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Monday, April 19, 2010

Chace Crawford Needs A Shower

Our once pretty boy Chace Crawford used to give off a radiant glow.  The once fresh faced star is now sporting a much grungier look, also forgetting to shower and shave.  Not only has he let his looks go, he also has been said to be more reserved.  Gone are the late nights at clubs and his social ways.  Friends have said that Chace is obviously depressed about something, but no one is fessing up to what it is.

It's obvious that his career is not exactly panning out the way Chace thought it would.  His role in Twelve was bashed seven ways to Sunday and his breakout role as Ren in the Footloose remake is now a thing of the past.  His role on Gossip Girl will not last forever as the show is already starting to wear out it's welcome.  With all of this evidence piling up Chace, it's pretty self explanatory. 

Not to take any personal shots, but I hear his love life isn't exactly keeping him warm at night.  Chace has been linked to many big name celebs, but none of his relationships seem to last.  From what I hear though, his relationships dying are not exactly the fault of the other parties.  Allegedly, Chace isn't ready to be monogamous.  I'm sure with his "I'm the next big thing" attitude, the rules do not apply to him.  But I'm hearing that he regrets his past indiscretions.

Either way, hopefully Chace cheers up and gets a shower and shaves.  I like my men a little scruffy sometimes, but Chace looked hot before he slipped into his mini-depression.  Maybe he is tired of being called a pretty boy.

Every actor hits bottom from time to time, not everything is always sunshine and rainbows.  He had better build up a better armor and maybe learn to think with his pretty little head and not that equally pretty head between his legs.


Tania said...

McHottie, is that you? ;-)

Anonymous said...

He was in Nine!?!! Veys mir. He needs a new PR person. He could take the money he's made and pull a Franco, go back to school, get a degree, educate himself so that there is something inside that he can project outward. He can't project something that isn't yet there. Having said that I think he's hot and he could eat crackers in my bed anyday.

April B said...

GB had a Twitter status on the 17th that said: poor #McHottie is looking a little rough around the edges these days. I still don't think ur sorry, no matter how much u stink. I think it's pretty clear now. And he also tweeted that Justin Case did a movie with Matthew Perry.