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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why We Are Team Shannen

Before I begin, let me explain why I used this picture when Jennie Garth has nothing to do with this piece.  Simple answer, it's one effin hot picture.  Case closed

So the only time I have ever gotten excited for an announcement pertaining to a reality show was last night when Shannen Doherty was announced as a contenderon this season's Dancing With The Stars.  Right away, I knew I would watch every episode that she would be on, which means until the end beacuse we know she will win!

Some people hate this woman, and they have good reason.  I will not go into detail about Shannen's past because I don't have that much time.  But Shannen has been labeled as a bitch and excused from every series she has appeared on.  True, she may be a bitch.  But she owns it.

If you can be a bitch and pull it off, and own it.  You and I are cool.  I am gay, so the sarcastic bitchiness comes freely.  But you have to know how to work it, and Shannen does.  So be prepared, because I am going to become a major cheerleader for my loving Brenda Walsh to win the coveted Mirror Ball and you might me seeing her pop up on here a lot.

Of course never in a million years would I have expected her to agree to appear on Dancing With The Stars. Girl has worked her ass off since she was a child on Our House, so I am pulling for Shannen to trample everyone on that show and maybe even rip some "hair" out of Kate's head once or twice.

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