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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Will The Party Girls Survive?

Some disturbing images of Lindsay Lohan have been circulating these past couple of days and they have made me sick to my stomach.  Of course, we do not know the whole story surrounding the photo above.  Seems to me that the photographer is awful close and could have helped Lindsay's fall.  I am just not ready to point fingers yet, though every knows that Lindsay has been back to her partying ways.

In the wake of losing such bright young stars well before their time is up, you start to wonder if it is safe to be a young actor or actress in Hollywood.  We all know that risks of growing up in front of the camera ad being more of a product to a studio than an employee, but what happens when you can't bring yourself back from the dark side.

Poor Lindsay is a prime example.  She was thought to be a big name and for awhile, it seemed as if she would soar to major HW accomplishments.  Sadly never exited her teenage ways of partying, something that began way before she was even of legal drinking age. 

Hollywood clubs and bars play a major role in the corruption of young HW.  As long as you are a name and bring attention to their club, they will let you in.  Many stars that are not 21 yet have no problem getting into clubs and getting shit face drunk.  And those same stars usually end up in rehab before they get their 21 and over I.D.  The clubs are not the only ones to blame, these celebrities have parents.

Where are their parents when these stars are living the life?  In Lindsay's case, mom Dina was next to her ordering some shots for herself.  Once these kids become famous, it seems as if there parents just let them loose.  These kids get hooked up with the wrong people and most feel like they are drowning in the stardom.  With so much going on around them, these celebs feel out of control and turn to alcohol and drugs to feel like they are finally controlling something in their lives.

Nicole Richie is one girl who I feared would be among the list of stars we lost early on.  She, Paris, and Lindsay made L.A and HW their playground and Nicole was on the verge of wasting away to nothing.  She is the model of bad girls gone good, along with Drew Barrymore.  Richie is now a mother of two and about to marry.  Paris has even seemed to straighten her ways, at least she wears underwear now.

Lindsay, Britney and a handful of other seem to have lost their way.  For brief moments we get glimpses of the girls we used to love, but they are quickly diminished with photos like the one above.  Is it possible for someone who had ruined their reputation with partying, drugs, and stints in rehab to turn themselves around?
Are you worried about any celebs that you think may not make it out alive?


Anonymous said...

These are the posts I miss!

Anonymous said...

...anyone who burns their house down freebasing...

Anonymous said...

i don't think that nicole is clean.

Anonymous said...

oh please....seriously...

if you had paps following me and my friends around 24/7 when we were that age we would have been on TMZ every fucking day. the issue should be if their partying interfers with their work... and lets be honest. none of those silly girls actually have careers. but all in all I say their behavior is pretty average for most urban hipsters

Anonymous said...

Why is Britney being lumped into the same category as Lindsey? Am I missing something? I thought she'd cleaned up her act.