heart.  Making Cyrus a name we know.  And no one would even care as to who you were if it wasn't for country music and internet.  Get a clue, and stop biting the hands that tried to feed your uber skinny ass.  Besides if not for the internet, where would you go to make your stupid YOUTUBE videos and leak pictures of you in your underwear?

Perez Hilton is in more trouble for being a douche....

Lindsay Lohan was held up at the velvet ropes trying to get into a club.  After a long delay, seems the security guards felt sorry for her and let her in.  Lindsay issued this statement regarding the matter;

"I've never been treated so poorly in my life, this is why I never come to LA- isn't security, after I respect them and their work and tip," she first tweeted.
"That was scary, mean, arrogant, and unnecessarily aggressive. I pick new york jus like Jay Z..... Wouldn't you?" she added.

Lindsay, you are no Jay Z.  And you don't pick New York, the Mayor just hasn't banned you yet and the velvet ropes are easy to get past here.    


Mollie said...

Keep this coming, I like the Week In Review

Sandy said...

I feel bad for Sandra. She seems like such an elegant woman. To be caught up in this, I hope Jesse gets what he deserves

touched said...

i agree with Mollie, W I R is great!

Anonymous said...

HA HA. Loved it!

Jackie said...

I agree, this is a keeper!

Anonymous said...

You must have posted this before the news about Lindsay possibly getting banned from an entire country (India).

Anonymous said...

Hey, you otherwise-fabulous GB:

Take down that picture of Lil' Miss Disney Wig Hat for your own legal safety so we don't lose the column and you don't get outed before you're ready.

She's UNDERAGE (and doesn't yet know the difference between alluring and trashy, but many teens don't at some point, so we'll give her a pass this once).

Love to ya.