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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What's Wrong Jensen?

Poor Jensen Ackles.  He seems to be a bit pissed off in this picture from a couple of days ago.  What could be bothering the poor guy.  Could he be seeing this?

Poor guy.  Either way, the guy is not very pleasant these days.  Is it that the drama between him and Danneel be getting to him or is it the fact that he feels left out now that Jared has a new bf? 

"He hasn't been himself lately," someone from the SPN set tells us.  "I don't know what to attribute it to, but it has been clear that something is bothering him."

Some people say that he is angry about having to drop out of the Captain America role due to scheduling conflicts.  He had counted on that role as a breakthrough role that could propel him to the next level of stardom.

Jensen gave this quote about his Captain America role.

"It's been brought to my attention that it's online," he said. "I have not gotten a call from my agent, I have not 
gotten a script, I have not talked to anyone about it. I think it's all a rumor." And then, just so we're clear, Ackles added, "They're not going to pull some dude of the CW and give him Captain America. I'm squashing it now. I know nothing about it." 

However Ted Casablanca reports that it is due to SPN scheduling. If Jensen really wanted this role, which is seems he did, it would make sense that he doesn't want to lay blame on CW.  Never bite the hand that feeds you.  

Although, is it possible that maybe Jensen's sour look is related to the problems he and fiance Danneel have been rumored to have.  I don't care what any "bodyguard" with a twitter account says,  I highly doubt he would be the one to tell us anyway, considering he is probably dead set on staying on their good side and in the circle.  I think I may have to place yet another bet, because I don't think that the wedding that Danneel put all of her effort into selling is going to happen.  She should have put that much effort into saving One Tree Hill, the show that made her the D-List star that she is.  Maybe in those silent weeks she was "missing" she actually was doing something productive.  Naw, she was probably just off "Brooke-ing" herself. 

Danneel Harris COMPLETELY NUDE in The Ten Inch Hero 


Anonymous said...

ha ha brooke-ing herself. I love you and OTH

Anonymous said...

poor sad jensen, he is felling butt hurt

Anonymous said...

You know what's off about that Jared/Gen Vancouver airport smooch? Who the hell does that just before they turn the corner to both get on the plane? So staged. I wouldn't be surprised if the PUNKD photogs were tipped. And of course, Jensen is pissed that he can't even schlep his GF's dog onto a freaking airplane on a crummy Saturday morning without some a**hole cameraman cashing in on it.

godo said...

"or is it the fact that he feels left out now that Jared has a new bf? " What? Jared has a new bf? Jared has a new wife, if you haven't noticed. LOL.

And I just want Jensen to smile as he can, happy and wide. I don't even remember when he did that for the last time.

And you are right about Cliff. Since when bodyguards comment on their clients' private life? The guy takes too much upon himself.

Anonymous said...

bf=best friend

Anonymous said...

Huh? And if bf stands for best friend, what has happened to Jensen? Was/is he not one of his best friends? Sorry, bf as best friend makes even less sense than bf as boy friend.

I think it's just a typo. GB does that sometimes.

Anonymous said...

i thnk he meant it as Boyfriend r best friend. just to mess around. If jared and gen are a real couple, she should be his best friend. how many people have lost their best friend when their bf got a other half

Anonymous said...

If Jared dumped him for his new nobody wife then Jensen should run far away, however Jensen and Jared still were best friends in November 09 after the double engagements. So let's wait and see, I don't want to think Jared (although realyy fecking stupid to marry her) is that much of an A**hole.

Anonymous said...

i hope not, nonnie. But i agree with that. I lost my bf of ten years when she found a man. it happens.

Anonymous said...

i'm waiting for the pictures of Jensen smiling and laughing, the CW and Clif must be preparing the pics right now after this GB post, planning a special photoshoot made of happiness for the next weekend. Get ready for show us your teeth Jensen! lol

Anonymous said...

Jensen did not care to smile sincerely around his gf for FOUR YEARS! Maybe if they fed him some funny pills, only then he would change his ways. Even then though no one would believe him. Too many of us have seen a happy beaming Jensen around Jared. It's kinda hard to fake a smile like his!

rog said...

I'm sure if he walked off with a huge smile everyone would be making snarky comments about what he had been upto on the plane, so he is in a no win situation. I'm sure that most people getting off a plane have similar looks on their faces, most are tired and grumpy, unless they just landed in Hawaii. So give they guy a break, maybe the dog whined the whole flight.

Anonymous said...

People that kiss their spouses anywhere public, even though they are clearly travelling together are commonly known as NEWLYWEDS! And what do you know, Jared and Gen are newlyweds.

That being said, I'd really like him to be kissing Jensen like that but I know by now that I can't always get what I want. Even if I have tantrums.

Anonymous said...

don't be an ass, GB....jensen's likely pissed off because there are paps around.

Anonymous said...

Dear GB, bodyguard Clif says the earth is flat. Rumours of the earth being round are 100% fake! YES, i believe him!

Anonymous said...

don't take everything so serious, some things are written just for a laugh. Geez, all of this post is pretty much joking about stuff, nothing of real substace

Anonymous said...

I think what ever happens, we just have to wait what happens in the LA Con.

Anonymous said...

"Well I'm tired of hanging around/
I want somebody new/
I'm not sure who I've got in mind/
But I know.../
That it's not you"

The "you" should be sung with a punk sneer. like "yyyyyeeeeewwww".

Jared, Jensen -I'm leaving you. Not leaving Sam & Dean -just you two. If you want, we can get together when s6 is over. Before that would be pointless. I believe in your love and it's awesome, but your silliness is showing. You'll excuse me if I look away.

Anonymously yours,

PS: I want Sam & Dean to make out in the show. Totally different deal.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think that Jensen and Jared are over as couple (if they ever where). I`v read somewhere that Jared was, and still is ambitious one, ans all so "open" for boys and girls.So Gen could be his ticket to higher levels of HW game, on the other hand Jensen stack with no so intelligent starlet, with ex lover(that's maybe) on same show, contract that he can`t pull out, lost chance for brake throe roll. Would you have a big smile on your face? I don`t think so.

Anonymous said...

Jensen may have left the soap opera. But the soap opera never left him. Call them fanfics now.

Worst thing about SPN gossip is that there's really no gossip. Fans following Clif? Danneel? for crumps make me really ashamed.

I think GB's posts on SPN are fun and I appreciate them for that. SPN fans have become gossip junkies (yep, that's why they're so moody too) and still think they can demand quality stuff. Snap out of it already, will you? Hets, hats, you're all embarrasing.

Anonymous said...

The very first pic from Vancouver
airport pics was with Jensen wit neutral face. He wasn't smiling and he wasn't pissed off. On the sexond pic we can see that he saw paps and only after that he looks like he pissed off. Jensen doesn't like paps and such attention.
I don't think that his piffed off look was an act toward Jared and Genevieve, or toward CA and other stuff that GB wrote here.
Can I say that I don't believe that GB has any connections from Supernatural set.
GB - it's a bad thing yo envy Danneel.

Anonymous said...

haha who can envy Danneel? what a joke! GB you rock!

Anonymous said...

I think Danneel is getting GB's sloppy seconds